5 Best 50-Gallon Electric Water Heaters for Big Households (Spring 2022)

re you worried that your current water heater is running on its last legs? Or do you want to upgrade it to a larger capacity? If yes, choosing the best 50-gallon electric water heater is the ultimate solution.

A 50-gallon tank is an ideal capacity for people using several sources of hot water. However, not all top-rated water heaters are as good as they are described.

That’s why we’re here to ensure secure the most reliable product.

Undoubtedly, choosing the right water can be unnerving. There is a myriad of brands in the market that will even make the whole process tedious.

Fortunately, we did the hard part for you. We have highlighted the best water heaters for your home use. This is after several hours of in-depth research and consulting connoisseurs.

We have reviewed the best five products on the market and included essential features such as voltage, minimum flow rate, weight, warranty, and dimensions.

This will help you choose the right product to suit your needs effortlessly.

Quick Summary

Editor’s Pick: Rheem MR50245 Marathon Tall Electric Water Heater
“High-quality 50-gallon electric water heater – it is easy to install and use. 0.95 GPM minimal flow rate. 20 GPH recovery rate.”
Runner-Up: Bradford White BWC RE350T6-1NCWW
“Reliable 50-gallon electric water heater with great safety features and sturdy construction. 0.95 GPM minimal flow rate. Protective magnesium anode rod.”
Best Value: A.O. Smith ENS-50 ProMax
“Moderately priced 50-gallon electric water heater with standard voltage and connections. 0.92 GPM minimal flow rate. Dual 4500 W heating elements.”
Energy-Saving Pick: A.O. Smith PNS-50 ProMax
“Durable 50-gal electric water heater with high input and dual heating elements. 0.95 GPM minimal flow rate. 20.7 GPH recovery rate.”
Best Warranty: Westinghouse WER052C2X045
“Efficient 50-gallon electric water heater from reliable brand with great customer support.

Top 5 50-Gallon Electric Water Heaters Review 2022

1. Rheem MR50245 Marathon Tall Electric Water Heater:


Voltage: 240 V
flow rate: 0.95 GPM
Warranty: lifetime limited on the tank, 6-year on parts – residential; 5-year limited on the tank, 1-year limited on parts – commercial
Weight: 1 lbs
Dimensions: 101.5 x 66.75 in
More features: 20 GPH recovery rate, thermally fused upper elements, brass drain valve

The feeling of a hot shower during cold weather is out of this world. Installing a reliable water heater should then be your priority. The Rheem MR50245 Marathon will sit well in your ranking of durability, efficiency, and affordability.

If you want a product that won’t give you worry about corrosion and rust, then Rheem is the ultimate choice. Made from sturdy, stainless steel parts, the water heart is resistant to tarnishing and rust.

The Rheem MR50245 Marathon has a capacity of 50 gallons of water at ago, suitable for a large family. It can also store hot water for long due to the material it’s made from.

The product uses 240V, which is efficient for its size. The polyurethane material used as an insulator helps in saving energy. The water heater is also saved from scratches and denting, ensuring it lasts longer and stays in good shape.

Multiple layers of filament wound fiberglass give the tank unrivaled strength. The recessed drain valve is out of the wat scrubbers and brooms.

Rheem Marathon comes with a 6-years warranty, meaning you have nothing or little to worry about if it becomes defective.

Weighing 100.1 pounds and measuring 23.5 x 66.75 in, the tank is pretty impressive and fits in small space in your home.

Why are we impressed?

  • Highly durable to last you for years
  • Large capacity suitable for a large family
  • It warms water quickly
  • Well insulated and operates quietly
  • It comes at a competitive price

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • A few clients claim that the tank might leak in the upper element

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2. Bradford White BWC RE350T6-1NCWW


Voltage: 240 V
flow rate: 0.95 GPM
Warranty: 6-year limited on tank and parts
Weight: 130 lbs
Dimensions: 22 x 59.3 in
More features: 4500 W elements, protective magnesium anode rod, non-simultaneous, Vitraglas® lining, voltage variations available

For over a century, Bradford White has been in the market providing quality products. The company aims at improving your home with trendy items designed with modern technology.

And Bradford White BWC RE350T6-1NCWW is no exception. A tank is an affordable option that will give your family hot water for a bath. The fully automatic controls enable you to take control of temperature.

Most of water heater tanks are prone to corrosion and rust. This is due to water. And if your home has hard water, then the tank might tear away.

However, the Bradford White BWC RE350T6-1NCWW is fitted with a protective magnesium anode rod to provide added protection against corrosion. As a result, your tank is guaranteed to last for years.

This product comes standard as a 240V model for energy efficiency. It might also be available in 120V, 208V, 277V, and 480V. You can purchase based on what you want at home.

It’s stamped with a 6-years warranty to ensure you have nothing to worry about if it stops functioning. You’re, however, advised to soften your water to avoid frequent replacement of the tank.

With a minimum flow rate of 0.95 gallons per minute, temperatures will reach the most distance faucet of your home.

What are our favorite features?

  • The tank is protected against corrosion
  • It’s suitable for a large family
  • Energy-efficient to save you on water bills
  • Highly durable
  • Comes with a 6-years warranty on tank and parts

What could be better?

  • It might leak
  • You might replace it often if you’re using hard water

3. A.O. Smith ENS-50 ProMax


Voltage:240 V
flow rate:0.92 GPM
Warranty:6-year limited on tank and parts
Weight:161 lbs
Dimensions:23 x 49.25 in
More features: brass drain valve, dual 4500 W heating elements, Coregard™ sacrificial anode rod, non-CFC foam insulation, 57 FHR

If you’re tired of substandard water heaters, then it’s time to get a reliable product that will last you for years. Get a heater that meets the required regulations with desirable features to meet your needs—the A.O.

Smith ENS-50 ProMax is not your ordinary water heater that promises heaven and delivers a lackluster. It lives up to its promises to ensure your satisfaction is not compromised.

The Permaglas coating is one of the unique features that makes the heater to stand out. The coating protects the tank from corrosion for extended appliance life.

It provides a first-hour rating of 62 gallons and a recovery of 21 gallons per hour.

The A.O. Smith ENS-50 ProMax features a stainless steel core CoreGuard technology surrounded by an aluminum shell.

It protects the water heater from further corrosion. The product operates with 4,500-watt elements. It measures 23 x 49.25 in and weighs 161 lbs, ideal for supporting 50 gallons of water. It’s suitable for homes with limited spacing.

More so, it’s fitted with a durable, tamper-resistant brass drain valve to prevent wear and tear. The tank designed meets all current regulations set by the NAECA (National Appliance Energy Conservation), making it the best and safest water heater.

In addition to high-end technology used in designing the tank, it comes at a competitive price to suit your squeezed budget.

What makes it stand out?

  • A highly durable tank
  • Inexpensive for people with tight budgets
  • It features Dynaclean diffuser dip tube which minimizes buildup
  • 6-year warranty to ensure the tank won’t give up on your after one or two years

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • You need to clean the air filter regularly for working efficiency

4. A.O. Smith PNS-50 ProMax

Voltage: 240 V
flow rate: 0.95 GPM
Warranty: 10-year limited on the tank, 6-year limited on parts
Weight: 160 lbs
Dimensions: 24 x 49.75 in
More features: 20.7 GPH recovery rate, 60 kW max input, dual 4500 W elements, brass drain valve

The A.O. Smith PNS-50 ProMax is a reliable water heater every homeowner would want. The product is designed to offer exceptional durability and energy savings.

This means you’ll enjoy a hot bath at reduced costs. It boasts of enhanced heating elements. The dual 4500-watt elements provide reliable operation and fast recovery.

For added durability and operational efficiency, this water heater is designed with Incoloy stainless steel lower element.

It features high energy factors to save you on electric bills—the eco-friendly non-CFC foam insulation combined with heat traps yield high-energy factors to maximize savings on operating costs.

Hard water usually leads to buildups in valves and tubes, leading to blockage. It also leads to corrosion. Luckily, this product is designed with a Dynaclean diffuser dip tube, which reduces sediment and lime buildup.

As a result, it maximizes the hot water output. The Dynaclean tube is made from high-quality PEX cross-linked polymer for durability.

The A.O. Smith PNS-50 ProMax is fitted with the enhanced flow, solid brass, tamper-resistant drain valve. The female hose fitting allows easy and fast-draining during maintenance.

The drain valve has an integral screwdriver slot featuring a ¼ turn radius for quick and positive shut-off.

The blue diamond glass coating offers incredible corrosion resistance. The 10-year limited manufacturer warranty indicates that the tank is well-built, and you won’t replace it after two, three, or four years.

What makes it stand out?

  • Efficient and reliable to use
  • With Dynaclean, you won’t deal with buildup issues
  • Less operations costs

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • The wide and tall heat pump might be hard to fit

5. Westinghouse WER052C2X045


Voltage: 240 V
flow rate: 0.93 GPM
Warranty: lifetime limited on the tank – residential
Weight: 117.8 lbs
Dimensions: 19.5 x 54.25 in
More features: 315 l stainless steel construction, 66 gal FHR, 20 GPH recovery rate

When you’re searching for the best water heater, consider getting it from a reliable brand. In this case, Westinghouse is a reputable brand known for manufacturing high-quality products, and Westinghouse WER052C2X045 is one of it.

The 52-gallon model comes with a sturdy, durable stainless steel tank to provide peace for the homeowner. The stainless steel material is resistant to corrosion, hence no leaking.

The two incoloy heating elements made of stainless steel guarantees reliable and durable operations. It also minimizes scale buildup on electric elements.

Having hot water at home during the cold season is an exciting feeling. You don’t have to shiver while taking a bath or doing other chores.

With the Westinghouse WER052C2X045 you’re guaranteed hot water in the shortest time possible. The tank features lightweight designed, weighing 117.8 lbs for easy handling.

With a heavy-duty insulation and recovery rate of up to 25 gallons, the Westinghouse water heater lives up to your expectations.

The amazing water heater has 240V connection. The laser-welded 315 l stainless steel construction resists corrosion. Meaning the valves will not tear and wear away.

It delivers 66 gallons of water in the first hour, which is ideal for large family use. The limited lifetime warranty in residential applications on the tank enhances your convenience.

What are its best features?

  • The 52-gallon capacity is large enough for a large family set up
  • Stainless steel construction enhances the durability of the tank
  • This is an efficient heater which saves you money
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to handle the water heater
  • Easy to maintain
  • Comes with a lifetime limited warranty

What could be improved?

  • It might be prone to leakages
  • Expensive

Things to Consider

During winter, even the bravest start shivering. This is when any water-related task in the house, such as laundry, washing dishes, and bathing, needs some effort.

Using cold water for such tasks will freeze your nerve. And if you have a large family, this is where a large capacity water heater comes in handy.

A water heater is a reliable product that will help you get through the cold season. We have provided the guide below to make your process seamless.

How to use 50-gal electric water heaters


A 50-gallon is a common tank used in most homesteads. It’s primarily used for domestic tasks such as laundry, washing dishes, and bathing.

A 50-gallon electric heater can supply hot water for 4-5 people, hence ideal for a large family. Primarily, it takes 17.2 gallons of water for an average shower. Meaning five people can bath with hot water within an hour.

An electric water heater offers a myriad of benefits to the homeowner. However, before installing an electric water heater, check the brand, features, and even the price to ensure the product suits your needs.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Lower Initial Costs

Undoubtedly, there are several water heaters on the market, but an electric water heater is an affordable option. Regardless of the power it uses, the cost will largely depend on the type and size. For instance, a conventional tank water heater is cheaper compared to a tankless water system.

For gas water heaters, additional piping and ventilation system are required. When it comes to electric water heats, no in-home infrastructure is needed.

This makes the installation process easy and inexpensive.
Source: https://houseweather.com/best-50-gallon-electric-water-heater.

  • Safety

Electric water heaters are safe solutions to heat your water. A gas heater is prone to gas leaks, which can cause a fire. Although electric water heaters have their safety concerns, you cannot experience gas leakage with these products.

With an electric water heater, you only switch off if you do not notice any glitch. Hence, making them safe to have them at home.

  • Availability

Almost every home is connected to an electric grid, meaning there is a readily available electricity source. Any home tied to an electric grid can actively have an electric water heater.

  • Efficiency

Every homeowner desires to cut down on electric bills. And a water heater can save you some bucks. When choosing an electric water heater, check the energy factors. The EF number indicates the effectiveness of the product in producing hot water.

  • Space Requirements

Of the greatest features of an electric water heater is its ability to get installed in spaces. For a gas water heater, you’ll need at least 6-18inches of ventilation, meaning the tank cannot get installed in crawlspace or small closest. This is not the case with electric water heaters, which can get installed in confined spaces.

How does an electric water heater work?


Electric water heaters are familiar appliances in most homes. They’re big metal cylinders often consigned to a basement or laundry room. Today, there are newer and distinguishable features that make these appliances work more efficiently.

what makes them unique is how they exploit heat to deliver hot water to your faucet without fuss.

An electric water heater is composed of various elements that work together to deliver hot water to your home.

The thermostat is designed to control temperatures inside the tank. The recommended temperature by most manufacturers is 49-60 degrees Celsius. Setting the appliance to a lower temperature will save energy.

To ensure you have the right product, ensure it’s of the right size. The first-hour rating will help you know the amount of hot water (in gallons) the heater supply per hour.

The dip tube delivers water to water lines located at the bottom of the water heater. This is where the water starts to warm up. Then a heating mechanism- which is either an element or burner, will stay on until water gets to the desired temperature level.

Water will heat and rise above the cold water. The heat-out pipe is where hot water exit through to your home faucets. The secrete of an electric water heater of separating hot water from cold is the principle that heat rises.

How to maintain electric water heaters

An electric water heater will give you comfort that you need during the cold season. It’s, however, a huge financial investment that you need to choose and maintain wisely. With good care and maintenance, a water heater can last even up to 15 years.

You can do routine servicing without calling a professional. Ensure you switch off the circuit breaker. Do a mini-flush to prevent corrosion and rust, a task that will enhance energy efficiency. 

The sediment buildup is caused by hard water. To prevent such, use a water softener. Flush out the sediments and refill the tank again. Ensure the tank is full before switching the power on.

Mini or full flush will remove the scale buildup on heating elements. It will also eliminate hissing sound produced when the heating mechanism is covered with limescale.

To test the thermostat, use a multimeter. This is to ensure there is power flowing to the elements. also, tighten the loose wires. The anode rod also called a sacrificial rod, is made of steel coated with aluminum or magnesium. It can last for about five years or even more, only if it’s well maintained.

Simple regular checking of your electric water heater will prevent you from replacing the tank regularly. More so, it will last longer and maintains its lustrous look.

Price range

As electric water heaters come in different shapes and sizes, so is the price. on average, these units cost $100 to around $3,000. The price will depend on the tank capacity.

For 50-gallon water heaters, the price range between $400-$2,200. The initial installation cost will also affect the overall cost of a heater. Consult with your professional plumber to get the most affordable yet durable electric water heater.

Features to consider while buying the best 50-gallon electric water heater

Best-50-gallon-electric-water-heater-guide2 (1)

When buying an electric water heater, you need to be extremely careful. First, you need to know what to consider. There are essential elements you must factor in to get the best electric heater. And finally, you must buy it from a trusted vendor. Here are pointers you should keep in mind before purchasing.

Energy efficiency with UEF

If you’ve ever bought a water heater before, then you must have compared standard efficiency, mid-efficiency, and high efficiency.

The UEF is used in measuring the energy efficiency of a water heater. This DOE’s newly developed metric is quite accurate. When the UEF is reading higher, the better the performance. The UEF should read about 2.00 or more.


Electric water heaters come in different dimensions. This means you can have taller or wider tanks. The dimensions will help you choose a product that will fit in your space perfectly. For instance, Rheem MR50245 Marathon measures 23.5 by 66.7 inches.

This is a wide 50-gallon tank suitable for quite a spacious area. if you want a slimmer version, Westinghouse WER052C2X045 is the right choice. it measures 19.5 x 54.25 inches. the compact design will allow you to fit the heater in a small space in the laundry or basement.


An electric water heater is an essential appliance at your homes. The heaters enable your home functions to run smoothly. Whether you want to wash utensils or take a hot bath, this is a vital piece of equipment.

Heaters come in different sizes, which affect their weight. when you come to a 50-gallon heaters, it will weight from 100 lbs and above.

These numbers can differ based on the model and material used. Regardless, expect a 50-gallon electric water heater to weigh somewhere approximately 160 pounds.

The Rheem MR50245 Marathon weighs 101.1 lbs, while A.O. Smith ENS-50 ProMax weighs 161 lbs. Both of these tanks have the same capacity but weigh differently.

Guarantees and durability

Warranties are essential features to check when choosing electrical products. Most of, if not all, electrical appliances are prone to faulty wiring, blowing up, or voltage surges.

This is why you’d need warranties on these products. Usually, electrical appliances have long term warranties.

For instance, Westinghouse WER062C2X045 comes with a limited lifetimes warranty on tank. So, why check on warranties? Warranties give you more trust in the product. It also means you will use the water heater without the worry of replacing it after one or two years.

Reading the warranties is tedious, but you need to understand what it covers and the situations they apply. You’ll realize some have warranties on parts while others don’t cover repairs.

Check if there is a money-back guarantee in case the appliance is defective.

Durability is another essential factor to consider. It’s affected by the material used. Stainless steel is a sturdy, durable material.

Ease of installation

Installation of electric water heaters is not as hard as you might think. You only need to have some plumbing basics, tools and follow instructions to the latter.

However, this is not everyone’s ideal choice. a simple mistake might lead to voltage surges and wire shortages. If you don’t want to incur installation costs, ensure you follow the instruction guide step by step.

In case it becomes hard for you, you can consult a professional. Some manufacturing companies offer free installation. Electric water heaters come with a detailed instruction manual to guide to install.

Ease of use


The best electric water heater should be easy to use. it requires you to find a circuit breaker and turn it on. ensure the tank is full before switching on. draining and flushing the tank should be easy for cleaning it out. once the tank is full, you can then turn on the circuit breaker.

Anode rod

Water heaters are prone to rust and have other water-related issues. They may have some trouble after several years of use. saltwater or hard water will even worsen the situation. The tanks are always submerged in water, making them corrode or rust.

This is where the anode rod comes in handy. A good anode rod will protect the water heater by attracting harmful ions. That’s why it earned the names, sacrificial rod. It boosts the lifespan of the tank.

Bradford White BWC RE350T6-1NCWW comes with a protective magnesium anode rod. The material used provides unmatched durability.

Extra features

There are other features that you should pay attention to. Look for a model engineered with high first-hour recovery in terms of gallons per hour. It helps you to know that the tank will provide enough hot water for your home usage.

The heating mechanism is an essential part of a water heater. The elements should be made of high-quality material such as stainless steel for durability and protection from dry-firing.

You should also consider the insulation R-value. Always choose a unit with a high insulation value. Lower value means the product is less efficient, leading to high operations costs. And since you’re looking for ways to minimize the bills, a unit high insulation of about R-24 is highly recommended.

A reliable electric water heater is endowed with features such as high0-quality heating elements, dip tubes to minimize sediments, and a self-cleaning system. check all these advanced features to help you have the best unit at your home.


What size of breaker do I need for a 50-gal electric water heater?
Basically, an electric water heater needs a 240V circuit for serving the water heater only. The wiring involves a 30-amp double pole breaker and MC or 10-2 non-metallic cable.

How long does it take to heat 50 gallons of water?

There are several factors that can affect this, including water temperatures entering the unit and the type of heating element fitted in the unit.

Electrical water heaters have two things to help you determine the right answer to this question.

Recovery Rate- This is the amount of water that a heater can supply hourly, starting on an empty tank.

First Hour Rating(FHR) – It’s the opposite of the recovery rate. This is the amount of water in gallons a heater can supply per hour when it is full.

Is an electric water heater safer than the gas one?

Both gas and electric heaters have their risks. However, the electric heater is safer than the gas one. In an electric heater, you won’t have fuel leaking or explode. There are no combustible byproducts, making them safer than gas water heaters.

More so, gas heaters tend to lose heat through venting while electric ones operate efficiently. When it comes to installation, gas heaters require a spacious room for ventilation, hence occupying a large. It makes them not suitable for homeowners with small spaces.

Our Verdict

Our first pick is the Rheem MR50245 Marathon water heart. The non-metallic water heater is lightweight, durable, and warranted not to leak.

Seamless, polybutene tank is resistant to corrosion and rust. It’s fitted with multiple layers of filament wound fiberglass to give the product unmatched strength.

For energy saving purposes, the Rheem water heater is endowed with polyurethane insulation.

Our second pick is Bradford White BWC RE350T6-1NCWW, which is an efficient water heater that offers long-lasting performance.

A stylish and sleek exterior, endowed with features like foam insulation, hydro jet sediment protection, and automatic controls, will capture your attention on the spot.

Our third pick is A.O. Smith ENS-50 ProMax. If features a Dynaclean diffuser dip tube for minimizing buildup and maximizing hot water output.

The CoreGuard aluminum anode with stainless steel core protects the product against corrosion. Besides these amazing features, the tank comes at a competitive price, making it the best 50-gallon electric water heater on the market.

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