7 Best Ceiling Fans for Small Rooms — Say “No” to Stuffiness! (Spring 2022)

Many people only think that you can install a ceiling fan in large rooms, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. You just need to make sure that you have the right size fan. That way, you can be certain that you have the best ceiling fans for small rooms at your disposal.

As we mentioned above, the very first thing that you need to consider when you are looking for the best ceiling fan for a small room is the size of the fan. The fans on our list are all perfect for smaller spaces, thanks to their compact design. Some are even designed to have exceptionally low profiles for rooms with low ceilings. Even though these fans are smaller, that doesn’t mean they can’t be dimmed or provide you with different fan speeds. In fact, each of the models below is equipped with 3 speeds and LED bulbs. We also made sure to look for models with reversible blades, too, since these can be used all year round to keep you comfortable.

Quick Summary

Editor’s Choice: Hunter Minimus Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan

“A sleekly-designed mini fan that blends in with any modern décor. Low profile. High CFM. Fully dimmable bulb with long lifespan.”

Best Modern Fan for Small Rooms: Honeywell Ocean Breeze Contemporary

“A compact option available in 3 different finish options. 3 speeds to choose from. Extra-wide fan blades. Dimmable by up to 20%.”

Most Powerful Fan for Small Rooms: Harbor Breeze Mazon Ceiling Fan

“A modern fan with nrushed nickel finish ideal for kitchens. Opal glass light. Extra-powerful. Up to 4,545 CFM.”

Best Fan for Multiple Spaces: Prominence Home Reston Farmhouse Ceiling Fan

“A fantastically designed fan with lifetime limited warranty. Availalble in 2 small sizes. Suitable for angled ceilings. Blend of modern and classic design.”

Best Value: Prominence Home Hero Hugger Small Ceiling Fan

“An affordable option that will last for decades. Reversable blades. 450-lumen bulb. 28 inches in diameter.”

Premium Pick: Fandian Modern Ceiling Light with Fans

“A model that combines a huge, long-lasting bulb and discreet, but functional retractable blades. 60,000 hours of bulb life. Sleek modern design. Lifetime warranty.”

Best Low-Profile Fan for Small Rooms: Jinweite Ceiling Fan

“This model is ideal for rooms with low ceilings. Inbuilt timer. Remote control. 3 Lighting tones.”

Top 7 Ceiling Fans for Small Rooms Review 2022

1. Hunter Minimus Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan


Fan size: 44 inches

Fan height: 10.3 inches

Speeds: 3

CFM: up to 2,240

Warranty: 1-year limited

More features: fully-dimmable, high-efficient LED bulbs; remote control

This is a 44-inch fan that has a height of 10.3 inches. Its speed can be adjusted, and it can provide up to 2,240 CFM. The light is fully dimmable and utilizes efficient LED bulbs. The fan can be operated by remote control or a wall switch.

What are our favorite features? Out of all the different fans that we looked into, this is by far our favorite. First of all, even though it is relatively small, it is still quite powerful. This model can be used in three different speed settings. At its top speed, it can move over 2,000 CFM in the correct sized space. Even though this model is quite powerful, it still has a low profile, which makes it a great option for high- or low-ceilinged rooms.

Once this fan has been installed, it is one of the easiest to operate. It comes equipped with a high-quality remote, which will allow you to adjust the fan speed and dim the lights from anywhere in the room.

What could be better? There is a lot to like about this fan. In fact, the only real problem that we found has to do with when you use the remote. When altering any settings on the remote, the fan will emit a loud beep as confirmation that it received the signal. While this might not sound like too big of a deal, it can be a bit of a problem if you are adjusting the fan at nighttime while someone else is in the room sleeping. The beep just might be loud enough to wake a light sleeper, so be sure to consider this before you make your final purchase.

2. Honeywell Ocean Breeze Contemporary


Fan size: 30 inches

Fan height: 13.7 inches

Speeds: 3

CFM: not specified

Warranty: 1-year limited

More features: dimmable up to 20%, 2700K, 80CRI, 450-lumen bulb; 2 other finishes available

This fan is 30 inches in diameter and has a height of 13.7 inches. It has exceptionally large blades that move lots of air, regardless of which of its 3-speed settings you are using. The bulb is dimmable by up to 20%. This fan is also available in two other finishes.

What stands out? If you are in the market for a modern style fan that has the ability to move a good bit of air in a smaller room, then this might be the best option for you. The blades are quite large, which makes it extremely effective. You can also have the option of selecting from three different finishes, which should make it that much easier to find the one that fits your décor correctly.

Though this fan is a heavy-duty, durable option, it is still quite compact. This makes it a great choice to use in small to medium-sized rooms. It can be operated with either a wall switch or pull strings.

What cons did we manage to find? The biggest issue that we found with this particular fan is just how much it weighs. This model is quite bulky and has a very powerful motor. This makes it an excellent option if you want to really circulate the air, but it also means you need to be very careful when you are installing it. If this fan is not secured properly into the right junction box, it could easily come crashing down due to its weight.

3. Harbor Breeze Mazon Ceiling Fan


Fan size: 44 inches

Fan height: 12 inches

Speeds: 3

CFM: up to 4,545

Warranty: not specified

More features: brushed nickel; opal glass light

This is a very powerful fan. On the highest of its 3 speeds, it can move up to 4,545 CFM. This fan has a diameter of 44 inches and a height of 12 inches. It can be operated by a wall switch or remote control.

Why are we impressed? This is the perfect model for anyone that is looking for an exceptionally powerful fan. This model can be operated at three different speeds, but the most powerful level can move an astounding 4,545 CFM of air. This makes it an exceptional option for cooling a room. The coating is also one of the most durable as well, which is always a plus.

Surprisingly, even though this model is quite powerful, it still has a low profile. This fan only hangs off of the ceiling about 12 inches. This makes it a great option for pretty much any room, even if it has lower ceilings. The fact that there are no pull strings to hang down helps with this as well.

What negatives must you be aware of? For this fan, having a remote is a bit less helpful than for other models. We found that these remotes do not always work accurately depending on how close or far the user is from the fan. Most of the time, you will need to be pretty close to the fan for the remote to work, which somewhat removes the benefit of having one at all. You would probably be best suited to using a wall switch to adjust this model since that will always work out correctly.

4. Prominence Home Reston Farmhouse Ceiling Fan


Fan size: 42 inches

Fan height: 13.7 inches

Speeds: 3

CFM: not specified

Warranty: lifetime limited

More features: smaller size available; suitable for angled ceilings

This is a 42-inch fan that has a height of 13.7 inches. It does come in smaller sizes if you need them. This fan is designed to be utilized on flat or angled ceilings. It features 3 different speeds, is reversible, and can be operated with pull strings or a wall switch.

Why did it make our list? Perhaps the best attribute that this fan has is its versatility. It can be used in pretty much any room. It can be used on either a flat or angled ceiling, which is something that most fans can only do with a different attachment. This makes it that much easier to install when compared to other models and will save you a bit of money as well. This model also comes in multiple sizes, which makes it even easier to find the right fit for the rooms you have in mind.

This fan can also be used in reverse. This makes it a great option regardless of the time of year since it can be used to cool down your space or help to warm it up as well if needed.

What is not ideal about it? For most models, installing the actual fan to the ceiling is the most difficult part. That is not the case with this particular model, however. For this fan, getting the blades attached is going to take up most of your installation time. The channel that they fit into is very narrow, and it takes some flexibility to get the screws and driver into the correct position to make sure that the blades are secure. Thankfully, this should get easier for you after you have done the first one.

5. Prominence Home Hero Hugger Small Ceiling Fan


Fan size: 28 inches

Fan height: 13.2 inches

Speeds: 3

CFM: not specified

Warranty: lifetime

More features: reversible blades; 2700K, 450-lumen bulb

This is a very compact fan. It has a slight diameter, measuring only 28 inches wide. It has a height of 13.2 inches and can be operated at 3 different speeds. The blades are reversible. This fan can be operated with pull strings or a wall switch and is also equipped with a lifetime warranty.

What makes it special? The best thing about this particular model is its compact size and budget-friendly price. If you are looking for a fan for an extremely compact room, then this is going to be a great option. It is only 28 inches in diameter and has a very low profile. While this smaller than average size limits its CFM in larger spaces, it is perfect for smaller ones.

This lightweight fan is also equipped with reversible blades. This makes it a great option for year-round use. This only helps to increase its value, which makes it lower than average purchase price even more impressive.

What could be better: This fan does a lot of things correctly. It is, however, only suited for the smallest of spaces, thanks to its diminutive size. If you put it into a larger area, you are not going to feel very much air moving since this model is so small. Make sure that you measure your space as precisely as possible before you make your final decision. Otherwise, you might end up with a fan that is not large enough to make a difference in your space.

6. Fandian Modern Ceiling Light with Fans


Fan size: 42 inches

Fan height: 14 inches

Speeds: 3

CFM: up to 4,500 CFM

Warranty: lifetime limited

More features: LED light with up to 60,000 hours of life expectancy

This modern style fan has a diameter of 42 inches and is 14 inches high. It is a very powerful fan. When set at the top of its 3 speeds, this model can easily achieve a CFM rating of 4,500. The blades are reversible as well. The LED light should provide up to 60,000 hours of light. This fan also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

What are our favorite features? Whenever you think of a fan, this is certainly not what you would imagine. This model is a new take on an old design, which provides it with a very modern look that looks much more like a pendant light than a fan. Not only does this make a great conversation piece, but it also makes it a great addition to any modern style décor that you have in your home.

Surprisingly, this fan is still quite powerful. It can move up to 4,500 CFM on its highest level. The blades are also reversible, which is a huge plus since it will allow the fan to be used for the entire year.

What could be better? This fan has a lot going for it. It is a slick new take on what fans should look like and works really well at moving a ton of air. The lighting, however, leaves a bit to be desired. While the LEDs provide plenty of light and are very energy efficient, they do not ever remember the setting that you put them to each time you turn them off. You will always need to reset the lights each time you turn this model on, which, while is certainly not a dealbreaker, but is a bit of a nuisance.

7. Jinweite Ceiling Fan


Fan size: 6 inches

Fan height: 8.2 inches

Speeds: 3

CFM: up to 2,072

Warranty: not specified

More features: inbuilt timer; remote control; 3 lighting tones

This fan is quite compact. It is only 21.6 inches wide and has a height of only 8.2 inches. This makes it ideal for low ceilings. This fan has 3 different speeds and can move up to 2,072 CFM. It comes equipped with an easy-to-use remote control and can be set to 3 different lighting tones.

Why is it special? This fan is another unique take on a ceiling fan design. This model has an extremely low profile, which makes it great for use in rooms with lower ceilings. It has a very slight height, measuring a minuscule 8.2 inches from the ceiling. Despite this, it is still relatively powerful, making for a good air mover for the right size room.

Another big plus for this unit is its lighting design. While many different models can be dimmed, this fan allows you to shift between different lighting tones. This will allow you to make your room look exactly the way that you desire.

What are the flaws? This is another unique take on the design of a ceiling fan. As such, it might be a bit more difficult to install than other models. The low profile of this fan will make the installation trickier since you need to put the entire thing right up against the ceiling. Thankfully, the directions that come with this unit are very clear, which should allow you to get it installed correctly. You should be prepared for a longer than average installation process, however, since it is a bit different.

Things to Consider

Finding a new ceiling fan is always a bit of a challenge, but it is even more tricky when you have a smaller space in mind. In this section, we will guide you through everything that you need to know to find the perfect fan for the room you have in mind. We have also taken the time to answer several frequently asked questions, so be sure to read through those as well if you need any more clarification.

Features to consider when choosing a ceiling fan for small rooms

Though operating a fan is a straightforward process, there is actually quite a lot that should go into buying one. We have taken the time to lay out all these important factors in great detail below, however, so that you can buy with confidence.

Fan size in diameter

The very first thing that you will want to figure out is exactly how large of a fan you want, and also how large of a fan can fit into your room. You should measure your room from side to side and front to back. That way, you can determine how much clearance you have on all sides around where the fan will be located. From there, you simply need to find a fan that suits your needs and will fit within your room’s parameters.

If you can fit a larger fan, then you will want to go for something like the Hunter Minimus Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan. This fan is large enough to move a ton of air yet compact enough that it should fit well in most smaller sized rooms. Of course, if you have an extremely small room, then you will want to go for something like the Prominence Home Hero Hugger Small Ceiling Fan, which is only 28 inches all told. This smaller size makes it ideal for tiny rooms in need of a bit of ventilation.

Fan height

Another issue that you will have to contemplate is how high of a fan your room can handle. Obviously, if you have a very high ceiling, then you are going to want to go with a higher fan since these usually have more powerful motors and provide more consistent levels of ventilation. If, however, your room is not only small in size but also quite low, then you will need to go with something that has a lower profile. That way, you won’t need to worry about running into it or bumping it when you are moving about the room.

If you have high ceilings in the room you are thinking of installing your fan in, then you might want to consider something like the Fandian Modern Ceiling Light with Fans, which hangs down quite far from the ceiling. Anyone with a lower ceiling would be better suited to go with a model like the Jinweite Ceiling Fan. This extremely compact fan only sticks about 8 inches off the ceiling, making it a good choice for homes with less clearance.


Something else that you should always consider when you are looking into getting a new fan is how many speeds you are going to need. If you are someone that only ever sets a fan to one speed, then you could probably save yourself a bit of money by looking for a model that only offers one. On the other hand, it is good to have a bit of flexibility in your cooling options since the weather is always changing and, while you might need a high speed one day, it might not work every day. Getting a fan with multiple speeds can help to make this a bit easier on you.

Thankfully, all of the different models on our listing have three speeds to choose from. Having a high, medium, and low setting will be extremely helpful for you when you are trying to provide just the right amount of air circulation and cooling in your space.

Maximum CFM

Of course, not all speeds are created equal. Different models will be able to move different amounts of air based on which speed you have them set on. The amount of air that a fan can move on any given setting is known as CFM or Cubic Feet per Minute. This measurement describes the volume of air that a fan can move in one minute of runtime. It is also a good way to figure out just how powerful a fan might be, which is essential knowledge for any buyer. This is especially true in a smaller space.

If you are someone that wants to be sure that you have the highest amount of circulation possible, then the Harbor Breeze Mazon Ceiling Fan should be your first choice. This fan can absolutely move the air in space since its highest CFM rating is 4,545. On the lower end of things is the Prominence Home Reston Farmhouse Ceiling Fan, which, while still able to circulate plenty of air, provides a much gentler airflow experience.

Mounting options and ease of installation

Now that you have your fan selected and are ready to install it, there are a few other considerations that you need to keep in mind. The first is whether or not you have a junction box in the correct location for your new fan. If you are replacing a light fixture or an old fan, you should have a box in place. If not, you or an electrician will need to add one. This will be a more difficult installation, so unless you are comfortable with running wires and installing a new box, you might want to consider hiring a professional.

If three is a junction box in place, you need to check it to make sure that it is rated for a fan, and if so, if it can handle the weight of your new model. If you are replacing a light fixture with a fan, you might need to replace the junction box since the old one will probably only be rated for a lightweight light and cannot handle a heavier fan. This might be a trickier installation as well, and it might be best left to an expert.

If your junction box is from an old fan, installing a new one is not too difficult. You basically need to remove the old fan and then install your new model in the exact reverse operation. As long as you are comfortable with some minor wiring, you might be able to accomplish this task on your own. Of course, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a friend help you to hold the fan in place while you are securing it to the ceiling.

Bulb features

There are lots of different light bulbs that can be used in a ceiling fan, but all of the models on our list are designed to be used with LEDs. These bulbs last for an amazingly long time, which is hugely beneficial for a ceiling fan. The last thing that you want to have to do is climb up on something high to change the bulbs all of the time. These bulbs will help to alleviate this issue since many of them are rated to last for several years at a time.

Something else to consider with your new fan is whether or not you want your bulbs to be dimmable like they are with the Honeywell Ocean Breeze Contemporary. This will allow you to extend the life of the bulbs even more while also changing the mood of your space. The Jinweite Ceiling Fan takes this a step further by allowing you to alter the tones of the light, which can have a dramatic effect on the way your room appears.


When it comes to picking the design of your new fan, it is truly up to your personal preferences and the room aesthetic that you are going for. You can get a traditional, modern, or any other type of design that you desire, as long as it will fit your space and circulate your air, there is no limit to what you can pick.

One exception, however, is if you have a slanted ceiling. If your ceiling is at a bit of an angle, then you are going to need specialized hardware to mount the fan properly. The Prominence Home Reston Farmhouse Ceiling Fan is already equipped with said hardware, which makes it a great choice if that is your situation.

Remote control

One final thing to keep in mind with the overall design of your new fan is whether or not you want a remote control. While certainly not essential, having a remote control certainly has its perks. If you are all settled down in your bed and decide that you need the speed to be changed, it would be really nice to have a remote to change it rather than having to leave your cozy bed. Of course, getting a remote control activated fan might raise the overall purchase price, so bear that in mind before you make your final decision.

A good example of a fan with remote control is the Hunter Minimus Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan. Not only can you change the speed with which the fan spins, but you can also alter the lighting. The remote control is easy to use and works from a pretty good distance without any issue.


Whenever you are making a large appliance purchase, whether it be for a new washer, fridge, or ceiling fan, it is always a good idea to look for a model is with a good warranty. That way, you will be covered should anything get damaged through normal use. Of course, you need to be sure to look through the fine print extremely carefully so that you have a full understanding of what is covered under warranty.

While each of the companies in our list above is a great manufacturer, it is still a good idea to read the warranty information as carefully as possible. Many companies will claim to offer a comprehensive warranty until it is time to pay for a faulty part that actually wasn’t in the warranty. By reading the agreement completely, you will know exactly what is and what isn’t covered by the company.


What is a reversible motor for?

Generally speaking, most ceiling fans only move air in a downward motion. This is great for hotter months since it forces the hot air downwards, which then mixes with cool air, forcing the cool air to move throughout the room. A reversible motor allows you to change the direction of the fan for use in the wintertime. This pulls cold air upwards, which then forces the warm air near the ceiling down. This allows for more even heating and has even been shown to cut heating costs by quite a bit.

Do I need a professional to install it?

Whether or not you need a professional to install, it will depend on several different factors. The first, of course, is how comfortable you are with hooking up hardwired electrical appliances. If you have no experience in this department, it might be a good idea to have someone that is knowledgeable do the installation for you. This is especially true if you are not just replacing an old ceiling fan but installing it brand new. In that case, new electrical wiring will need to be put in place, which is definitely not for a newbie.

If you do decide to tackle this project yourself, make sure to shut off the electricity beforehand and have someone help you. This will make putting the fan in place a whole lot easier since they will be able to hold it for you.

How often will I have to change the LED bulb?

As with any other type of lightbulb, this will largely depend upon how often you keep them on. However, even if they are used continuously, an LED bulb should easily last you for about 5 years of use. If you do not use them all of the time, then their lifespan could be extended up to about 10 years of lighting.

Our Verdict

Out of all of the different fans that we looked into, the Hunter Minimus Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan was by far our favorite. This powerful yet compact fan is an excellent option for a smaller room. Its remote control makes it very easy to use, and the completely dimmable LED bulbs are another big plus.

The Honeywell Ocean Breeze Contemporary is an excellent option if you are looking for a modern style fan for your room. It is extremely powerful for its size thanks to its larger than average blades. It is also dimmable and comes in different finishes.

The best ceiling fans for small rooms come in all shapes and sizes. The Harbor Breeze Mazon Ceiling Fan is the most powerful option on our list. It can move up to 4,545 CFM, which is more than enough for a smaller space. It also has a low profile and compact design, which is always a good option in a small room.

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