9 Best Ceiling Fans under $100 – Low Price, High Efficiency! (Spring 2022)

Finding the best ceiling fan under $100 may not be as easy as you’ve been taught to believe. The market is set up to be confusing. Also, marketers use this to get you to buy their products even when they aren’t any good. As such, before you go shopping, you should have a good idea of what you want the ceiling fan to do for you. This will help with planning and deciding on what features to prioritize.

Notably, the features you’ll likely see in the market include the fan size and construction materials. The former is influential in determining the airflow of the ceiling fan. It also tells you whether the fan will fit in your room. As for the latter, it’s best to have durable construction in your fan. The next features to take note of are the speed options available and whether the tool has reversible blades or not. These determine the level of control you have over your ceiling fan and its capabilities. Lastly, some of the best ceiling fans under $100 also come with LED lights to serve as lighting for the room. Below we’ve provided examples of top-tier ceiling fans that you can choose from as well.

Quick Summary

Editor’s Choice: Westinghouse Lighting 7861400

“A reliable 56-inch ceiling fan with three blades and five speeds for rooms up to 400 sq. ft. Downrod mounting. Button control. Impressive airflow of 5,370 CFM.”

Best Dual-Control Ceiling Fan Under $100: Prominence Home 80029-01

“A 42-inch low profile ceiling fan with reversible motor and three speeds for rooms up to 350 sq. ft. Flush mount. Pull chain and remote control. Two-sided blades.”

Best Airflow Rating: Honeywell 50182

“A 52-inch ceiling fan featuring four speeds, lights and a reversible motor. Flush mount. Remote control. 5,459 CFM.”

Best for Medium-Sized Rooms: Hykolity 42-Inch Ceiling Fan

“A 42-inch metal ceiling fan with a reversible motor and LED light for rooms up to 225 sq. ft. Pull chain control. Dual mount. Lifetime warranty.”

Best Modern Design: Westinghouse Lighting 7876400 LED Ceiling Fan

“A 42-inch ceiling fan with reversible blades and integrated light kit for small rooms up to 100 sq. ft. Silicon steel motor. Remote control adaptable. 2,897 CFM.”

Most Versatile: Hunter 52137

“A 42-inch low profile ceiling fan with a multi-speed reversible motor and LED light. Flush mount. Lifetime motor warranty. Pull chain control.”

Best All-Metal Pick: Hunter 51059

“A 42-inch low-profile ceiling fan with metal body and a multi-speed reversible motor. Pull chain control. Dual mount. 2,902 CFM.”

Best for Airflow: Hampton Bay AL383-WH

“A powerful 52-inch ceiling fan with 5 reversible blades and 3-speed reversible control. Multi-capacitor. Flush mount. 4,670 CFM.”

Best Value: Litex BRC30WW6L

“A small 30-inch ceiling fan with six reversible blades and a quiet motor. Button control. Flush mount. Wobble-free.”

Top 9 Ceiling Fans Under $100 Review 2022

1. Westinghouse Lighting 7861400


Size: 56-inch

Materials: steel

Airflow: 5,370 CFM

Energy usage: 69W

Control: button

Mounting: downrod

Warranty: 15-year limited (motor), 2-year (all other parts)

Other features: for rooms up to 400 sq. ft., three blades, five speeds

Our list of best ceiling fans under $100 starts with the Westinghouse Lighting 7861400. The product has a 56-inch blade span and is the biggest fan on our list. Given the blade size, it is no surprise that the Westinghouse Lighting 7861400 is one of the best performers listed when it comes to airflow.

Next, the construction of the fan mostly consists of brushed nickel exterior components. As such, the fan is rustproof and will hold out rather well against any form of corrosion or damage. It might even make cleaning the fan a walk in the park.

When installing the fan, you’ll also have to install the wall control unit that comes with it. This control unit allows you to switch between the five speeds available in the fan. Depending on the time of day and the current temperatures, you may want to either reduce or increase fan speed.

Also, due to the size and design, you are encouraged to install the fan at least ten feet above the room floor. As such, if your ceiling is not high enough to allow this, you may be better off looking at other options listed. Remember to factor in the 12-inch size of the downrod if you’re trying to figure out whether the fan is for you.

Furthermore, thanks to the fan size and the airflow, the tool will work for rooms that are 400 sq. ft. or smaller. Even on this list, you’ll be hard-pressed to find other fans that can cover such a large room.

Lastly, the fan’s motor is covered by a 15-year warranty, while all the other components have guarantees for two years.

What are our favorite features?

The 400 sq. ft. coverage area and the 5,370 CFM are impressive. The warranty for the motor will have you covered for a long time to come. Also, you get to choose which fan speed works for you using the wall control unit.

What could be better?

The fan can wobble and will be noisy at higher fan speeds. There is no reverse function for the fan blades. No LED light for lighting up a room.

2. Prominence Home 80029-01


Size: 42-inch

Materials: steel, MDF

Airflow: 3,256 CFM

Energy usage: 58W

Control: pull chain, remote control

Mounting: flush mount

Warranty: lifetime

Other features: low profile design, for rooms around 350 sq. ft., quiet reversible motor, two-sided blades, 3 speeds

The Prominence Home 80029-01 qualifies as one of the more affordable fans we have listed. The blades in this fan are double-sided and made of MDF. That said, the rest of the fan is made of steel, which dramatically increases its durability. It’s no wonder you get a lifetime warranty with the purchase.

This tool incorporates both remote control and a pull chain. The latter will come in handy whenever you misplace the former.

Another thing you should note is that this fan will comfortably handle the needs of 350 sq. ft. rooms or smaller. As for the speeds, you get three options to pick from whether you set the tool to rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise. Lastly, a light is included in this setup.

What are its best features?

Despite being a 42-inch fan, this machine offers a relatively wide coverage area. The fan comes with a frosted opal global light. Additionally, the motor is reversible. You can control the fan with either the remote or the pull chain. Lastly, the whole fan comes with a lifetime warranty.

What could be better?

A bit of noise and humming is to be expected if past reviews are to be believed. The fan doesn’t work with pitched ceilings.

3. Honeywell 50182


Size: 52-inch

Materials: metal, glass, wood product

Airflow: 5,459 CFM

Energy usage: 3W

Control: remote

Mounting: flush mount

Warranty: lifetime (motor)

Other features: 4 speeds, reversible motor, lights

The Honeywell 50182 is another ceiling fan with lights under $100 that is bound to catch your attention. As you can see, the lights in the fixture feature a different design from other fans on the list. As such, they have their unique aesthetic appeal to the masses.

Also, while most other ceiling fans of this caliber max out at three speeds, this one offers four. This applies to both the clockwise and the counterclockwise motions of the tool.

Notably, no other fan listed moves more air than this Honeywell 50182. However, this airflow efficiency comes at the cost of needing more power hence the 61.3W energy use rating.

This fan also mounts flush to your ceiling, thereby taking less space. Lastly, this fan can only be operated using the remote control.

Why are we impressed?

The fan has four-speed options, which are more than what most other options offer. The lights have been aesthetically designed to give a pleasant outlook. The airflow rating of this Honeywell 50182 is an improvement over most other fans of this caliber. The tool has a reversible motor. Lastly, the motor in this fan comes with a lifetime warranty.

What could be better?

At higher speeds, expect the motor of the fan to be loud. A couple of buyers also had significant problems with the installation of the fan.

4. Hykolity 42-Inch Ceiling Fan


Size: 42-inch

Materials: metal

Airflow: 2,098 CFM

Energy usage: n/a

Control: pull chain

Mounting: downrod, flush mount

Warranty: lifetime (motor)

Other features: for rooms up to 225 sq. ft., reversible motor, LED light

If your room is at or under the 225 sq. ft. size mark, the Hykolity 42-Inch Ceiling Fan may prove sufficient for your needs. It comes with full metal construction except for the middle part that houses the light.

When it comes to installation, the fan allows for either a downrod or a flush ceiling mount. As such, you need to check how high your ceiling is from the floor so you can decide which of these two options will work for you pre-purchase. If you have higher ceilings, the downrod pick is a much better option.

The manufacturer also included a reversible motor making the fan a dual function option. It can thus distribute both warm and cool air throughout the room, depending on your needs. Lastly, there’s the safety net in terms of the motor’s lifetime warranty that might set your mind at ease as you are buying the fan.

Why did it make our list?

The motor in this fan is protected by a lifetime warranty. The fan incorporates a light in its design. Next, the motor is reversible, and thus the fan can initiate downward flow as well as the upward flow of air. Lastly, you have two mounting options available.

What could be better?

Some of the metal parts are quite sharp and may injure you during installation.

5. Westinghouse Lighting 7876400 LED Ceiling Fan


Size: 42-inch

Materials: MDF, steel, glass

Airflow: 2,897 CFM

Energy usage: 53W

Control: remote control adaptable

Mounting: downrod

Warranty: lifetime (motor), 2-year (other parts)

Other features: reversible blades, integrated light kit, for rooms up to 100 sq. ft., silicon steel motor

Next, we have the Westinghouse Lighting 7876400, from the same source as our editor’s choice. As for the materials that make up this top-tier ceiling fan, you have MDF, steel, and glass.

Another thing to note is the 42-inch fan size. With the fan size in mind, you can tell that this option is different from the editor’s choice in that it is meant for smaller rooms. As such, if you put it in a room that’s bigger than 100 sq. ft. the tool won’t be able to circulate enough air for your needs.

Another thing to note is that the fans are reversible. Consequently, the usual anti-clockwise rotation will work for warm weather and lead to better air circulation in the room. As for the clockwise circulation, it is better for cold weather as it eliminates cold spots and helps recirculate warm air from the ceiling.

You also have the silicon steel motor in this machine, which is responsible for all the fan functions, including the three speeds available. This motor has been praised for being quiet. Notably, this component is also protected by a lifetime warranty. However, the warranty for all other parts of the fan is limited to two years.

Finally, controlling the fan is a cinch. After all, you will be provided with a remote control as well.

What are its best features?

The fan features remote control operation, which makes use easy. Additionally, the tool comes with reversible fan blades for colder weather. You have the option of LED lighting in your fan. Most of the construction components would be hard to damage. In addition to that, the motor has a lifetime warranty.

What could be better?

There is an audible hum from the motor that can be annoying.

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6. Hunter 52137


Size: 42-inch

Materials: swirled marble glass, MDF, bronze finish

Airflow: n/a

Energy usage: 36W

Control: pull chain

Mounting: flush mount

Warranty: lifetime (motor)

Other features: low profile, LED light, multi-speed reversible motor

Another 42-inch option is available in the form of the Hunter 52137. If you settle on this fan as your purchase, you can look forward to the tool’s low profile design, which allows for flush mounting. Additionally, if you have low ceilings, you needn’t worry about the device taking up too much space in the room.

This fan also comes with LED lighting that is covered by swirled marble glass. As such, the machine makes an excellent centerpiece, both working to circulate air in the room and providing light. Besides the marble glass, other components of this fan’s construction include MDF, which is then covered by a bronze finish.

Furthermore, this 42-inch ceiling fan under $100 can rotate both clockwise and anti-clockwise. You only need to pull on the chain connected to the fan to make direction changes. While you’re doing so, you can also change the fan speed to suit your current situation.

Another impressive component is the motor. This being the most crucial fan component, you get a lifetime warranty to protect it upon purchase.

Why did it make our list?

We liked the fan motor’s lifetime warranty. The tool supports flush mounting, which works for lower ceilings in rooms. This fan also provides LED lighting for the room. The pull chain control allows you to toggle fan speeds when you want and also to change the direction of the fan rotation. Lastly, this fan uses very little power as compared to the rest of the list.

What could be better?

Some users have reported an audible hum from this tool at various working speeds. Also, the fan won’t be effective in large rooms.

7. Hunter 51059


Size: 42-inch

Materials: metal

Airflow: 2,902 CFM

Energy usage: 4W

Control: pull chain

Mounting: downrod / flush mount

Warranty: 1-year limited

Other features: multi-speed reversible motor, low profile

Another fan that stays flush to your ceiling is the Hunter 51059. Of course, with this low profile design, the manufacturer eliminates wobbling. However, you can get the downrod option if you feel it works for you.

You also get variable fan speeds with this purchase. This is in addition to having reversible blades. Notably, if you want to change the fan’s speeds or the rotation, you’ll have to walk to the middle of the room and use the pull chain. This is slightly inconvenient, but it is easy to use. The chain is also what you use when you want to turn the machine on or off.

As for the warranty, the Hunter 51059 has one of the more unremarkable ones on the list. However, the other positives may be enough to make up for this flaw.

What are its best features?

The fan doesn’t wobble and is one of the quieter options in the market. You have adjustable speeds and a reversible motor that you can control using the pull chain provided. This device is perfect for rooms with lower ceilings.

What could be better?

The warranty coverage for all components of the fan is relatively short. The fan will only work for small rooms.

8. Hampton Bay AL383-WH


Size: 52-inch

Materials: glass

Airflow: 4,670 CFM

Energy usage: 60W

Control: pull chain

Mounting: flush mount

Warranty: n/a

Other features: 5 reversible blades, 3-speed reversible control, multi-capacitor, uses a medium-base bulb

Your white ceiling or décor may also go well with the Hampton Bay AL383-WH. While it does have a lighting fixture placed in the middle of the device, you will have to buy a bulb to complete it. Aside from that, there are no other hidden costs associated with the fan.

Given its size, it’s not surprising that it can manage an airflow rating of 4670 CFM. However, just like the Hunter 52137, you change speeds or the rotation direction by tugging on the pull chain.

Also, the fan takes after most of the other options listed by being a flush-mount purchase. Unfortunately for anybody buying this fan, you don’t get a warranty for either the five fan blades or the motor. Nonetheless, it is still a good purchase when you consider all other positives, including the reversible motor.

Why did it make our list? The fan can also work as a light. The airflow rating is impressive for a fan of this caliber and pricing. You get a reversible motor that makes the fan usable both in winter and summer.

What could be better: There is no warranty for any of the components of the fan. You will have to buy a bulb to complete the fan + light setup. The machine also uses a lot of energy.

9. Litex BRC30WW6L


Size: 30-inch

Materials: glass

Airflow: n/a

Energy usage: 60W

Control: button

Mounting: flush mount

Warranty: 15-year limited

Other features: six reversible blades, quiet motor, wobble-free

The Litex BRC30WW6L is the smallest fan option to make it onto the list seeing that it only measures 30 inches. It also comes with the highest number of blades. One advantage of being this small is that it barely makes any noise.

The machine is also wobble-free since it is flush mounted onto your ceiling. As for the light, a medium base bulb is provided with the purchase leaving you to put it in during installation. Another thing to note is the 15-year warranty of the ceiling fan.

Why are we impressed? The fan has a 15-year warranty for damages and defective products. Due to its flush mounting, the fan is wobble-free. Also, the device stays quiet for most speeds. Lastly, you have a reversible motor with this purchase.

What could be better: The 30-inch fan can only cater to small rooms. Also, it consumes a lot of energy for such a small device.

Things to Consider

As evidenced by the list of fans above, there are so many good options available that it is easy to make a mistake in your purchase. However, since you don’t want to waste your money and time by buying the wrong fan, we can assist you by providing the buying guide below.

Benefits of ceiling fans

Getting ceiling fans for your home is, of course, advantageous in a couple of ways. One of the top ones is the reduced cost of electricity.

Of course, the air conditioning works to regulate temperature and consumes a lot of power in doing so. Conversely, a fan regulates temperature by blowing air around the room, making it feel cooler. By doing this, the AC is left with very little to do hence the lower electric bills.

Another benefit is the versatility. Fans can be put in any room, including the kitchen, bedroom, lounge, and even where the ceilings are pitched. As such, you can add fans where you don’t feel the AC is effective.

Also, with the varying design styles for the different fans, you are bound to find one that fits your rooms’ interior design. After installation, you won’t even see a thing out of place. Some options even have lights, so the fan can easily take a central position in any room. This also avoids clutter on your ceiling as you don’t need another lighting fixture.

Lastly, most fans are reversible, which means they can distribute warm and cool air depending on your needs and the season.

Features to consider when choosing the best ceiling fan under $100

As you probably know by now, the features list is the only thing that will accurately represent the capabilities of a fan before you see it. As such, understanding the fan features to expect may help guide you as you make the purchase. This is why we’ve included the section below.

Fan size

The fan size may seem insignificant. However, this information can be used to decide which room sizes the fan will be perfect for. One example is that 42-inch fans like the Westinghouse Lighting 7876400 are usually for 100 square feet rooms or smaller.

56-inch options like the Westinghouse Lighting 7861400 are some of the largest in the market and work for 400 square feet rooms or smaller. As you can see, the larger the fan size, the larger the coverage area.


You also don’t want a fan that looks out of place in a particular room. As such, you’ll have to look at the design and color scheme before purchase. If you feel a white fan will work perfectly with your white ceiling, you can pick an option like the Litex BRC30WW6L. Notably, there are all kinds of colors and designs for the different fans, and you are sure to find one that fits your needs.

Noise level

If you’re watching TV, sleeping, or even doing chores in the house, the constant hum and buzzing of a ceiling fan can be quite annoying. As such, it may serve you better to have a quieter machine. That said, a lot of manufacturers haven’t figured out how to eliminate the noise completely, especially when the fan is rotating at higher speeds.


The motor is another item that should be on your ceiling fan checklist. It will determine the number of speeds you have and if the fan can be used in winter.

Ideally, the number of speeds will be high as this will help cater to different temperature regulation needs. Notably, this gives fan options like the Honeywell 50182 an edge over the competition. The motor being reversible is another major positive.


The airflow rating also determines the cooling power of the fan. Notably, the higher the airflow, the more effective a ceiling fan is, especially in larger rooms. Also, a higher CFM means the fan is more efficient at moving air around the room.

Pitched angle

Whether or not your ceiling is pitched may also have a hand in deciding the ceiling fan under $100 that you buy. Often, fans with long downrods work best for a pitched ceiling installation. This is because the fan blades have enough clearance from the ceiling that it can rotate freely. Also, having the downrod works to perfectly position the tool in the middle of the room, even when the ceiling is slanted.

Mounting options

Additionally, you’ll need to choose between a downrod and flush mounting options. The downrod gives clearance from the ceiling, letting the fan hang freely. This option thus works well for high ceilings as your downrod can even be as long as 36 inches.

However, for those with ceilings that are nine feet from the floor or lower, you don’t want a fan that takes up too much space. This is why you should buy a flush-mounted ceiling fan.

Also, with a flush-mounted gadget, you avoid any injury that might be as a result of coming into contact with the fan. That said, some options like the Hykolity 42-Inch Ceiling Fan come with both flush mounting and downrod options.


Having a light integrated into your fan is another positive. Remember that the fan will take a central position in your room. This is a position that is also often occupied by a ceiling light. However, with a fan there, you may have to look elsewhere for a place to install the light.

That said, if the fan already has a lighting fixture built-in, this is not something you have to worry about.

Control options

As for the control options, you’ll have to choose one of three picks. The first is the pull chain control, which is the most common. You pull the chain to toggle between speed and direction options.

The second is button control as is available in the Westinghouse Lighting 7861400. With this option, the control unit is mounted onto a wall in the room, and you can make changes by pressing a button or turning a knob.

The third option is remote control, which offers the most freedom out of the three options provided. You can control the fan from anywhere in the room. You don’t even need to move from your seat. A few ceiling fan options incorporate two control options in one device. One example is the Prominence Home 80029-01.


While you don’t want it to happen, some fan options may come with defects, or they might get damaged soon after they are delivered to your doorstep. For anyone who didn’t choose a fan with a warranty, this counts as an automatic loss.

However, if you had the foresight to get a ceiling fan with a guarantee, you are protected from the loss. Notably, a more extended warranty also often means more protection for your investment.


Are 3 or 4 blade ceiling fans better?

Whether you buy a 3 or a 4-blade ceiling fan will depend on your needs. The option with fewer blades will likely move faster and move air more efficiently, meaning a higher airflow. This is because fewer fan blades lead to less drag in the motor of the machine.

On the other hand, ceiling fans with more blades are often quieter, which is essential to some of you. As such, you’ll have to pick from these two options depending on the benefits you prioritize.

What brand of ceiling fan is the quietest?

No one brand takes the cake for the quietest fan offerings. However, if you want to know whether a particular fan option is quiet or not, you can look into previous buyers’ reviews. If no one is complaining about the fan being loud, you should be good to go.

What size ceiling fan do I need for a 12×12 room?

For a 12 x 12 room, you need a ceiling fan that’s between 49” and 56”.

Our Verdict

Our top fan selection of the day is the Westinghouse Lighting 7861400. It is a large fan meant for expansive rooms and is impressive in a lot of ways. One is the five fan speeds you have available once you’ve installed this machine. The construction is also top-tier.

Our second favorite is the Prominence Home 80029-01. It performs well in terms of airflow and area coverage. Additionally, having a pull chain and remote control is a plus. We also like the lifetime warranty provided.

Last on our favorites list is the Honeywell 50182. This 52-inch fan has a lifetime warranty, impressive airflow statistics, a reversible motor, and four fan speeds hence the high rating.

Remember that this write-up is meant to help you with your purchase, so make sure you use it to the fullest.

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