3 Best Daikin Air Conditioners – Fresh Air In the Whole House (Spring 2022)

Amultinational Japanese company in Osaka makes Daikin air conditioners. These are the most durable and feature-rich air conditioners on the market.

But how do you select the best Daikin air conditioner for your needs? Since not all Daikin units are the same you’ll need reviews to show you which air conditioner are the best on the market.

In today’s reviews, we’re going to be discussing the top three Daikin air conditioners and their features. Read up on the type of air conditioners these units are, their BTUs and their coverage area.

Below the reviews, you’ll find an extensive buyers guide to help you select the best Daikin air conditioner for your home or office. It’s important to read each section to help you find a unit that works for you.

Let’s start with our comparison table which will show you a quick overview of what each Daikin air conditioner is nominated for and their ratings.

Quick Summary

Editor’s Choice: DAIKIN FTXB12AXVJU

“The overall best Daikin model will offer to you. SEER 17. 12000 BTUs. 550 square feet coverage.”

Best Lightweight Model: DAIKIN FTX12NMVJU

“With this model you don’t have to worry about the weight. Lightweight indoor and outdoor units. SEER ratio of 19. Cooling and heating system.”

Best Dual System: Daikin FTXS09LVJU

“This is the best dual system. 2 indoor units. Separate remote controls. 21000 BTUs.”

Top 3 Daikin Air Conditioners Review 2022




BTUs: 12000

SEER: 17

Coverage area: up to 550 sq. ft

dBA: indoor unit 41/34/30, outdoor unit 48

CFM: indoor unit 358/282/232, outdoor unit 730

Dimensions: indoor unit 11-11/16 x 35-1/16 x 8-1/4 in, outdoor unit 21-5/8 x 25-15/16 x 10-3/4 in

Weight: indoor unit 19-5/6 lbs, outdoor unit 57 lbs

The Daikin FTXB12AXVJU model is our editor’s choice because it comes with all the parts you need to install it. This air conditioner has an ECO setting that optimizes energy consumption while adjusting the temperature of your environment.

The powerful operation mode allows you to boost your heating or cooling for 20 minutes for quick temperature control. This Daikin air conditioner produces cleaner air thanks to the integrated purifying filters.

You’ll love that the Daikin air conditioner has auto restart and change over capabilities so the unit will start up and switch between heating & cooling modes easily.

The unit has an easy to read digital display so you can see what temperature the air conditioner is on. Use the Night Set Mode to adjust the temperatures in your room before you go to bed.

What We Liked: Daikin’s FTXB12AXVJU model is easy to set up and comes with a remote control device so you can adjust the temperatures of the unit from anywhere in your home.

This unit produces 12000 BTUs and has a coverage area of 550 square feet.

What Could Be Better: The only two downsides to the Daikin FTXB12AXVJU unit is the noise it produces and how difficult it is to contact customer support.

On the other hand, the unit can adjust the temperatures in a room fast so there’s no need to keep it on for long periods of time.

What do we love it for?

  • Seer is 17
  • 12000 BTUs
  • Covers 550 square feet

What were we disappointed with?

  • Difficult to contact customer support
  • The unit’s fan is noisy

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BTUs: 12000

SEER: 19

Coverage area: up to 550 sq. ft

dBA: indoor unit 45/37/30/19-cooling, 45/37/30/26-heating, outdoor unit 49

CFM: indoor unit 434/311/247/145-cooling, 413/321/258/219-heating, outdoor unit 1105/865-cooling, 922/777-heating

Dimensions: indoor unit 11-1/4 x 35-5/16 x 8-3/4 in, outdoor unit 21-5/8 x 26-9/16 x 11-3/16 in

Weight: indoor unit 18 lbs, outdoor unit 60 lbs

The Daikin FTX12NMVJU model is the best lightweight unit on our review list. Therefore the outdoor and indoor air cons will be easy to mount & they won’t damage your wall over time due to their weight. For cleaner air, this Daikin air conditioner has an integrated filtration system.

For ease of use, this air conditioner has a remote so you can adjust the temperatures inside a room wirelessly. Connect the unit to Daikin ENVi Wi-Fi Smart Control so you can start the air conditioning process when you’re on your way home from work.

This Daikin air conditioner has energy-saving technology so it doesn’t increase your utility bill much each month.

What We Liked: The indoor Daikin FTX12NMVJU air con is a streamlined unit that’s lightweight and easy to install. It produces 12000 BTUs and has a seasonal energy efficiency ratio of 19. The unit covers a large area of 550 square feet for heating and cooling.

What Could Be Better: This Daikin model doesn’t dehumidify at low fan speeds and it’s difficult to get units replaced by the brand. Before buying your model make sure you understand the warranty and what it covers so you’re able to get parts replaced or fixed if need be.

What do we love it for?

  • 12000 BTUs
  • Has a SEER ratio of 19
  • Covers 550 square feet
  • Both indoor and outdoor units are lightweight
  • It’s a cooling and heating system

What were we disappointed with?

  • Difficult to get units replaced if faulty
  • Doesn’t dehumidify on low fan speeds

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3. Daikin FTXS09LVJU



BTUs: 21000

SEER: 18.9

Coverage area: up to 1000 sq. ft

dBA: indoor unit 41/33/25/22-cooling, 42/35/28/25-heating, outdoor unit 47/48

CFM: indoor unit 381/279/194/145-cooling, 420/321/233/219-heating, outdoor unit 1102/989-cooling, 992/840-heating

Dimensions: indoor unit 11-5/8 x 31-1/2 x 8-7/16 in, outdoor unit 21-5/8 x 30-1/8 x 11-1/4 in

Weight: indoor unit 20 lbs, outdoor unit 75 lbs

The Daikin FTXS09LVJU air conditioner is our best dual system. This unit is a Dual Zone MXS + LV series ultra high efficiency inverter with ductless multi-split system.

You can save on your utility bills with this air conditioner because it has an energy saver mode. There’s a built-in motion sensor that will switch the unit into energy saver mode when movement hasn’t been detected for 20 minutes.

Using the Daikin FTXS09LVJU AC unit will purify your air thanks to the built-in microbial filtration system. The air conditioner has a silent operation so you won’t experience any unpleasant noises coming from the inside or outside units.

Additionally, you get two inside units with this Daikin package. Place one AC unit in your bedroom and the other in your living room or home office. Overall, it’s easy to operate and maintain.

What We Liked: This Daikin AC unit produces 21000 BTUs which is the largest out of the three air conditioners we’ve reviewed. The AC has a SEER ration of 18.9 and covers 1000 square feet making it perfect for larger rooms.

You’ll love how streamlined the two indoor units are and the outside AC is easy to mount. Since there are two indoor units you’ll receive an extra remote control to operate your AC systems.

What Could Be Better: The only downsides to this Daikin AC unit are the short warranty period and how difficult it is to install. Get a professional to assist you with installations if you are unsure how to mount your AC/HV correctly.

What are our favorite features?

  • Comes with two indoor units and controls
  • 21000 BTUs
  • SEER ratio of 18.9
  • Indoor units weigh 20lbs
  • Outdoor units weigh 75lbs

What could be better?

  • Short warranty period
  • Difficult to install

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Things to Consider

In our buyer’s guide, we’ll help you select the best Daikin air conditioner by giving you information on what features and specs to look for. It’s important to read this section carefully so you know what high-quality AC/HV system you need for the size of your room.

Why Daikin?

Daikin has been in the air con industry for over 90 years so the construction of the brand’s AC/HV systems is durable and they work efficiently. What’s more, asthma and respiratory foundations around the world approve Daikin’s air conditioners.

Some Daikin units such as the FTXS09LVJU model have integrated sensors that will switch AC systems into power saving mode when movement hasn’t been detected in a room. The power saving mode allows you to save on electricity bills every month.

Daikin includes microbial filtration systems inside their AC/HV units so they produce clean air. Dust, mold and other types of contaminants won’t come through your Daikin unit making it more environmentally friendly.

It’s important to have remote controls that allow you to adjust the temperatures of your Daikin unit easily. Some models such as the FTX12NMVJU have a smart connection so you can turn your unit on remotely. As you can see there are many benefits that the Daikin air cons provide.

Features to consider when choosing a Daikin conditioner

When selecting a Daikin air con you must first look at the features of the unit. Look at the types of AC/HV systems you can buy from the brand as well as the BTUs and SEER it produces. In this next section, we’ll be discussing all the features of a Daikin unit so you can pick the one you feel is best suited for your room.


There are six types of air conditioners that you can get on the market. Let’s go through them here:

Ductless mini split: If you have a house that doesn’t have ductwork then the ductless mini split air conditioners will work for you. These systems combine an outdoor compressor and condenser with indoor AC/HV units.

The ductless mini split units are mounted onto walls with blowers attached to them. Subsequently, tubing is used to connect the indoor units with outdoor ones. These ductless units are easy to install and won’t cause damage to your property when mounted.

If you’re looking for a ductless unit then pick the Daikin FTXB12AXVJU It’s a mini split unit that works well for offices, bedrooms and living rooms. On the other hand, if you’re looking for another type of ductless unit look for Daikin split AC best model online.

Central air conditioner: A central AC/HV unit has a compressor, condenser and evaporator mounted on a rooftop. Ducts are connected to the outside unit and run through the exterior wall of a building to draw air inside your house.

Natural gas or heating coils can be used with these units to produce hot air. These AC/HV systems are suitable for large buildings because they’re designed to heat up more than one room.

Portable units: A Portable AC/HV system can be moved around the house easily from one room to another. These portable units come with cables that must be plugged into outlets to operate.

Window air conditioner: An air conditioner that attaches to a window is only suitable to adjust the temperatures in one room. Components are enclosed in a box with a thermostat gauge that’s mounted onto a window frame. Search for Daikin best AC window units online to find one for your office or bedroom.

Geothermal heating and cooling: These AC systems draw heat from underground and transfers it into your home. A geothermal coil is installed in the ground to produce either hot or cold air into the home. The geothermal units are more sustainable than other AC/HV units because of the way it extracts and distributes heat.

Hybrid units: A hybrid air conditioner alternates between using electricity and burning fossil fuels to operate. During summer the unit’s heat pump draws heat from your home and releases it outside. In winter the air con draws heat from outside and releases it into your home.


There are various units of measurements that are used to determine what the AC/HV system can produce. Let’s go through the various units of measurement in this next section:

BTUs: The acronym BTU stands for British thermal unit. This measurement is used to determine the amount of heat that’s required to increase the temperature of one pound of water by 1°F.

An air conditioner with a higher BTU rating is more powerful because it increases the temperatures of a large room faster. If you want an AC with a higher BTU rating then opt for the Daikin FTXS09LVJU This air conditioner has a BTU rating of 21000 so it’s ideal to use in colder climates.

CFM: This stands for Cubic Feet per Minute and it’s also referred to as airflow. The unit of measurement determines how much air a fan inside an AC system can move. You need 1 CFM per square foot for the AC system to cool down the size of the room effectively.

SEER: The seasonal energy efficiency is the ratio of cooling the AC system can produce divided by the energy it uses in watt-hours. A higher SEER rating is more energy efficient during the winter and summer months. Therefore pick a unit that has a higher SEER ratio such as the Daikin FTX12NMVJU model because it has a rating of 19.

EER: This stands for energy efficiency ratio and is similar to SEER. This ratio is used to determine the efficiency of window units instead of larger AC systems.

Coverage area

When shopping for an air con you must make sure that it can heat or cool down a room based on the measurements of the area. Determine the size of your room first before buying your unit.

Daikin air cons will state the size of the room it will work for. If you have a large space consider buying the Daikin FTXS09LVJU air conditioner because it has a coverage area of 1000 square feet.

If you simply want to control the temperatures in smaller rooms the Daikin FTXB12AXVJU model is an excellent choice because it has a coverage area of 550 square feet.

Fan speed and cooling

Most air conditioners allow you to control the speed of the integrated fan. On days when there’s low humidity run the fan at a higher speed to cool down the temperatures in a room quicker. Use fan mode when you want to conserve energy because it will circulate air instead of using the compressor to lower temperatures.

Operation modes

All Daikin air conditioners come with remote controls so you can switch between all the modes on your AC/HV system. All air cons have heat, cool, fan and auto modes.

Some units have digital displays that will tell you which mode it’s on and the speed of which the fan is running. If you want to change modes simply use your remote or the control panel on the wall.


Before you purchase your Daikin air con ensure it’s not too big for your wall. Fortunately, the Daikin AC systems are streamlined so they won’t take up much space in your room. You must also select a unit that’s big enough for the room you want to use it in.

Small AC/HV systems in a large room won’t be able to cool or heat up the area effectively.

Large units for smaller areas may adjust the temperatures quicker in the area. So ensure your unit is the correct size for the room you want to install it in.


The weight of your AC/HV unit is important because your wall’s structure may not be able to handle heavy weight. Select an air con that’s lightweight so that’s it’s easy to mount and that won’t damage the structure of your wall over time.

Noise level

Some air cons are extremely noisy especially when you switch it to fan mode. The ideal decibels for residential areas is 40dbl and lower when it comes to air cons. Fortunately, the best Daikin AC systems have silent operations so it won’t cause a ruckus that will annoy you or your neighbors.


How long is the warranty for a Daikin conditioner?

All Daikin air conditioners come with a five-year warranty that covers parts and labor for multi split, split & ducted AC/HV units. So if you pick the Daikin FTXB12AXVJU model on our review list for your home, you’re guaranteed replacements or repairs on your unit within the five year warranty period if you need it.

How do I maintain an air conditioner?

The Daikin air cons mentioned in our review list must be maintained regularly. It’s recommended that you clean out the filter every two weeks with a vacuum cleaner or by washing it with water. If you opted for a Daikin unit with a cooling fan you must clean this component regularly too so your unit always circulates clean air.

Alternatively, removing the receiver is another option. However, you may need to hook the product to the house wiring. This will allow for manual operation where you can use the fan with a pull chain.

Our Verdict

So which do you think is the best Daikin air conditioner? To help you pick one of our top three units lets summarize what we liked about them the most. For our editor’s choice with a rating of 10 we have selected the Daikin FTXB12AXVJU, it produces 12000 BTUs and has a SEER of 17.

hat’s more, the powerful operation mode allows you to boost your heating or cooling for 20 minutes for quick temperature control.

The second unit on our list which is the Daikin FTX12NMVJU model is lightweight and has a rating of 9.8. This AC/HV unit produces 12000 BTUs and has a seasonal energy efficiency ratio of 19.

And the third unit on our list is the Daikin FTXS09LVJU with a rating of 9.7 & it has the best dual system on our list. This Daikin model produces 21000 BTUs and it covers a large 1000 square foot area. We hope our reviews and buyers guide helped you pick the best Daikin air conditioner for your home or office.

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