5 Best Danby Dehumidifiers – Units with the Longest Warranty Options on the Market (Spring 2022)

Moist indoor air is neither good for your home nor for your health. Mold spores and breathing difficulties are the most common side effects of high humidity. To prevent these problems, you can set up dehumidifiers.

Depending on the size of the room, you should opt for a mobile room dehumidifier or condensation room dehumidifier. Fortunately, these types of models are widely available in Danby’s range of dehumidifying products.

When buying a dehumidifier, pay attention to the dehumidifier performance and air circulation. The higher the values, the better and faster the device works. Don’t be afraid of overflowing: the best Danby dehumidifier models switch off automatically as soon as the tank is full.

Considering the coverage, pint capacity, speeds, filter, lowest operating temperature, power cord, and weight, we have selected five top dehumidifying models from this manufacturer.  Check out our review and comparison table to see which device is the best among the range

Quick Summary

Editor’s Choice: Danby DDR050BJWDB

“Our winning model features. Energy-efficient. Easy to assemble. Effective water removal.”

Best Value: Danby DDR050BLBDB

“To combine the best value for the price, go for this unit. Caster wheels for mobility. Energy Star-rated. Adjustable humidity level.”

Budget Pick: Danby DDR040BJWDB

“To save money but not to lose on quality is possible. 40-pint capacity. Programmable timer. 2-year warranty.”

Best 20 Pint Model: Danby DDR020BJWDB

“This model is for those searching for the smallest model. Portable and compact. Very quiet. Washable filter.”

Best 30 Pint Model: Danby DDR030EBWDB

“If you need to cover an average area this will be your pick. Suitable for a motor home. Has a bucket indicator. Defrosts automatically.”

Top 5 Danby Dehumidifiers Review 2022

1. Danby DDR050BJWDB



Coverage: 3000 sq ft – manufacturer estimation/ 1200 sq ft – optimal

Pint capacity (NTS): 50 pints

Pint capacity: 70 pints

Speeds: 2

Filters: 1

Lowest operating temperature: 41°F

Power cord: 6 ft

Dimensions: 24.25 x 16.14 x 11.81 inches

Weight: 44.31 lbs

The Danby dehumidifier is a two-speed dehumidifier with a coverage area of 3,000 square feet. It provides 50 pints per day of moisture removal. That high moisture removal rate is going to allow this unit to be used in larger rooms. You can use it for applications where the humidity problem is quite severe.

We also like the fact that this Danby unit is Energy Star certified. Note that not all Danby’s models on the market are Energy Star certified. Meanwhile, the model is up to par in terms of energy efficiency.

Another thing that we like about this unit is the built-in pump. The built-in pump version does come with a gravity drainage hose. We also like the fact that this unit comes with a two-year warranty. In comparison, most compressor-based humidifying units come with only a one-year warranty.

However, do keep in mind that the Danby warranty that is included here is a carry-in warranty. What that means is that if some type of service is required, you’re going to have to take the unit to an authorized service center.

Asides the built-in pump and Energy Star rating, it features an On & Off timer, Humidity Display, Automatic Restart, washable filter, and caster wheels for mobility. It can work in a low temperature up to 41°F.

What we liked: The humidifier has a 50-pint capacity. That is at the upper end of Danby’s range and it is a substantial amount of moisture removal per day.

What cons did we manage to find? The humidifier is considerably heavy and can get noisy and disturbing when used in a residential apartment.

2. Danby DDR050BLBDB



Coverage: 3000 sq ft – manufacturer estimation/ 1200 sq ft – optimal

Pint capacity (NTS): 50 pints

Pint capacity: 70 pints

Speeds: 2

Filters: 1

Lowest operating temperature: 41°F

Power cord: 6 ft

Dimensions: 24.45 x 15.59 x 11.54 inches

Weight: 46.08 lbs

The Danby DDR050BJWDB and the DDR050BLBDB (both with 50-pint capacities) are virtually identical in terms of performance capacity. It has an energy-efficient and powerful design that makes it usable in areas up to 1200 sq ft.

The dehumidifier can operate automatically. You just need to set the humidity level you desire (between 35% to 80%). It’s ideal for open basements, large bedrooms, etc.

It has a programmable timer that lets you turn the device on or off in hourly rates up to 24 hours. The device is also rated by EPA’s Energy Star as energy-efficient. It, thus, will help you save money in the long run. It has a Smart Dehumidify mode that senses the humidity level and room temperature.

It then adjusts the humidity automatically based on these conditions. This product also indicates the ambient humidity of the room in the humidity display. There’s also an indicator light that indicates whenever the water tank is filled up.

What makes it stand out? The dehumidifier is feature-rich and energy-efficient. It has a two-speed fan, an air filter that is washable, caster wheels, auto restart, and timing function.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? Asides its heavy weight, there’s nothing wrong with this Energy Star humidifier.

3. Danby DDR040BJWDB



Coverage: 3000 sq ft – manufacturer estimation/ 1000 sq ft – optimal

Pint capacity (NTS): 40 pints

Pint capacity: 60 pints

Speeds: 2

Filters: 1

Lowest operating temperature: 41°F

Power cord: 6 ft

Dimensions: 24.25 x 16.14 x 11.81 inches

Weight: 43.43 lbs

A little bit lower than the performance of the first two models or more expensive dehumidifiers, the Danby 40-pint humidifier is offered at a very affordable price. It is a device that will prove particularly functional for dehumidifying a medium-sized room without investing too much.

The Danby dehumidifier stands out above all for its coverage area of 3000 sq ft coverage area. It can dehumidify 40 pints of air in a day. It will absolutely not be suitable for a very large room.

The maximum size recommended by the manufacturer is 3000 square feet while the optimal coverage area is 1000 square feet. It is therefore useful in a small room, or in a recreational vehicle.

It doesn’t pull as much air as it claims it does, but it is efficient. Leave it in a room for a few days and you will see the difference.

What are our favorite features? Like most high-range Danby dehumidifiers, the 40-pint model features a timer, indicator lights, among other features.

What could be better? The dehumidifier is noisier than it is advertised. When on, you may find it hard to sleep. The water bucket is also awkward. Also, it only shows humidity levels, not temperature.

4. Danby DDR020BJWDB



Coverage: 1500 sq ft – manufacturer estimation/ 400 sq ft – optimal

Pint capacity (NTS): 20 pints

Pint capacity: 30 pints

Speeds: 2

Filters: 1

Lowest operating temperature: 41°F

Power cord: 6 ft

Dimensions: 19.72 x 15.2 x 10.94 inches

Weight: 35.71 lbs

The Danby DDR020BJWDB is one of the smallest humidifier models from Danby but albeit the best 20-pint humidifier from the manufacturer. The device has an automatic shut-off function and a removable front tank.

This is quite reasonable, it will take a few days for the tank to fill if you follow the recommendations on the size of the rooms that the device can dehumidify.

The white color of the product is elegant. Its small size also makes it easier to hide. It’s not too loud, but you’ll still hear it working. Although the overall performance of the product is obviously well below more expensive devices intended for dehumidifying large rooms,

it is perfectly in line with its price range and goals. It is an excellent dehumidifier on a boat, on the go, and in the more intimate rooms of your home.

We recommend it, for example, if you feel like you have trouble sleeping at night and have an allergy. For other uses, it will be necessary to invest in a more powerful device.

Note that although the device is portable and lightweight, it only works on the mains. So it will be essential to have an electrical connection nearby. Without being extremely annoying, it’s a bit of a shame especially for travelers, for whom the possibility of battery operation would have been useful.

What are its best features? Despite its size, portable design, and lower dehumidifying performance, the additional functionalities are not sacrificed. The model is programmable, can be automatically-operated, has an auto restart, caster wheels, multi fan speed, and washable air filter.

What could be better: Emptying the bucket is a bit complicated. Also, the dehumidifier is only for small rooms and RVs.

5. Danby DDR030EBWDB



Coverage: 2000 sq ft – manufacturer estimation/ 800 sq ft – optimal

Pint capacity (NTS): 30 pints

Pint capacity: 30 pints

Speeds: 2

Filters: 1

Lowest operating temperature: 41°F

Power cord: 6 ft

Dimensions: 19.88 x 13.19 x 9.65 inches

Weight: 35.05 lbs

This is a little bit bigger and effective than the 20-pint model. It’s suitable for a regular-sized fifth wheel or motor home we’ve got a 35-foot fifth wheel. It removes humidity from the atmosphere, keeping it anywhere between 35 and 40 percent humidity.

You have to dump the bucket about once a day to clean the dump. It’s not super loud like some of the top models and it doesn’t trip breakers. It has a screen on the back for a dust filter.

The Danby dehumidifier has an automatic shut-off function and a removable tank. To make it work, you just push the power button and it turns on. And then it’ll tell you what the current humidity is.

It has a low fan speed. The device has an indicator light that tells you if the bucket is full and it automatically shuts off when it is full. And then the bucket just pulls out.

What we liked: It’s perfect for the basement, motor home, or an RV. It’s not ugly. It’s elegantly designed, sleek, and does its job effectively. The dehumidifier is also relatively quiet.

What is not ideal about it? The dehumidifier is not suitable for large rooms.

Things to Consider

As its name suggests, a humidifier, also called a saturator, regulates the humidity of a space by providing the amount of humidity desired by the user. Under normal conditions, this humidity level is between 40 and 60%. Below 40%, the air becomes dry and difficult to breathe.

Now that you have chosen to get a humidifier and drawn up a Danby model in your bucket list, in this buying guide, we’ll tell you all you need to know about these devices.

Why choose Danby?

Here are a couple of reasons you should choose to buy Danby humidifiers:

  • Attractive warranty policy: As earlier mentioned, Danby offers one of the longest warranty options on the market. While many brands in the industry only offer around one year warranty on their products, Danby is raising the bar. The manufacturer offers up to 24 months of warranties which covers in-home services, labor, and parts.
  • Long-lasting construction: All Danby devices are designed smartly and ruggedly. In all, you can benefit from smart craftsmanship as well as high performances.
  • Wallet-friendly price: Danby proves that reasonable pricing of devices, high performance, and features can go along. As you can find with the Danby DDR040BJWDB, the average affordable Danby humidifier has almost the functionality of an average high-end humidifier on the market.
  • Feature-rich: All top models from Danby have a range of useful features. These include a programmable timer, indicator lights, multiple speed fans, air filters that are washable, caster wheels, auto restart, among others.

Features to consider when choosing a Danby dehumidifier

What must be considered when choosing the right room dehumidifier? When considering dehumidifiers, there are a few important specifications to keep in mind – pints, square feet, operating temperature, dimensions, and more. A quick overview of these criteria is helpful when shopping:

Coverage area

The coverage area measurement relates to the room for which the dehumidifier was designed. Some devices are only suitable for small rooms or single rooms. Others can be designed for warehouses or entire houses.

This criterion is usually measured in square feet or cubic feet. As you can see in our review of the best Danby humidifiers, the higher the pint capacity of the model, the higher the coverage area.

For example, the 50-pint capacity Danby DDR050BJWDB and Danby DDR050BLBDB both have an optimal coverage area capacity of 1200 square feet. Meanwhile, the 40-pint capacity Danby DDR040BJWDB has an optimal coverage area of 1000 square feet.

Pint capacity and dehumidification performance

The specification of the dehumidification performance can be given in air volume per hour (m³/h) or in water quantity per day (L/24h). This information relates to how much water a room dehumidifier can move on average during an entire working day. This is partly related to size, but it is also a measure of efficiency.

If you want a complete house or basement dehumidifier, you need a heavy-duty device that can remove at least 50 pints of water per day. The collection container should also be considered when making your decision.


While many rely on an active carbon filter, allergy sufferers and asthmatics as well as users with breathing problems should resort to a HEPA filter (high-efficiency particulate air filter). This is particularly effective and, in accordance with regional standards.

The filter must be able to filter out at least 99.95% of all particles that flow through it in the air. This makes them the most effective filter variant for air dehumidifiers on the market. But they are usually a bit more expensive.

However, they are particularly effective against house dust, animal hair, mites, bacteria, and viruses as well as against pollen. So it’s no wonder that allergy sufferers in particular benefit from its use. But it can also be used in the children’s bedroom. Better air quality improves sleep over the long term.

Operating temperature

The temperature with which the dehumidifier works is also relevant. Most dehumidifiers work at temperatures between 45 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Danby dehumidifiers such as the Danby DDR050BJWDB work in temperature levels as low as 41°F.

So they can also be used in unheated basements or garages. When the minimum temperature is reached, most dehumidifiers switch to defrost mode and switch off. Only switch on again when the device has reached its minimum temperature again.


Choose a room dehumidifier with multiple power or speed levels. Not only can the noise level be reduced if necessary (for example at night, during lunch break, etc.), but the energy costs are also adjusted.

In the beginning, the strongest level will of course produce the best performance. But after a few hours, the humidity in the room will be reduced to a normal level. Then, lower performance levels are sufficient to maintain this level.

Controls and other features

More and more dehumidifiers are not only relying on simple operation with “On” and “Off” as the only options. Nowadays, there are models that offer a multitude of more or less useful additional functions. In principle, a higher number of functions also increases the purchase price.

So it’s important to think carefully beforehand what is needed and what can be safely dispensed with. We have summarized the most common additional functions:

Timer function: An integrated timer enables the device to be switched on and off at preset times. For example, it can be ensured that the device runs during the day while you are working and when you have no direct manual access. You can also prevent the dehumidifier from starting at night and waking you or the neighbors.

Hygrostat-controlled automatic: In these versions, an integrated hygrometer constantly measures the humidity of the environment. It enables the device to be switched on and off as soon as a preset room humidity is reached or exceeded. This is particularly helpful where a fixed level of moisture is to be maintained.

App control: Often found in higher-priced devices, a connection to the home WiFi and control via an app is increasingly being made possible. You can not only check the measured values ​​from anywhere. You can also switch the device on and off or receive messages as soon as the water tank is full.

Connection for drain hose: If you are planning continuous operation (for example after water damage), ensure that there is an additional connection for a drainage pipe.

Otherwise, the water tank would have to be emptied several times a day. This would not only be annoying and time-consuming but could often slow down the drying process.

Safety and security

Dehumidifiers use electricity to draw water from the air. Safety measures to prevent water and electricity from coming into contact with one another are therefore important. Nowadays, surge protection and similar functions have long been standard and prescribed by law.

However, other safety criteria should also be observed, especially with dehumidifiers. This helps you avoid unpleasant surprises. Here is an overview of the most important functions:

Automatic overflow protection: This function ensures water does not simply seep out of the water tank and flood the floor. As a rule, this function is now a standard feature, but it does not always work as expected.

IP certification: If a dehumidifier is to be used in the bathroom or garage, for example, IP certification can be important. This guarantees that even splash water does not penetrate the interior and damage the electronics there.

Automatic defrosting function: Most dehumidifiers should not be used in particularly cold rooms. However, some models (i.e. Danby DDR040BJWDB) have been specially designed for unheated rooms. An automatic defrosting function is essential here so that no frost can set in.

Water tank overflows: The water tank should be emptied regularly and the device should have overflow protection.


An important criterion that many buyers hardly pay attention to in advance is the noise generated by air dehumidifiers. At 35 decibels, these are roughly as loud as a normal room fan in the low range. But dehumidifiers can reach up to 65 decibels.

Here, too, the place of use and the immediate surroundings play an important role. For indoor use, especially in the bedroom, you need a very quiet dehumidifier like the Danby DDR020BJWDB or the Danby DDR030EBWDB.

A quiet device should of course be selected for overnight use in the bedroom, while louder models with a timer function are also a more sensible variant. In this case, the dehumidifiers only start when the night is over and you do not wake yourself or the neighbors.

The same also applies to use in the basement, because loud noises are not a problem here during the day. But it should not disturb the entire neighborhood during the night.

Also, loud devices also interfere with concentration and regeneration, which should also be considered before buying.If you want to relax on the sofa in the evening, you don’t need the constant sound of a loud dehumidifier.

Dimensions and weight

Heavy models such as the Danby 50-pint dehumidifiers are suitable for a single location. Meanwhile, if you’re going to use it on the go or in your RV or motor home, you need a portable and lightweight model with 20 to 30 pints capacity. Professional devices even have built-in casters and push or carry handles for better mobility.


What’s the Danby warranty?

Many dehumidifiers sold by Danby have up to two years of warranty. They cover both the spare parts replacement and have a labor guarantee to cover defects that arise during the manufacturing process. The industry standard is one year, although many manufacturers offer more extended warranties.

Are Danby dehumidifiers noisy?

Noise is not a general characteristic of Danby dehumidifiers. Rather, the higher the capacity of the specific dehumidifier, the higher the noise it makes. For instance, the 50-pint Danby dehumidifiers are known to be a bit noisy while the 20-pint and 30-pint models are relatively quiet.

Our Verdict

The Danby dehumidifiers reviewed in this article are the top of the range models. However, trimming the list further down, here is our final verdict.

Our overall best and the Editor’s Choice is the Danby DDR050BJWDB. We chose this dehumidifier as it is a two-speed model with a coverage area of 3,000 square feet. It provides 50 pints per day of moisture removal.

The Danby DDR050BLBDB offers the best value for the money. It is an energy-efficient and powerful design that is usable in areas up to 1200 sq ft. It has a programmable timer which lets you turn the device on or off in hourly rates up to 24 hours

Choose our Budget Pick, the Danby DDR040BJWDB if you want the best Danby dehumidifier at an affordable price. The Danby 40-pint humidifier is a device that will prove particularly functional for dehumidifying a medium-sized room without investing too much.

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