5 Best Electric Heaters for RV – Travel with Comfort in Coldest Weather (Spring 2022)

So, you’re heading off on another RV adventure. Think carefully. Do you have the absolute best and safest gear packed to go? For anyone traveling this way, finding the best electric heater for RV should be on your priority list because you don’t want to catch cold.

You also don’t want to put anyone’s life at risk with low quality equipment. You need affordability but excellent performance and safety features. And that’s what we can assist with on our list of RV heaters.

Below you’ll find reviews based on our research about different models’ warranties to help you buy valuable equipment. You’ll also see dimensions to know whether it will fit your RV space during the day as well as the storage space you have available.

You can also find out about the level of heat you can expect so you know if it’s appropriate for your size RV and the time of year you’ll be traveling. Use our detailed buyers guide to help you understand this market and scan our comparison table for a quick summary of your options. Let’s get you ready for your adventure.

Quick Summary

Editor’s Choice: Mr. Heater F232017 MH9BXRV

“This portable electric heater can be used for inside and outside warming up. 9,000 BTU heat output. Up to 6 hours working time. 225 square feet space heating capacity.”

Best Wall Hung Electric Heater for RV: Heat Storm Wall Gray HS-1000-WX Deluxe

“This wall-mounted electric heater is one of the smartest models on our list. Wi-Fi connection. App-compatible. 3,400 BTU heat output.”

Best Value: Lasko 755320

“Rather compact electric heater that offers great heating parameters for the money. 5,000 BTU heat output. 300 square feet space heating capacity. LED screen.”

Best Infrared Electric Heater for RV: Heat Storm Phoenix Floor to Wall Infrared Space Heater

“Innovative infrared electric heater that can fit on your counter. 5,200 BTU heat output. Wi-Fi connected. 150 square feet space heating capacity.”

Best Oil Electric Heater for RV: De’Longhi EW7707CM

“Classic oil electric radiator that fits perfectly to create cozy atmosphere. 5,000 BTU heat output. LED signals for working process. Smart snap wheels prevent it from rolling away.”

Top 5 Electric Heaters for RV Review 2022

1. Mr. Heater F232017 MH9BXRV

Mr. Heater F232017 MH9BXRV


Dimensions: 14.25 x 9 x 15 in

Type: radiant

Heat: 9,000 BTU

Warranty: 1-year limited

Space: 225 sq. ft

More features: approved for outdoor use, foldable handle, automatic shut-off, propane fuel, up to 6 hrs run time, 1 lb propane cylinder

This is our standout Editor’s choice RV electrical heater and we are impressed by its BTU rating that can be anything between 4000BTU and 9000BTU. With it being able to heat around 200ft² it’s practical for RVs.

This is an extremely practical option for RV use, since the fold down handle makes it more compact. Even the regulator has some smart design features since it can swivel out when needed.

Note that this one does need to be connected to a fuel source, so you’ll need to plan ahead and take enough propane with for your trip to stay warm.

It helps that you don’t have to attach it to a power source, especially if you’re only using solar power. You can use your power reserves for other appliances.

Note that there are limits to where you’ll be able to use it, since it won’t work if you’re higher than 7000ft above sea level.

What we liked: We appreciated the safety level you have with this model since it will stop working if it tips over or even if the O2 levels in the area drops. So, in a small area like the inside of an RV you don’t have to worry so much about everyone’s health, because your heater does it for you. Auto shut off will even kick in if the pilot light is off.

What could be better: Not everyone wants to use fuel for heating, since it’s a less environmentally friendly option.

2. Heat Storm Wall Gray HS-1000-WX Deluxe

Heat Storm Wall Gray HS-1000-WX Deluxe


Dimensions: 13 x 3.6 x 16.5 in

Type: infrared

Heat: 3,400 BTU

Warranty: 1-year limited

Space: 200 sq. ft

More features: LED screen, Wi-Fi connection, guide included, 2 heat settings, 6 ft long cord

You’re going to love this electric heater for travel trailer if you appreciate the latest tech and modern design. There’s a modern LED display that will go into a dark mode after a few minutes, preventing unnecessary power usage. You can even control it via remote and also manage it via Wi-Fi!

The sleek shape will make your RV look impressive inside and of course it helps that it’s wall mounted—you’re not losing any floor space!

Other impressive features include the grill that won’t be hot to the touch, thanks to the material it’s made from. This makes it safe to use in an RV where you have kids running around.

What we liked: If you do use this heater as a standing unit, don’t worry if someone accidentally tips it over. It will shut off, preventing burning and injuries. You’ll also be impressed to know that you’ll probably feel warmer with this unit compared to some others because infrared heat does more than warm the air;

even objects in the RV will heat up, meaning the inside will stay warmer for longer if you do switch if off. We also are fond of how modern it is – you can control all the processes with app.

What could be better: Feet for this model don’t come standard, which makes it less versatile. You need to know how you’ll use it before you buy. You may also find that switching to another Wi-Fi network could be problematic after initial installation.

3. Lasko 755320

Lasko 755320


Dimensions: 8.5 x 23 x 7.25 in

Type: ceramic

Heat: 5,000 BTU

Warranty: 3-year limited

Space: 300 sq ft

More features: 2 heat settings, carrying handle, LED screen, remote control, timer, overheat protection, 6 ft cord

The Lasko 755320 Ceramic Space Heater has become a highly rated heater due to how efficient the product is regardless of its compact size, making this heater perfect for any room big or small and definitely for your RV. No need to light a fire when the Lasko 755320 Ceramic Space Heater can give you the exact temperature you’re looking for.

With it’s easy to control remote control, widespread oscillation, and heat settings, staying warm couldn’t be easier, even when out in the wild or far from civilization.

What we liked: The fact that this heater can not only warm up a room but also has a built-in timer means once it reaches your desired temperature, the heater switches off.

You’ll never have to worry about the RV getting too hot when you can control the temperature with the touch of a button. Overall design of the device also make it a good option for smaller spaces, LED screen and remote control add to the comfort.

What could be better: While this heater is meant to warm up rooms and has a built-in heat protector, the plugs may get extremely hot regardless. It would be a good idea not to use the heater for too long.

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4. Heat Storm Phoenix Floor to Wall Infrared Space Heater

Heat Storm Phoenix Floor to Wall Infrared Space Heater


Dimensions: 18.75 x 4.5 x 12.75 in

Type: infrared

Heat: 5,200 BTU

Warranty: 1-year limited

Space: 150 sq ft

More features: LED screen, Wi-Fi connection, convertible to wall-mounted, 6 ft long cord, 2 heat settings

The Heat Storm Phoenix is the perfect heating solution for bedrooms, offices or your RV. Its small size means it won’t take up much floor space and its lightweight feature makes it the perfect travel partner when in your RV.

The unit has removable legs so it can easily be hung on the wall. There is no need to panic about your kids or pets getting too close, as it is safe to touch.

With two power modes to choose between it’s simple to customize your heating solution to suit your needs. Select between full power mode or red leaf mode that has an output of 1,500 Watt.

The second mode or green leaf mode uses 750 Watt. Specialized HMS technology uses infrared quartz bulbs to maximize heat without reducing the quality of the air.

What we liked: The heater will automatically switch off once it reaches the desired temperature. This unit has more than enough power to heat up a medium to large size room with ease. This makes it very cost efficient. You can easily switch on or change the temperature of the unit remotely or by using the app.

If you have multiple units you can name them on the Wi-Fi app to distinguish between them. It is a very quiet device.

What could be better: The unit needs a stable dedicated power source. If you plug in other devices to the same circuit it may cause the breaker to pop.

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5. De’Longhi EW7707CM

De'Longhi EW7707CM


Dimensions: 5.9 x 13.7 x 24.9 in

Type: oil-filled

Heat: 5000 BTU

Warranty: 3-year limited

Space: 500 sq ft

More features: 3 heat settings, smart snap wheels, 6 ft cord, adjustable thermostat, LED signals

If an oil heater is what you prefer, this De’Longhi EW7707CM is the best small electric heater for RV to consider.

Of course, you’re sacrificing some floor space with this one, since the wheels on the sides also take up space, but it’s a compact design compared to many other oil heaters, so this is a smart option.

Also, the wheels make it easy to move around without carrying a heavy load, and there is value in that since you don’t want to hurt yourself with moving heavy appliances. It’s also able to heat up a considerable area, so you can trust it for larger RVs.

It’s better than using other liquid fuel, since you won’t need to refill oil ever. It’s a sealed unit.

You stay in control since you can pick one of three different heat settings.

Many users will also prefer this one because it’s quiet. While you’re out in nature with your RV it won’t spoil the atmosphere with unnecessary noise.

What we liked: There’s some smart tech involved since it can maintain a consistent temperature, preventing unnecessary power usage. This device is really easy to move around and due to snap wheels, it will stay in place. Heat level can be easily adjusted and the heated area capacity is very impressive.

What could be better: It’s quite heavy and the surface of the fins will be hot, making it less safe for kids.

Things to Consider

Not sure which one of our RV electric heater options to pick? Keep reading because our buying guide will make you a pro on the subject. We share on topics and answer some frequently asked questions.

All important information is here in one article. We’ll cover all you need to know to make an informed decision and enjoy your RV trips even more.

How RV space heaters differ from the rest

When you’re thinking of getting a heater for your RV, usually you can’t simply take the heater you use in your bedroom to warm up. You need a smaller unit, which won’t take up too much space. Also, you need it portable because you may want to use it inside and outside the mobile home.

That’s what makes RV space heaters so special: they’re practical to use anywhere around your RV living space, while being powerful enough to heat up that size room. It’s also usually safe to touch, which is helpful in an enclosed area where you may often walk past the heater and you don’t want it to burn your skin or clothes.

Safety tips for using electric heaters in RV

Even an extremely safe appliance must be used with utmost caution, so try and teach everyone in your family the following safety tips when working with the heater in and around your RV:

If possible, position a heater at least 3ft from any object that could catch fire

Always make sure it’s stable by placing it on a level, flat surface

The heater shouldn’t be in front of an exit

When the last person leaves the room – or RV – it should be turned off and don’t leave it on while everyone’s asleep

The heater should be plugged into the wall socket itself, rather than an extension cord

Try and place it where there aren’t many people moving about all day

Older children and adults should also work together to keep small children away from the heater, even if it’s safe to touch.

Price range

You’ll find some of the best small electric for RV models, all for under $100. And some are only priced at around $60 so you can tailor your purchase to your budget, without compromising on quality and features too much.

Don’t simply buy based on price however. What’s most important is that your new heater works for your setup and the space you have available.

How to pick the best electric heater for RV

Now that you know how important it is to find the best and safest space heater for RV use, let’s help you make that decision! Below we discuss the features you should compare when considering different heater models. This is how you shop like a pro.


Your first point to consider is deciding on a specific type. Not all heater types will work in all scenarios. For example, if you use a heater outside but you don’t have a safe power outlet near where you want to use it, you’ll need one that doesn’t require a power cord.

This is where one connected to a propane tank may come in handy. So, you see you need to consider your usage of this appliance before simply buying one.

The types you’ll consider include the following:

Oil filled: This is like the De’Longhi EW7707CM on our list and an attractive point is that it’s low maintenance. It’s sealed so the oil can’t leak. You’ll need to connect it to a power outlet.

Propane space heaters: These don’t require electricity to work but you’ll need to have enough propane resources to keep it running. The propane may be heavy even if the heater itself is light.

Ceramic types: A ceramic heater is often chosen because the heat output is high. They can also be quite compact

Electric: Obviously these ones will need electricity to work, so consider where the cord will run so you don’t create unnecessary hazards for those walking around. There are convection heaters and panel heaters available.

People love them because they’re powerful, but make sure you have enough electricity. For example, if you’re using solar these may draw a lot of your daily available power and it will be difficult to manage all your appliances.

Infrared: These are attractive options since they heat objects instead of only air.

Heaters with fans: If your goal is to keep the inside of the RV comfortable you need the air to circulate so the entire area becomes warmer. That will make a fan-forced heater very valuable.

Safety features

It won’t help if your new appliance creates a safety hazard for everyone on your RV trip. And when working with electrical items there’s always a chance of fire. Luckily you’ll find safety features on most of the best electric heater for travel trailer options, as can be seen on the Mr. Heater F232017 MH9BXRV.

You’ll want auto shut off features if the heater is accidentally kicked over or topples when someone moves it. If you have small children a heater with a surface that won’t become scalding hot is an excellent characteristic.

Also look at the safety guidelines the manufacturer provides. For example, some units shouldn’t be used with an extension cord. These tips are wise to keep in mind so you keep your people safe.


If you’re expecting a lovely warm night inside your RV you won’t be impressed if the new heater barely heats up the space. This is why you should look at its capabilities to ensure it can warm up the size room that’s similar to your RV. If you have a larger RV, you want a more efficient heater.

You can also look at how exactly the environment is affected by the heater. For example, a unit like the Heat Storm Wall Gray HS-1000-WX Deluxe will warm the air but also the objects like furniture in the room.

This will trap the heat inside the room longer after you switch off the heater, ensuring a cozy atmosphere while you’re sleeping. This is a more efficient option than simply heating up the air, which will circulate and be replaced with cold air soon.

Efficiency also refers to how much electricity or fuel it will need to keep you warm. Make sure it’s still affordable and that you’ll have that much power available. This is an important consideration if you’re running appliances on solar power. You don’t want your heater using up all the electricity.


You can look at how powerful the unit is in terms of how much heat you can expect. This is measured in BTU (British Thermal Unit) and if it offers around 5000 BUTs, you’ll comfortably heat up 150ft². For up to 300ft² you’ll need 7000BTUs. So, buy your heater with your specific RV’s dimensions in mind.


It’s always important to look at the guarantee of your appliances, so you know if you’ll have long term value from your unit. A guarantee shows how much faith a manufacturer has in its product’s durability.

With the best RV electric heater options, 1 year is an industry standard, but on some, like the De’Longhi EW7707CM you can even get 3 years’ cover.

Dimensions and weight

If you’ve ever packed an RV you know how important it is to think ‘space saving’. It’s no different when you’re shopping for your electric heater because you need a safe space to store it.

Once you take it out you don’t want it to rob you of too much floor space and you have to position it far enough from other objects. So, measure out your RV so you know what size will be suitable.

A wall mounted unit is an excellent option to save floor space. Just measure available wall space so you know there’s a spot to install it.


Noise may not be the most important feature, but you definitely don’t want your heater preventing you from having a conversation. Too much noise can also ruin the experience of staying in an RV out in nature, so silent is often the best option.

Many of these RV heaters can run quietly, such as oil heaters. But if your heater has a fan feature there’s always a chance of unwanted noise, so read up on reviews to determine how others experience the noise level.

Extra features

With technology improving all the time, your heater can now be a high-tech gadget. It may not always be a necessity, but these extra features definitely make your RV experience more luxurious:

  • Switch settings via a remote control so you don’t even have to get up
  • Connect the heater to your Wi-Fi and control its settings remotely via an app
  • A propane heater that monitors oxygen levels is both helpful and safer
  • An LCD control panel makes it easy to control even in low light conditions


Is it safe to use a space heater in an RV?

The level of safety when using a space heater in an RV is mostly determined by how you use it. It’s never 100% safe to use a hot, electrical appliance near items that can ignite and there are many components that can cause a fire, from electrical cabling to propane.

You need to put measures in place to keep everyone safe. Also ensure you don’t overload the electrical system and wiring.

How do you keep an RV warm in the winter?

Apart from using one of the best and safest space heater for RV models to keep warm, you can insulate your RV so it doesn’t easily lose heat or get affected by the outside cold. Insulate windows with thermal curtains and add rugs to the floor.

RV users also find a lot of success by using RV skirts and why not add an electric blanket to your bed. Some of the heat will help keep the inside environment warm.

How to clean electric RV heater?

It is important to keep your RV heater clean, because you don’t want dust and other particles lowering its level of performance. You also don’t want lint becoming a fire hazard. Always make sure the heater is off and unplugged from the power source.

Dust it off and wipe it down with a damp cloth in the areas where there’s no chance of moisture getting inside the unit. Make sure it’s dry before switching it on again.

Our Verdict

Your next RV trip can be even more amazing than your last and you can venture to colder areas without fearing the cold. That’s your new reality when you pick our Editor’s Choice, the Mr. Heater F232017 MH9BXRV. It’s super powerful and compact with its components that fold away.

Some may prefer the Heat Storm Wall Gray HS-1000-WX Deluxe, especially if you don’t want to use propane. This one has the added benefit of sitting on the wall so you won’t lose valuable floor space inside the compact area of your RV.

Of course, our Best Value item, the Lasko 755320 gives you value for money and it’s one of the best electric heater for RV options when your RV is small. Its footprint is very small, even though it’s not a wall fixture. Added to that is the valuable 3-year warranty cover.

There’s something for every RV enthusiast. Which one will travel with you from now on?

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