5 Best Fujitsu Mini Split Systems – Powerful Units for Optimal Temperature in any Room! (Spring 2022)

Are you tired of being too cold or too warm? A mini split is the perfect solution for many types of spaces. It allows you to easily control the temperature in individual rooms.

If you want to get the best performance, you must check Fujitsu mini split heat pumps. This company offers a great range of mini splits available, so everyone will be able to find a suitable solution.

To help you make your choice easier, we’ve completed our extensive Fujitsu mini split reviews.What should you look for in a Fujitsu mini split system? Nominal heating and cooling power are going to be the most important features because they determine the area it can cover.

After that, you’ll want to look at the efficiency with the SEER rating, the compressor motor power requirements, and the dimensions of both the indoor and outdoor units. Stick with us, and by the end of this article, you’ll know which Fujitsu mini split is the best for you. Let’s get started!

Quick Summary

Editor’s Choice: Fujitsu 15,000 BTU Mini Split (15RLS3)

“An outstanding system with a 24-hour timer, dry and sleep modes, and an energy-saving program. It features impressive efficiency. 25.3 SEER rating. 14,500 BTU cooling and 18,000 BTU heating power. Various functions and remote control.”

Best Value: Fujitsu 12,000 BTU Mini Split (12RL2)

“If you are looking for an affordable option, try this system with inverter technology and quiet operation. 29.3 SEER rating. 12,000 BTU cooling and 16,000 BTU heating power. Simple to install.”

Premium Pick: Fujitsu 36,000 BTU Mini Split (36RLXB)

“This is an incredibly powerful model that comes with an apple catechin filter, 4-way louvers, and auto mode. 15.5 SEER rating. 33,000 BTU cooling and 34,000 BTU heating power. Excellent for large rooms.”

Best 24000 BTU: Fujitsu 24,000 BTU Mini Split (24RLXFW)

“A fantastic Fujitsu mini split system that boasts apple catechin and ion deodorizing filters to improve the air quality. 18.0 SEER rating. 24,000 BTU cooling and 27,600 BTU heating power. Near-silent operation.”

Best 9000 BTU: Fujitsu 9,000 BTU Mini Split (9RL2)

“For those who want a unit for smaller areas, we recommend this model with automatic airflow adjustment. 16.0 SEER rating. 9,000 BTU cooling and 10,000 BTU heating power. Multiple modes and remote control.”

Top 5 Fujitsu Mini Split Systems Review 2022

1. Fujitsu 15,000 BTU Mini Split (15RLS3)

Fujitsu 15,000 BTU Mini Split (15RLS3)


SEER rating: 25.3

Nominal cooling: 14,500 BTU

Nominal heating: 18,000 BTU

Compressor motor power: 1,000 W

Indoor unit size: 37″ x 11-5/8″ x 10-5/8″

Outdoor unit size: 31-1/8″ x 24-7/16″ x 13-7/8″

More features: energy-saving program, sleep timer, 24-hour timer, dry mode, Energy Star rated

At 15,000 BTU, this Fujitsu ductless mini split will be ideal for areas of approximately 750 square feet. It’s able to do this with a power level of 1,000W, and therefore, it’s not going to be too heavy on your energy bills. Despite that, the heating and cooling performance are great enough for a wide variety of spaces.

The SEER rating of 25.3 here is very impressive and shows it has an excellent level of efficiency. That rating is almost double the minimal standard. Along with the raw performance, there are plenty of additional features available with timer functions that allow you to get the perfect environment. There is also an energy-saving program for even further savings.

What makes it stand out? The level of control you have over this mini split is fantastic, and it’s all done easily via the remote. It’s ideal for medium-sized spaces, and that energy efficiency is really impressive. It’s impressive value for money, and those ongoing costs will be fairly low.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? Before buying this heater, it’s a good idea to check the dimensions of your space. For some, it may not quite have the level of power required. It’s not suitable for large spaces, but for plenty of rooms, this is perfect.

2. Fujitsu 12,000 BTU Mini Split (12RL2)


SEER rating: 29.3

Nominal cooling: 12,000 BTU

Nominal heating: 16,000 BTU

Compressor motor power: 850 W

Indoor unit size: 37″ x 11-5/8″ x 10-5/8″

Outdoor unit size: 31-1/8″ x 24-7/16″ x 13-7/8″

More features: energy-saving program, remote control with multiple modes, timer, quiet operation, inverter technology

If you’re looking for something for a smaller space, the Fujitsu 12000 BTU mini split could well be the perfect solution. At that level of power, it will be an ideal match for any space of around 500 square feet. That is still a fairly wide area, despite this being lower down on the power scale.

Fujitsu mini split air conditioners are known for being highly efficient, but the SEER rating of 29.3 here takes that to the next level. All of that comes from a compressor motor that needs just 850W of power. The indoor unit is 37” wide while having an approximate height and depth of 11”.

What are its best features? The main thing that grabs you here is that efficiency. You get the exact heating and cooling you need but at a minimal cost. Installation is fairly simple, and the remote control gives you all the functionality you’d ever want from one of these units. Overall, it’s a very impressive mini split.

What could be improved? With this being on the lower end of the power range, you’d expect it to be a fairly compact model, but it’s similar in size to the much more powerful units. It’s best to measure the space you intend on installing it beforehand.

3. Fujitsu 36,000 BTU Mini Split (36RLXB)

Fujitsu 36,000 BTU Mini Split (36RLXB


SEER rating: 15.5

Nominal cooling: 33,000 BTU

Nominal heating: 34,000 BTU

Compressor motor power: 2,100 W

Indoor unit size: 39-5/16″ x 12-5/8″ x 9″

Outdoor unit size: 35-7/16″ x 32-11/16″ x 15-3/4″

More features: apple catechin filter, wired or wireless remote, Energy Star rated, sleep timer, auto mode, 4-way louvers, auto changeover

Here, we see a more powerful Fujitsu mini split system capable of producing up to 36,000 BTU. It’s brilliant for much wider spaces and is be able to heat or cool whole floors. At that level of power, it will be able to cover over 2,500 square feet of space.

The Fujitsu 36000 BTU mini split has plenty else to offer than just high power. There is a range of functions available, and it can all be worked via remote control. It’s Energy Star rated and comes with a SEER rating of 15.5.

Why is it special? This unit is the ultimate in power. Not only can it cover a vast area, but it will change the temperature very quickly. It’s able to do this while remaining very quiet without any annoying buzz. It’s easy to control, and you can set the timer when needed.

What are the flaws? It’s perhaps to be expected with the high power level, but this isn’t as efficient as other models. The SEER rating of 15.5 means that it’s going to be a little more expensive to run.

4. Fujitsu 24,000 BTU Mini Split (24RLXFW)

Fujitsu 24,000 BTU Mini Split (24RLXFW)


SEER rating: 18.0

Nominal cooling: 24,000 BTU

Nominal heating: 27,600 BTU

Compressor motor power: 2,100 W

Indoor unit size: 38-9/32″ x 12-19/39″ x 8-31/32″

Outdoor unit size: 35-3/8″ x 32-3/4″ x 15-3/4″

More features: wired or wireless remote, apple catechin filter, ion deodorizing filter, 4-wat auto louvers, low ambient cooling, cold prevention, sleep timer

If 36,000 feels like a bit much to you, then the 24,000 BTU on this Fujitsu mini split heat pump could be the perfect match. That power level means this Fujitsu mini split will be ideal for areas around 1,500 square feet.

The Fujitsu mini split heat pump has a SEER rating of 18.0, and the compressor motor requires 2,100 watts of power. It comes with both an apple catechin filter and an ion deodorizing filter to make air clean and pleasant.

Why did it make our list? The power level of this model is impressive and is ideal for those homes or areas that are open-plan. It’s not going to bother you with any sound, and you get all the perfect air quality with its brilliant filters.

What is not ideal about it? We have noticed that a few users have noted some quality control issues with defective products on delivery. Thankfully, these devices are backed by a long warranty, so any issue can be quickly resolved.

5. Fujitsu 9,000 BTU Mini Split (9RL2)

Fujitsu 9,000 BTU Mini Split (9RL2)


SEER rating: 16.0

Nominal cooling: 9,000 BTU

Nominal heating: 10,000 BTU

Compressor motor power: 700 W

Indoor unit size: 32-9/32″ x 10-5/16″ x 8-1/8″

Outdoor unit size: 26″ x 21-1/4″ x 13-27/32″

More features: remote control, automatic airflow adjustment, auto/cool/dry/fan/heat modes, program timer, powerful mode, auto changeover, low ambient, cold prevention

If your power needs aren’t as great, then this 9,000 BTU model can be all you need. With that amount of power, it covers a maximum room size of up to 400 square feet. That’s still significant, and you get the benefit of this being the cheapest model out there.

A benefit of that BTU rating is that it only requires 700W of power, so it runs quietly. It still has all the functions you’d want with the remote control, a range of different modes, and timer.

Why is it special? The smaller size makes this easy to install in many different rooms. Even though it’s smaller and cheaper than other Fujitsu models, you don’t lose anything in terms of functionality. You also get the benefit of the almost noiseless operation.

What are the flaws? The power level isn’t high, but you need to realize that before purchasing. Also, despite this being a smaller model, the SEER rating isn’t as impressive as on other Fujitsu mini splits.

Things to Consider

Getting a mini split is a significant investment. Due to that, it’s important that you’re not wasting your money on the wrong type for you. The most important feature will be the power, but there is also plenty of other things to think about.

Due to this, we thought it was the best idea to write a buying guide to give you all the info to make the right decision. To help you with your choice, we’ll go through all the key features and explain the terminology we’ve already seen. If you’re still in any doubt, then hopefully, our FAQs section will clear that up for you.

Advantages of Fujitsu mini split heat pumps

There are many great reasons to get a mini split, and here, we’ll look at the main ones.

  • Discreet installation – The indoor unit is going to be placed near the ceiling, and the other unit will be outside. This means that installation can be discreet, and your unit won’t be an eyesore. They also give you plenty of versatility, as you can install them anywhere.
  • Maintaining temperature – Due to the level of control over these mini splits, you can ensure that you always have the perfect environment for you. This means you aren’t constantly changing the settings, as can be the case with other heating systems.
  • Silent operation – It’s important to note that not all mini splits are quiet. When you get a high-quality model, such as one of those we’ve looked at here, you get the benefits of a powerful system with a minimum of noise.
  • Improve air quality – With their internal filters, these mini splits will also cut down air pollutants and improve the air quality. It’s a feature some heating/cooling systems don’t have.

How to pick the best Fujitsu mini split

When buying a Fujitsu mini split, you know that you’ll be getting a supreme level of quality that you can rely on. It means that these mini splits have a lot in common, but there are also some key differences.

The biggest difference will be in power level, and it’s essential to know the rough square footage of the area you want to heat. After that, factors such as the functions, efficiency, and dimensions are going to be crucial.

As we go through all the key features here, it’s a good idea to make a note of how important they are to you. By the end, you should have a clear idea of what you need.


British Thermal Units are used to measure heating and cooling power in AC systems. All you need to know is that the larger the room you have, the more powerful unit you’ll need. You’ll see two separate ratings of both nominal cooling and heating to denote its power in both aspects.

A small room of around 200 square feet may only need 6,000 BTU’s, whereas a large 1500 square foot space may need a unit that can produce around 24,000 BTU’s, such as the Fujitsu 24,000 BTU Mini Split (24RLXFW).

It’s a good idea to get a rough measurement of your room and choose a system to match that. If in doubt, it’s always wise to get a more powerful unit.

SEER rating

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, and it is a measure of how efficient the unit is going to be. It aims to simulate a typical season and shows you energy savings that can be made. The higher the number is, the more you can save, with the most efficient commercial machines reaching a SEER of around 30.

There is a minimum standard now in place of 13 SEER, so all the machines you see now will be at or above that level. A SEER of around 16 is brilliant, and it will give you high efficiency. Anything above that, such as the 29.3 on the Fujitsu 12,000 BTU Mini Split (12RL2), is amazing to provide that money economy in the long run.

Compressor motor power

As well as the heating and cooling power output, you need to know how much power these units will require. This will have a large impact on the overall cost of the unit and also how it will be installed. This will be measured in watts, but you also need to consider the voltage required.

Most US homes are limited to 120V, and this is fine for smaller mini splits that don’t require a huge level of power. Some units might require 240V, which most outlets aren’t capable of. In these instances, you’ll either need to get a specific outlet for this or hardwire the unit. This will often require professional installation.

Split system dimensions

Before buying your split system, you need to know where you are going to place it and if you have enough space. Prior thought needs to go into the installation. These are called split systems as you have the outdoor compressor/condenser and indoor air-handling unit.

The indoor units are usually fairly compact and can be placed near to the ceiling. This keeps them out of the way and gives you plenty of flexibility in terms of placement. Since the compressor/condenser unit is usually a lot bigger, but as it will be outside, the dimensions are rarely an issue.

Remote control

The remote control is going to make your life a lot easier. These units have plenty of functions, and you want to be able to adjust the mini split to your needs. All of the models that we’ve looked at here, including the Fujitsu 24,000 BTU Mini Split (24RLXFW), come with remote control are all very easy to use.

Other types of mini split systems without a remote control are much harder to use, and you won’t have the same level of comfort provided.

Modes and timer

There are various modes that you’ll see on these devices. Many people love to have timers that you’ll see on the likes of the Fujitsu 15,000 BTU Mini Split (15RLS3), which give you full control over the unit.

Other features help keep you comfortable, such as automatic airflow adjustment, auto/cool/dry/fan/heat modes, low ambient, and cold prevention. The Fujitsu 9,000 BTU Mini Split (9RL2) has all these features and the ultimate level of control.

What else can be important?

As well as the key specifications, there are a few other features to look out for. The design deserves some consideration as you want to make sure it fits in your room. Also, the filter can be a key feature. It allows you to have high-quality air, and it’s worth checking how much replacement costs.

It’s crucial to check the noise level. If you’re getting a loud hum, that can be very annoying.

Thankfully, all the mini splits that we’ve looked at here can remain near silent. It’s a feature of all Fujitsu models that even the outdoor unit makes very little noise.


The prices that we have looked at here range from around $1,000 to $4,000. As you can imagine, the price here is going to have a direct correlation to the power level. The most expensive unit is the Fujitsu 36,000 BTU Mini Split with its immense coverage, and at the bottom end of the scale, we have the Fujitsu 9,000 BTU Mini Split.

Between those figures, you get models such as the Fujitsu 15,000 BTU Mini Split, which is priced at around $2,200.

All of these are fairly priced for their power level and offer impressive value for money.


Is it hard to install a Fujistu mini split?

Unless you are highly competent in DIY and are used installing units with refrigerant lines, it can be quite tricky. For most people, installing one of these models is going to be well above their skill level, which is why it’s usually recommended to call a professional.

As these systems are ductless, paying for installation shouldn’t be that expensive. An expert will connect the two units in the most efficient manner while being able to feed through the refrigerant lines, drain line, and electric line. These units are a significant investment, and therefore, it makes sense to have perfect installation.

Do Fujitsu mini split heat pumps come with a warranty?

Yes, these systems come with a fairly long warranty with individual parts often covered separately. The Fujitsu 15,000 BTU Mini Split, for example, comes with a 7-year compressor warranty and a 5-year warranty on parts. Larger models often come with a 6-year compressor warranty with 2-years on parts.

You also have the opportunity to get an extended warranty if your unit is installed by a licensed contractor. Systems that have been registered and installed by an ‘Elite Contractor’ will have a 12-year warranty on both the compressor and parts.

How will a Fujistu mini split system affect my electricity bill?

Mini split systems are highly efficient due to their use of refrigerants and fans. It makes them much cheaper to run than traditional heating systems, and also, you have that benefit of cooling than required.

Most systems will only cost around $50-$100 to run monthly when constantly running. The exact cost is, of course, going to depend on the power requirements of the unit and the climate you are in.

Our Verdict

All these five Fujitsu mini splits we’ve looked at are fantastic and will be able to give you epic performance. We think the Fujitsu 15,000 BTU Mini Split is a clear winner here thanks to its power output and useful functions.

If you are interested in getting something more affordable, we recommend the Fujitsu 12,000 BTU Mini Split. It offers decent power while being very efficient.

Are you looking for more power? The Fujitsu 36,000 BTU Mini Split can be perfect for your needs while not being too cumbersome.

We hope that our Fujitsu mini split reviews helped you find the right option. Once you choose a suitable model, you’ll love living in a comfortable environment while enjoying all the features these Fujitsu machines can offer.

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