7 Best Low Profile Ceiling Fans for Small Living Spaces (Spring 2022)

Just because you have a small room and a low ceiling doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a cool breeze from a fan on a hot afternoon or night. You can opt for the best lowiprofile ceiling fan with various features that will suit your space well. A low-profile ceiling fan is short and small, and it can be hung below 12 inches. They come in variable brands and styles that choosing one can be one hell of an experience.

We rounded up the best rated low-profile ceilings to help you make the right choices. Some of the features we considered in our reviews include variable speed, fan height and size, controls, durable LED light bulbs, and warranty. The features determine the overall performance of the fan and durability. For instance, you must consider the fan’s height and size to get the best fit for your space and ceiling.

Quick Summary

  • Editor’s Choice: Hunter 53069 Indoor Low Profile III Ceiling Fan

“A 52-inch metal ceiling fan featuring a 5-blade design with a simple but highly effective pull-chain control. 9.31” height. Metal construction. 2,852 CFM.”

  • Upgrade Pick: Hunter 59242 Dempsey Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan

“A 52-inch ceiling fan with fully dimmable LED light and multi-speed reversible motor. 2” height. 2,854 CFM. Remote control.”

  • Best 42-Inch Ceiling Fan: Westinghouse Lighting 7221500 Ceiling Fan

“A 42-inch ceiling fan with three MDF blades and a reverse function, perfect for 10’ x 10’ room. 11.75” height. 2,897 CFM. Button control.”

  • Best Contemporary Style Fan: Honeywell 50602-01 Ocean Breeze Contemporary Fan

“This 30-inch fan has a 3-speed reversible motor and a gorgeous design with several beautiful finishes to choose from. 13.66” height. Steel construction. 2-position dual mount.”

  • Best Quiet Operation: Hunter Fan Company 51023 Hunter Conroy

“A gorgeous 42-inch fan with 3-speed motor and dimmable LED lights. 14.32” height. 2,825 CFM. Downrod/flush mount.”

  • Best Design: Hampton Bay AL383LEDBK Ceiling Fan

“An elegant 52-inch fan with a 5-blade design, a durable black matte coating and LED light. 10.32” height. Flush-mount. Reversible control.”

  • Best Value: Prominence Home 80092-01 Alvina Ceiling Fan

“A 42-inch ceiling fan with two sided blades and 3-speed reversible motor, perfect for a small room up to 100 sq. ft. 14.5” height. Two-sided blades. Remote control.”

Top 7 Low Profile Ceiling Fans Review 2022

1. Hunter 53069 Indoor Low Profile III Ceiling Fan


Height: 9.31”

Fan size: 52”

CFM: 2,852

Control: pull chain

Warranty: 1-year limited

Other features: 120V, 65W, metal construction, painted finish, quiet performance, downrod/flush mount, adjustable speed, reversible motor

This scooped the top spot for a couple of reasons. It is a super-sturdy and effective appliance that comes at a fair price point. Plus, Hunter is a renowned brand popular for superior quality fans.

The fan has a 5-blade design with a simple but highly effective pull-chain control that allows you to control it and turn on the lights easily. The fan’s black or white solid wood design will undoubtedly adorn your space.

Interestingly, the fan has an embedded blade feature that allows you to crank up the airflow pretty quickly for more versatile and powerful cooking.

If you have a ceiling that is less than 9 ft, you can make the most out of this fan. What’s more, it stays whisper-quiet, so you can forget about constant overheating at night.

What stands out? This is one of the few low-profile fans out there that have a nearly perfect rating with lots of reviews. The lifetime warranty is the icing on the cake, and you don’t have to break your wallet to get it.

What could be better: the fan has a pretty low CFM air moving rating compared to other Hunter fans. It also doesn’t come with a remote.

2. Hunter 59242 Dempsey Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan


Height: 12.2”

Fan size: 52”

CFM: 2,854

Control: remote

Warranty: lifetime

Other features: 120V, 66.2W, metal construction, fully dimmable LED light, multi-speed reversible motor

This is the ultimate fan for an aesthete that values attractive or good-looking functionality. The fan has a modern, chic design with a beautiful LED light that will brighten your space. It comes in white and classic brown wood variations, so you can pick either that suits your taste.

The hunter fan is carefully designed for low ceilings. You will be able to stay cool and comfortable in your already cramped up space.

Moreover, the fan comes with a wall-mount crate for added convenience during installation. Even more, you get a remote that you can easily use to adjust the speed and light level of the fan.

Another praiseworthy feature of the fan is the multi-speed reversible motor that allows you to reverse speeds for continuous optimal cooling throughout any season.

What do we love it for? with a lifetime warranty, the silent and wobble-free indoor fan is a solid bet. It has an energy-efficient design that makes it the ultimate long-term cooling solution in any home. Its attractive design and ease of installation are also a huge plus. In sum, it is one of the best low-profile ceiling fans with lights out there.

What could be better: Some users have complained that the fan turns the LED Lights on and off randomly.

3. Westinghouse Lighting 7221500 Ceiling Fan


Height: 11.75”

Fan size: 42”

CFM: 2,897

Control: button

Warranty: lifetime (motor), 2-year (all other parts)

Other features: 53W (without light), MDF construction, coverage area of 100 sq.ft, reverse function

If you have a space of about 100sf ft or less and you have been wondering how to stay cool and comfortable when it gets too hot without feeling claustrophobic, this is your best bet. The indoor fan has a powerful motor with a reverse function that makes it ideal for winter and summer. It also boasts a solid gunmetal build and graphite finish blades that will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

The graphite finish gives the fan a classic finish that will elevate your space aesthetically. Also included is an opal frosted glass that contains 2 medium base 8-watt T7 LED bulbs that will illuminate your room.

What are its best features? the small indoor fan is quite the high performer with its top-speed airflow of 2897CFM. It also uses little energy even when the lights are on. With a lifetime warranty and 2 years on some parts, this Westinghouse fan is the low-profile fan that meets every expectation for someone living in a small space.

What could be better: the fan doesn’t come with a remote control, and some users have complained that it is unsteady, especially when pulled down to turn it or the lights on/off.

4. Honeywell 50602-01 Ocean Breeze Contemporary Fan


Height: 13.66”

Fan size: 30”

CFM: n/a

Control: pull chain

Warranty: lifetime

Other features: 120V, steel construction, 2-position dual mount, 3-speed reversible motor, E26 / B10 LED bulbs, for a small room (10ft x 10ft)

Here is a prime choice for amping up your contemporary décor. Honeywell is a popular brand that doesn’t compromise quality, and this contemporary fan is no exception. It lives up to its ocean breeze name with multiple features that work to keep you cool and comfortable.

The fan has a gorgeous design with several beautiful finishes to choose from. Plus, you won’t break a sweat trying to install it, thanks to the 4-inch down rod included in the package.

The most outstanding feature of the fan is its super-quiet 3-speed reversible motor. It has downdraft and updraft modes that offer you optimum airflow.

The traditional pull chains included in the fan allow you to control the temperature of your space easily. It doesn’t feature a remote control, but it is compatible with other Honeywell fan remotes.

What are our favorite features? The fan is a perfect choice for small rooms like the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Its dual finish reversible blades will amp up your décor with striking fashion. Its super-bright LED lights that are dimmable are a huge bonus as you’d be done with the pain of changing bulbs forever.

What could be better: The fan makes some humming noise when on the low and medium modes.

5. Hunter Fan Company 51023 Hunter Conroy


Height: 14.32”

Fan size: 42”

CFM: 2,825

Control: pull chain

Warranty: lifetime (motor), 1-year (all other parts)

Other features: 120V, 56W, metal construction, downrod/flush Mount, 3 speeds

Here is another gem from Hunter, much classier with better value for money. If you have a luxurious classic interior décor, this should be your ultimate pick. The fan comes in 3 different shades, including Bengal, Pewter, and Snow White.

Each of the options has a frosted dome light that will brilliantly illuminate your space. The LED light bulbs are energy-efficient and dimmable, so you will have total control of your space’s ambiance and lighting. The swirl marble glass that covers the LED is quite an aesthetic. It gives elegance and class vibes.

Another huge plus is the whisper-silent reversible motor. It delivers an ultra-quiet performance and a powerful airflow. What’s more, it allows you to change to downdraft mode during winter and to updraft mode during summer.

The fan features a straightforward pull chain control system that allows you to adjust its speed as well as turn it on/off easily.

What are our favorite features? The Hunter Conroy is meant to be used in rooms with low ceilings as it fits flush to the ceiling. It is perfect for the living room, bedroom, or lounge as its classic design adds coziness and warmth to a room while cooling you at the same time.

What could be better: there aren’t as many bad reviews or complaints about this fan so far, except for one user who mentioned that it doesn’t come with clearly descriptive installation instructions, which can be challenging to electrical novices.

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6. Hampton Bay AL383LEDBK Ceiling Fan


Height: 10.32”

Fan size: 52”

CFM: n/a

Control: pull chain

Warranty: lifetime (warranty)

Other features: 120V, 60W, 3-speed reversible control, flush-mount, LED light, mahogany, and black finish.

So, you have a medium-sized room of about 20ft by 20ft and a very low ceiling that makes you wonder if you can have a ceiling fan to cool you down this summer. Well, surprise! This cool 52-inch Hugger ceiling fan fits the bill.

The fan has an elegant 5 blade design with a durable and stylish black matte coating. Its rich mahogany finish will complement any décor style, and you can trust it to last you long, if not a lifetime.

The low-profile fan features an opal frosted dome light fixture. Its LED bulb offers optimum illumination to your living space. Additionally, it has 3 different speed modes to keep you optimally cooled in different types of weather. All this is thanks to the reversible integrated ventilation that allows you to switch the blades’ direction every other season.

Also featured are sturdy hanging controls that allow you to adjust the fan’s settings with ease.

Why is it special? Just a single glance at this fan, and you know you have a hot deal in front of you. It is downright one of the best hugger ceiling fans out there. It offers so much in terms of quality and performance at a modest price tag. Its good looking design would fit in any kind of décor setting.

What could be better: Most users have complained that the fan is a little too loud compared to others within its range.

7. Prominence Home 80092-01 Alvina Ceiling Fan


Height: 14.5”

Fan size: 42”

CFM: n/a

Control: remote

Warranty: lifetime

Other features: steel construction, painted finish, for small room up to 100 sq. ft., 3-speed reversible motor, two-sided blades, flush-mount, LED light.

If you love you a great pennyworth with every single purchase in life, this is your best shot. The fan offers nearly everything the high-end models offer at a very attractive price tag. It is a hugger fan, specially designed for rooms that need extra space.

The fan is adorned by a subtle but slick 5 blade design. The blades have a unique finish on each side that gives the fan an aesthetic appeal. You can get the fan in either modern nickel, farmhouse white, or bronze.

You can use the fan in all seasons, including winter, to spread warm air thanks to its 3-speed reversible motor. It offers you flexible comfort as you will have full control of your space’s temperature and ambiance.

Moreover, the fan has a bright LED fixture that will brighten up your space beautifully. The frosted opal globe light is not only functional but also quite the stunner. Its gorgeous detailing will transform the overall outlook of your space.

What are our favorite features? Despite being a total bargain, this is an excellent fan with an exceptional build quality and top-tier performance. It will keep you optimally cooled at all times thanks to its reversible motor and blades. Plus, installing it is such a breeze as it comes with a hugger mount.

What could be better: Nothing could possibly be better on this fan.

Things to Consider

Choosing the best low profile ceiling fan can be a little tricky, especially if you don’t have enough information about them. This section has a few hints that will help you make the best buy. You will get to know the essential parameters and features that make up a good low profile ceiling fan.

Features to consider when choosing a low-profile ceiling fan

These are the features that any great low-profile ceiling fan must possess.

Fan height

You probably are getting a low-profile ceiling fan because you have a low ceiling or a small living space. When choosing a fan, ensure that it will be at least 7ft off the floor when installed. The best fan height is 12 inches because it will leave ample space between the blades and the ceiling for maximum airflow and circulation.

Fan size

The first thing to consider when choosing a fan size is the size of the room in which you’ll install it. The fan ought not to be too small or too big for the room for it to work efficiently. You need to measure your room’s size then check the size of the fan for optimal results. For correct sizing of a ceiling fan to your room size, be sure to go for anything between 18 and 24 inches of clearance on all sides of the fan.

Number of speeds and maximum CFM

The number of speeds contributes largely to the fan’s flexibility. A fan with more than one speed can be used in all kinds of weather, including winter. It gives you full control of the temperature.

CFM is the standard measurement for the airflow a fan delivers every cubic foot per minute. The higher the CFM, the more efficient the fan is because it can move more air with less wattage. The minimum CFM measurement you should consider is 75cfm/w.

Mounting options

With low hanging ceilings, mounting is a top consideration. There are 2 main mounting options; flush mount and downrod mount. Flush mount is meant for rooms with extremely low ceilings. The ceiling fans are mounted flush to the ceiling without any extra attachment. The Hunter 53069 Indoor Low Profile III Ceiling Fan is a prime example of a ceiling fan with the flush mount option.

On the other hand, downrod mounts are meant for rooms with high ceilings of about 8ft or more. Most ceiling fans feature a downrod, but for extra-tall ceilings, you might have to buy a longer one than the standard ones provided by the manufacturer.


These are a huge bonus. They not only save you from the agony of changing bulbs every now and then but also add an aesthetic appeal to your space. There are 3 main types of lights, halogen, fluorescent, and LED. LED lights consume less energy, and they emit a cool or warm lighting. Halogen lights have a shorter lifespan than LED lights and are ideal for easy-to-reach fans.

Choose a fan with bright, energy-efficient bulbs that will illuminate your space optimally. Some fans like the Hunter 59242 Dempsey Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan even come with fully dimmable lights, allowing you to choose your ambiance.


This is a matter of personal preference. Low-profile ceiling fans come in different designs, and it is up to you to pick a style that will easily blend with or complement your house décor. Some of the most common designs you can choose from including rustic, tropical, antique, and contemporary.

If you have a traditional or vintage interior décor style, consider the antique style ceiling fans. If you have the modern or transitional décor style, then choose the contemporary ceiling fans like the Honeywell 50602-01 Ocean Breeze Contemporary Fan. Rustic ceiling fans are a great choice for the mission, country, and western interiors. Lastly, tropical ceiling fans are ideal for coastal, nautical, and island interiors. They go well with rattan furniture, handcrafted items, natural patterns, and bright colors.

Control options

The most popular control options for ceiling fans are the pull chain, remote, and wall control. Remote control is the most convenient option and is ideal for high ceilings, hard to reach places, and bedrooms. It is also incredibly lightweight and portable.

The pull chain is the most common control option, and it is also pretty straightforward. It is ideal for low-profile ceilings and spaces with low traffic as it should be easy to reach.

Wall control allows you to easily operate the speed, lighting, and direction of a fan with the simple press of a button. It is a perfect option for multi-purpose rooms like kitchens, dining, and the living area.


Just like any other electrical appliance, anything can go wrong with your ceiling fan. Therefore it is imperative to get one with a solid warranty backing. The longer it is, the better; some manufacturers even offer a lifetime backing.


What is the lowest ceiling height for a ceiling fan?

7ft above the floor is the lowest you can hang a ceiling fan on a low ceiling.

Can you adjust the height of a ceiling fan?

Yes. You can use a downrod to adjust the height of your ceiling fan by lowering it.

Our Verdict

The only way to get through the brutally hot summer afternoons is by acquiring the best fan. Choosing one is not a walk in the park, especially with the multiple options on the market. However, this shouldn’t be the case with all the quick tips provided in this guide. Our curated product list should also help you make the best choices.

Our top recommendation is the Hunter 53069 Indoor Low Profile III ceiling fan. It is the best fan you can get for your extremely low ceiling or small living area. It boasts a durable metal construction and a whisper-silent performance. Its reversible motor and adjustable speeds set it apart from the rest. Our premium choice, the Hunter 59242 Dempsey Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan, stood out because of its elegant design, dimmable LED Lights, and multi-speed reversible motor.

Our third best option was the Westinghouse Lighting 7221500 Ceiling Fan. Its unique MDF construction went unmatched. It is also energy efficient as it uses only 53 watts when the lights are off. Its decent CFM and lifetime warranty distinguished it as one of the best low-profile ceiling fans on the market.

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