5 Best Perfect Aire Dehumidifiers – No Extra Moisture (Spring 2022)

In this article, we’re looking at the best Perfect Aire Dehumidifier options. If you have too much moisture in your home then you might experience an unpleasant damp smell or even damage to your home. Perfect Aire Dehumidifiers might be a solution.

We’ve created detailed reviews of five of the Perfect Aire range. The PerfectAire 3PAD50 tops our list as it has an Energy Star rating, a washable filter, and can work at low temperatures as well as high. It makes a good all-round option for a top dehumidifier for the home.

Other options are suitable too. For instance, there are smaller capacity options that may be fine for a small home. We’ve got four more Perfect Aire dehumidifier reviews to help you choose the most suited to your own needs, and the size and humidity within your home.

We’ve explored some of the very top features in order to evaluate the dehumidifiers in this range. Our reviews look at coverage area as well as the performance of the dehumidifiers, any extra features they offer and the size and dimensions of the model.

Our information is presented as a simple overview table before we move onto these reviews, then there is a buying guide to help you to understand some of the terminology and vital features you need to think about before taking the plunge and buying a dehumidifier.

Quick Summary

  • Editor’s Choice: PerfectAire 3PAD50

“Energy Star rated model allows it to be more economical and efficient, and the eco-friendly refrigerant doesn’t deplete ozone, and auto shut-off/restart feature makes its maintenance very easy.”

  • Best 50 Pint Dehumidifier: PerfectAire PAD50

“This model includes a simple bucket fill indicator to show how much of the 50 pint capacity has been used, and a direct to drain hose access allows you to set up the dehumidifier to drain out automatically.”

  • Best 30 Pint Dehumidifier: PerfectAire 1PED30

“This model is more suited to modestly sized rooms or apartments and reusable and washable filter makes it a good choice for keeping the air quality high.”

  • Best 70 Pint Dehumidifier: PerfectAire PAD70

“Energy Star rated model is a good option for bigger homes up to 4,500 square feet in size, and auto shut-off, a timer function and an adjustable humidistat make it easy to maintain.”

  • Budget Pick: PerfectAire 1PFD35

“The smallest and the most budget-friendly model but still with 35-pint capacity for moisture, and with its’ coverage of up to 592 square feet makes it suitable for medium and large rooms.”

Top 5 Perfect Air Dehumidifiers Review 2022

1. PerfectAire 3PAD50


Coverage area: up to 3,000 sq. ft.

Capacity: 50 pints/day

Fan speeds: 2

Operating temp: 41°F

Dimensions: 11 x 15.5 x 23.2 inches

Weight: 36 lbs

More features: Washable filter; Check filter light; Adjustable humidistat

The PerfectAire 3PAD50 is a good all-round option with many of the features we’re looking for when making Perfect Aire 50 pint dehumidifier reviews.

It is Energy Star rated which means that it is more economical and efficient than many of the other options on the market. It also uses an eco-friendly refrigerant which doesn’t deplete the ozone.

The comfort option gives you the chance to change humidity ratings based on the temperature of the room, it works down to 41 degrees F so it is suitable for colder areas.

The filter is washable and will warn you when the time comes to clean it out with a check filter light. An adjustable humidistat makes this super simple to use.

When it is time to replace the bucket, this is easy enough to do. The bucket has easy access as well as being 50 pints in capacity.

The auto shut-off/restart feature is combined with a timer and even defrost control. The features of this dehumidifier justify its place at the top of our Perfect Aire dehumidifier review section. It’s suitable for rooms up to 3000 square feet in size, so check it is suited to your home before buying!

What do we love it for?

  • Large capacity of up to 50 pints of moisture a day.
  • Easy to remove the bucket.
  • Simple to clean the filter, and filter light tells you when this is needed
  • 2 different fan speeds.
  • Suitable for rooms up to 3000 sq. ft.

What were we disappointed with?

  • A little more expensive than some alternative options with similar features.

2. PerfectAire PAD50


Coverage area: up to 3,000 sq. ft.

Capacity: 50 pints/day

Fan speeds: 2

Operating temp: 41°F

Dimensions: 5 x 15.5 x 12.75 inches

Weight: 36 lbs

More features: Adjustable humidistat; Bucket fill indicator; Direct-to-drain hose access

This model features a lot of the same features as the editor’s choice, but also includes a few added extras.

Similar features are included such as the adjustable humidistat and timer function, as well as the washable filter are all included, and like the editor’s choice Perfect Aire Dehumidifier, you can use it with even low room temperatures.

The differences in this model include the fact it has a simple bucket fill indicator to show you how much of the 50 pint capacity has been used. There’s also a direct to drain hose access, this means you can set up the dehumidifier to drain out automatically if you need to.

The dimensions are 11 x 15.25 x 23 in, so it isn’t too big even though it has a pretty large capacity for water. It will happily sit quietly at the corner of your room unnoticed. Volume is another plus point, too, this is quite a quiet model.

It has a lot of good features and once again suits rooms up to 3,000 square feet in size. It can be set to automatically shut off once it has reached the desired level of humidity.

An altogether good option for relatively large homes.

What are our favorite features?

  • Relatively small and quiet.
  • Can be set to automatically drain out with hose access.
  • Timer and humidistat included.

What could be better?

  • Can be a little tight to remove the bucket and put back in. Some caution is needed here.
  • A bit more expensive than some competing models with a 50 pint capacity.

3. PerfectAire 1PED30


Coverage area: up to 1,500 sq. ft.

Capacity: 30 pints/day

Fan speeds: 2

Operating temp: 41°F

Dimensions: 13 1/5 x 20 1/2 x 10 inches

Weight: 30/32 lbs

More features: Comfort option; Automatic defrost control; Direct-to-drain feature; Reusable, washable air filter

Now onto something which is a little bit smaller. This is more suited to modestly sized rooms or apartments due to the fact it is designed to work in up to 1,500 square feet rooms.

It’s got some fairly basic features, but everything you are likely to need from your dehumidifier. For instance, it features a comfort option to set the humidity level to whatever you wish and it will set to this level.

A reusable and washable filter makes it a good choice for keeping the air quality high. Also, the automatic defrost means that even when the weather drops, it will avoid frosting and freezing up. This could damage a dehumidifier, so it is best to avoid any sort of frost.

When reading Perfect Aire 30 pint dehumidifier reviews you will notice that this is one of the only options with a direct-to-drain option and a 30 pint capacity. You can get rid of the water directly to a drain to avoid maintenance.

An alarm will also tell you if the bucket gets full, so you can get rid of the water when required.

This is a relatively small and lightweight option that could be perfect for a bedroom or small apartment.

What makes it stand out?

  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Relatively small and quiet. Doesn’t distract you with loud noise.
  • Direct to drain output.
  • Washable filter included.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Not as high capacity as some other options.
  • More expensive than some other 30 pint dehumidifiers.

4. PerfectAire PAD70


Coverage area: up to 4,500 sq. ft.

Capacity: 70 pints/day

Fan speeds: 2

Operating temp: 41°F

Dimensions: 11 x 15.2 x 23 inches

Weight: 40 lbs

More features: Auto shut-off/restart; Timer function; Adjustable humidistat; Bucket fill indicator; Direct-to-drain hose access

If you’ve come here in search of Perfect Aire 70 pint dehumidifier reviews then this, the PerfectAire PAD70 is our recommended 70 pt. dehumidifier. The capacity is big, but other features aren’t compromised as a result of this increased size.

The features we’ve recommended in the other Perfect Aire reviews are still present with this bigger model. The PAD70 still includes the auto shutoff, a timer function, an adjustable humidistat and more. There’s direct to drain access if you wish to automate the process to a drain, and a bucket fill indicator to tell you when it needs to be emptied.

Due to the larger size, this is a good option for bigger homes up to 4,500 square feet in size.

This is also another model that you can safely say is good for the environment as it has Energy Star rating and is economical to run. Also, the washable filter that is present in the majority of modern Perfect Aire dehumidifiers can be found in the PAD70 too.

Due to the bigger size, it can generate a little bit more noise and heat during use, so this is something to keep an eye on, but if you need a larger model of dehumidifier this could be unavoidable. The 70 pint capacity more than makes up for this.

What are its best features?

  • Excellent, efficient model with a high capacity for removing humidity quickly and effectively.
  • Washable filter that can be reused.

What could be improved?

  • A bit more noisy than some of the other options, mainly due to the size.

5. PerfectAire 1PFD35


Coverage area:  up to 592 sq. ft.

Capacity:  35 pints/day

Fan speeds:  n/a

Operating temp:  n/a

Dimensions:  11.25 x 15.5 x 24.25 inches

Weight:  40 lbs

More features: adjustable humidistat, bucket full indicator, soft touch electronic control pad, comfort option

If you are a small space dweller, this is your best bet. The PerfectAire 1PFD35 is a powerful device designed to not only dry the surrounding air in your space but also to get rid of dust and allergens that might irritate you and your loved ones. The device made it to our list because it is pretty to look at and simple to use.

It wouldn’t look out of place in any type of décor. It also features a soft-touch electronic keypad that gives it a nice touch. Using it is such a breeze thanks to its user-friendly interface and you can always move it from one place to another without a hassle on the account of the heavy-duty easy roll casters.

The dehumidifier is capable of removing 35 pints of excess moisture from the air every day and it can cover medium to small areas of up to 592 sq ft. You can choose drain the water that collects in the device with either a direct-to-drain option or a built-in water collection bucket.

The built-in water collection bucket can collect up to 12.7 pints of water. This means you will have to empty it regularly. Luckily, emptying it is a snap thanks to its basic easy-to-access design and handle on the basket.

Another praiseworthy feature of the dehumidifier is an adjustable humidistat. It offers the comfort option of monitoring the room temperature and adjusting the humidity levels automatically.

As if that’s enough, the PerfectAire 1PFD35 is energy certified. You won’t have to worry about paying crazy power bills. It is also equipped with a washable and reusable filter that is very economical.

What are its best features?

  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Washable and reusable filter
  • Energy-star rated

What could be improved?

  • Can be a bit noisy
  • Doesn’t come with the hose for the direct-to-drain operating mode

Things to Consider

You may not be overly familiar with the ins and outs of buying a dehumidifier. Our Perfect Aire dehumidifier reviews give you some information and an overview of what these products offer, but more is explained below in the buying guide.

We dive into some of the features and what they mean, as well as exploring what you should prioritize as a buyer. Though this article specifically covers Perfect Aire Dehumidifiers, you can use this in your search for any dehumidifier on the market.

Why Perfect Aire is a brand you can trust

Why have we devoted a whole article to the best Perfect Aire dehumidifiers? What sets this brand apart from the others? The truth is that there are many brands selling dehumidifiers. Some of these focus on simply finding cheap imports and selling them to US consumers. These are often cheaply made, too. This is something you don’t have to worry about when buying from Perfect Aire.

This is a USA based brand which focuses on products to treat the air, from dehumidifiers to filters. They offer protection for their customers, great customer service and even warranties that means you can rest easy as a customer of this brand. They aren’t the cheapest brand you’ll come across, but their features justify the price tag.

Features to consider while choosing a Perfect Aire Dehumidifier

Even if you’ve decided that this is the brand for you, there are a lot of features you should consider. The Perfect Aire brand has some features that the other brands don’t offer. Likewise, understanding the features on each model is really the only way to be prepared for making your purchase and getting the dehumidifier best suited to you. It’s not as simple as finding one recommended model and going for it, you should work out what you need from your dehumidifier first.

Coverage Area

This is a pretty self-explanatory feature! How big can the room be in order for your dehumidifier to still operate? Most of the products on this list can easily handle rooms that are 1,500 feet or bigger. For up to three times this size, you can use the PerfectAire PAD70 with 4,500 square feet of capacity.

Dehumidification Performance

How well does it do its job? Is the dehumidifier effective and can it quickly return the air to a normal level of humidity? Performance is vital, and luckily throughout the Perfect Aire range, performance is excellent.

If There is a Pump

If you opt for a heat pump dehumidifier, it can extract water from the air by using a pump that is the same as those used in air conditioning units. This means that it can lower the temperature, too.

Other types of pump are included to allow the water to be drained out of the dehumidifier automatically.

Water Tank Capacity

How much water can be stored within the tank? There are pros and cons to a large tank. A bigger dehumidifier might need a bigger tank, otherwise you would be constantly taking the water out manually.

For a smaller dehumidifier such as the PerfectAire 1PFD35, the tank does not need to be quite as big.

Dimensions and Weight

When buying anything that is going to take up space in your home, you should definitely check the dimensions and weight.

Obviously, the bigger capacity you are hoping for from your dehumidifier, the bigger it is likely to be, but if you are looking for a lightweight and relatively small model, then PerfectAire 1PED30 will be the perfect choice, with only 30lbs but still amazing capacity of 30 pints/day.


The standard warranty offered on these dehumidifiers is 12 months. This is fairly close to the industry standard.

Extra Features

Check what extra features might be included within the model, does it come with caster wheels to easily transport it? Does it have handles? Some models have direct to drain access so you can easily set up a hose to drain out of your dehumidifier. This removes some of the maintenance you need to do.

Another extra feature many Perfect Aire products include, like, for example, PerfectAire 3PAD50 is a washable filter to keep the air quality high.

How to Maintain your Perfect Aire Dehumidifier

There are a few tips you can follow in order to ensure your dehumidifier stays in good condition for as long as possible. Dehumidifiers can easily get damaged if they freeze up or aren’t used correctly.

Keep the humidistat at the level needed so that it only has to remove the moisture required for a healthy humidity, and not extra.

Clean the filter and the tank regularly to keep them in good condition.

Avoid frost, don’t let your dehumidifier get too cold.

Check and clean the intake and output grills periodically, see if they have dusted up.


How Noisy are Perfect Aire Dehumidifiers?

The smaller the model of dehumidifier in the range, the quieter it tends to be. Perfect Aire dehumidifiers don’t tend to be among the loudest on the market, and they are manageable in terms of noise.

Is There any Leakage Possible?

Leakage is possible, but not likely if you set up your dehumidifier correctly. Make sure you check that it is not getting too close to being full. Even if it does fill up, it is only likely to leak if you spill water while removing the tank.

What is The Best Spot for a Dehumidifier?

Dehumidifiers should be kept at least six inches from the wall to ensure they can properly ventilate. Also, make sure they’re not near any open doors. Ideally, doors should remain closed while using.

Our Verdict

The PerfectAire 3PAD50 is our editor’s choice product. We love the fact that it is so reliable, and the washable filter, combined with the large capacity, makes this a good option for most homes. We’ve rated it 9.9/10, which makes it the best Perfect Air dehumidifier.

If you want an option that is similar in terms of size but has direct-to-drain access, go for the PerfectAire PAD50. It is one of the best Perfect Aire Dehumidifier options and we’ve rated it 9.6/10.

For a smaller home or apartment, the 9.3/10 rated Perfect Aire 1PED30 has automatic defrost to keep it in good condition, and a washable filter for maintenance.

That’s our opinion. Which one do you think is the best Air Innovations humidifier for your home? Why not pick one and enjoy a clean & healthy atmosphere for you and your family?

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