5 Best PureGuardian Humidifiers for Your Whole Family’s Comfort (Spring 2022)

If you are looking for a great humidifier, then there is no better brand than PureGuardian. This company has been making household appliances for years, and they just keep getting better and better. Due to their wide product range, however, it can be quite tricky to find the best PureGuardian Humidifier.

Don’t worry, though! We have collected their five best models so you can find the one that will work best for your needs. Of all the models we looked at, however, the PureGuardian H4810AR is, hands down, the very best of the best.

This model can provide cool or warm mist and has an outstanding coverage area. It also has an enormous tank, which means you won’t have to change it all that often. Of course, the other models we have reviewed are wonderful, as well, so be sure to check them out as well.

We have spent tens of hours reading through hundreds of user reviews to find these awesome humidifiers. When putting our list together, we first looked at the different types of humidifiers, as well as the coverage area.

We then looked at the overall runtime and tank capacity, as that will tell you how long your new humidifier will run before it needs to be refilled. This careful research allowed us to put together a comprehensive list and detailed reviews of the top five PureGuardian humidifiers on the market today.

It also helped us to put together an in-depth buying guide, which, if you are not quite ready to make your final purchase, you should definitely check out.

Quick Summary

Editor’s Choice: PureGuardian H4810AR

“A model with a large water tank, decent coverage area, and impressive runtime to cope with any task you have in mind.”

Best Humidifier for Essential Oils : PureGuardian H5225WCA

“This 2-gallon humidifier boasts of a handy 8-hour timer to use it precisely for as long as you need.”

Budget Pick: PureGuardian H940

“A popular cool mist model for small-sized rooms, 3 speed settings, and an optional night light.”

Easiest to Maintain: PureGuardian H5450BCA

“A stylish humidifier for medium-sized rooms; boasts of an adjustable nozzle and a UV-C light to fight with bacteria.”

Highest Coverage Area Humidifier: PureGuardian H8000B

“This model features not only sleek design, but also user-friendly controls, large water tank, and a smart mist sensor.”

Top 5 PureGuardian Humidifiers Review 2022

1. PureGuardian H4810AR

PureGuardian H4810AR


Type: cool and warm mist

Coverage area: medium/large-sized rooms

Water tank capacity: 2 gal.

Runtime: up to 120 hours

Dimensions: 7.8 x 15 x 12.5 inches

More features: 12-hour timer; aromatherapy tray

If you are in the market for the overall best humidifier from PureGuardian, then you need to check this model out. There are a lot of reasons that this is such a great option, but the first one that stands out the most is the fact that it can produce either cool or warm mist.

This versatility, along with a large coverage area, makes this a great option for any room in your house, even if you have small children.

Something else that helps to set this humidifier apart from the rest of the market is that it can be used with essential oils. If you do choose to use your oils with this model, you will be able to both humidify your room, while also helping yourself to relax in complete comfort.

As you would expect from a larger humidifier, this model has an especially large water tank. This two-gallon tank gives this device an extremely long runtime. In fact, you can run this humidifier for about 120 hours straight without having to refill the tank, which is very convenient.

The controls for this humidifier are also very easy to use. The buttons and indicator lights are easy to see, so there shouldn’t be any surprises as to what mode you are in when you are using this particular model.

The only thing that you will need to keep in mind with this unit is that you should only use distilled water. If you don’t, then you will need to purchase an extra water filter so that there aren’t any deposits in the water tank. No matter if you decide to get the filters or use distilled water, it won’t cost you all that much money in the long run.

What are its best features?

  • Long runtime
  • Easy to use controls
  • Large water tank
  • Can produce a warm or cool mist
  • Essential oils capability
  • Large coverage area

What could be improved?

  • Extra water filter needs to be purchased

2. PureGuardian H5225WCA

PureGuardian H5225WCA


Type: cool and warm mist

Coverage area: medium/large-sized rooms

Water tank capacity: 2 gal.

Runtime: up to 100 hours

Dimensions: 9 x 11 x 12 inches

More features: 8-hour timer; Silver Clean Protection; aromatherapy tray

One of the biggest trends today is essential oils. Pretty much everyone is starting to see the benefits of them. They can be used for pretty much anything, from helping you to sleep to relieving anxiety. The biggest issue with these oils is that they are, unfortunately, very expensive. This is especially the case if you need to buy a diffuser for them.

Thankfully, if you get this wonderful humidifier, you won’t need to spend any extra money on a diffuser. This model has a dedicated slot that allows you to quickly and easily insert your oils so that you can diffuse them while filling your room with moisture. This design feature helps to make this a very cost-effective purchase.

Something else that helps to set this model apart from its competitors is the integrated Silver Clean Technology. This patented formula helps to keep mold and mildew from growing inside of the water tank of the humidifier. This innovation helps to make this one of the easiest humidifiers to clean, which is a big plus.

Another plus for this humidifier for essential oil is that it is nice and large. This allows it to have a larger tank, which, in turn, will provide you with a long runtime. This feature, when combined with the Silver Clean Technology, makes this an almost hands-free model.

The one thing that you will want to keep in mind with this model is that it is a bit noisy. While the noise level isn’t so loud that you will notice it during the day, it might be too loud if you intend to run it while you are sleeping.

Of course, since this model has such a large coverage area for a cool and warm mist humidifier, you might be able to put it far enough away from your bed that the noise wouldn’t be a factor.

Why did it make our list?

  • Essential oils capability
  • Large tank
  • Long runtime
  • Can produce a warm or cool mist
  • Silver Clean Protection

What is not ideal about it?

  • Noisy

3. PureGuardian H940

PureGuardian H940


Type: cool mist

Coverage area: small-sized rooms

Water tank capacity: 0.5 gal.

Runtime: up to 30 hours

Dimensions: 7.3 x 7.3 x 15.4 inches

More features: 3-speed settings; optional night light

While it is sometimes nice to be able to switch between cool and warm mist, if you know that you don’t need the warming feature for your new humidifier, then you can save yourself a bit of money by getting a single-function model.

This unit is only a cool-mist humidifier, which is a great option if you are going to be using it with younger children. A cool-mist humidifier is not a burn risk for smaller kids, which is, obviously, a big plus.

Another feature that makes this a great option for use with small kids is that it comes equipped with a nightlight. This nightlight is bright enough to make a kiddo feel comfortable, but not so bright that they won’t be able to stay asleep.

Something else that helps this model to be such an amazing value is that it is very easy to move from place to place. This portability is a big plus if you only want to purchase one humidifier. Since this model is easy to move, you can easily use it in your child’s room at night, and then move it to the living room during the day.

As you would expect with such a highly portable humidifier, this model has a very small tank. Obviously, this small capacity will make it necessary to refill the tank more often, which could be a nuisance. Of course, these constant refills will help to inhibit the growth of mold or mildew in your humidifier.

What stands out?

  • Highly portable
  • Different speed settings
  • Safe for children
  • Night light included
  • Compact

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Small capacity
  • No warm mist feature

4. PureGuardian H5450BCA

PureGuardian H5450BCA


Type: cool and warm mist

Coverage area: up to 380 sq. ft.

Water tank capacity: 2 gal.

Runtime: up to 100 hours

Dimensions: 11.4 x 10.1 x 19.8 inches

More features: adjustable nozzle; UV-C light

One of the biggest issues with a lot of humidifiers is that they are very difficult to keep clean. This is especially true if you don’t have a chance to clean them often enough.

Which, even if you have the best of intentions, is probably going to happen every once in a while. This model has a handy that will help to prevent any mold and mildew from forming, even if you don’t get a chance to clean it out yourself.

This humidifier has a built-in UV-C light. This light, while it might not seem like all that much, will kill any bacteria that might form inside of the water tank and inner workings of the humidifier. While this certainly doesn’t take the place of thorough cleanings every month, it will go a long way to extending the life of your humidifier.

Something else that is a big plus with this model is that it has a large coverage area and high-capacity water tank. This makes it a great option for a bigger home. The high capacity of the water tank will also give you a nice long run time.

The only thing that you will need to keep in mind with this cool and warm mist humidifier is that it is a bit difficult to fill. The tank is in an awkward location, which makes filling and emptying the tank tricky. Thankfully, after a bit of practice, you should be able to empty and fill the tank without too many issues.

What stands out?

  • Extremely easy to maintain
  • Large coverage area
  • Long runtime
  • Can produce both cool and warm mist

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Difficult to fill

5. PureGuardian H8000B

PureGuardian H8000B


Type: cool and warm mist

Coverage area: large rooms

Water tank capacity: 2 gal.

Runtime: up to 120 hours

Dimensions: 7.2 x 9.8 x 14.5 inches

More features: 3-speed settings; smart mist sensor

If you are in the market for a humidifier with a large coverage area, then this just might be the right unit for you. While this is a much bigger model than some others on our list, it is quite powerful. It can humidify pretty much any size room with ease.

This humidifier has a high capacity tank, which makes it perfect for use in larger spaces. It also has a long runtime, which is quite surprising when you consider the size of the spaces that it can handle.

Something else that helps to make this a great option for larger areas is its different speed settings. With this model, you have the option to choose from three different speeds, which is wonderful if you want to get the humidity to the level you desire very quickly.

Of course, the faster the fan, the faster your tank of water will be used. This is precisely why it might not be a bad idea to use a slower setting, as this will extend the runtime exponentially.

The only thing that you need to keep in mind with this particular model is that, even though it comes with a hydrometer, it isn’t very accurate.

The reason for this is because the misting nozzle sprays directly over where the hydrometer takes its readings. This leads to the device thinking that the humidity level is much higher in the room than it really is, which could lead to it turning off before you would like it to turn off.

What stands out?

  • Multiple speed settings
  • Modern design
  • Long runtime
  • Large coverage area

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Inaccurate hydrometer

Things to Consider

In this section, we will go through everything that you need to know to find the best PureGuardian Humidifier possible for your home. We have also taken the time to answer several frequently asked questions, so be sure to read through those as well if you need any further information.

Why trust PureGuardian?

You might be thinking to yourself, “What is the difference when looking for a humidifier, aren’t they all the same?” Let’s face it, the market is absolutely flooded with humidifier companies, many of whom you have probably never heard of.

It can be downright difficult to know whether or not a company makes good products or not. That is, unless, of course, you decide to go with a PureGuardian product.

This company has been around for a good long time and has built a reputation that is built on two main things: quality products and even better customer service.

They are among the leaders in home environment products such as humidifiers, purifiers, and dehumidifiers, and they are well-known for standing by their products, which is always a plus for consumers.

Features to consider while choosing a PureGuardian humidifier

As you can imagine, there are plenty of different features that you need to take into careful consideration when you are dealing with a company like PureGuardian that only makes great products.

In this section, we will dive into these details so that when you are ready to make your final purchase, you know exactly what you need.


The very first thing that you need to decide when looking for a new humidifier is the type that you want. You have three different options to choose from, which include the following:

Warm mist – Warm mist humidifiers utilize a warm mist to humidify the air in a room. Since the vapor is already warmed, it humidifies a space much more quickly than a cool-mist model. These humidifiers can be a safety hazard in a home with small children, however, since the water gets quite hot.

Cool mist – While cool mist humidifiers are not able to humidify a room as quickly as warm mist models, they are much safer for use around children. Since they do not include any heating elements, accidental spills will not cause any burns.

Combination – This type of humidifier, as you might have guessed from the name, is one that can be operated as a cool or warm mist humidifier. While these models, like the PureGuardian H4810AR, do cost a bit more, it can be hugely beneficial to be able to switch back and forth between the two types of mist.

Coverage area

After you have chosen your type, the next thing you need to consider is how much coverage area you need. To do this, you should first measure your living space. That way, you will understand the amount of house that you need to humidify, which will make your search a lot easier.

If you are looking to moisturize a smaller area, then the PureGuardian H940 should work out just fine. On the other hand, if you need to humidify a larger space, the PureGuardian H8000B is a great option.

Water tank capacity

Something else to take into account is the size of the water tank that you require. Obviously, a larger tank means that you won’t need to refill it as often, while a smaller tank makes the humidifier much easier to move from place to place.

The PureGuardian H5225WCA is a good option in both regards, however. First off, it has a nice sized tank that can hold up to two gallons of water. It is also very easy to move from place to place, which should allow you to bring the humidity with you wherever you are in your home.


While the runtime of a device usually pertains to how long it can go on a single charge of electricity, that is not the case with a humidifier. Since these devices are plugged into a wall outlet, their runtime is instead the amount of time they can be run without needing to be refilled.

A longer runtime, while not essential, is very convenient, since it will limit that amount of time that you need to refill the unit. The PureGuardian H4810AR is a great option in this regard, as its runtime of 120 hours is among the longest available today.

Dimensions and weight

You will also want to take the weight and overall dimensions of your new device into account before you make your final purchase. If you intend to move your humidifier from room to room, then you will want a smaller and lighter model.

On the other hand, if you are only going to be using your humidifier in one room, then the weight doesn’t really come into play.

You will still need to measure carefully for the dimensions and weight, however, especially if you are getting a warm mist model. You need to make sure that the humidifier doesn’t have a chance to be knocked down at all.


Whenever you purchase a new appliance of any kind, you always need to make sure that you look for a model that comes with a good warranty. That way, you will be covered should anything fail with the unit.

Even with such a quality company like PureGuardian, it is in your best interest to make sure you read through any warranty information carefully. That way, you won’t be surprised that something isn’t covered should it fail.

Extra features

One of the best features that you can look for in a humidifier is a UV light. Since these devices utilize water all of the time, they can be prone to bacterial growth. A UV light, however, will completely prevent ay bacteria or mold from forming on the unit, which is a huge plus.

You might also want to look for a unit that has several different fan settings. It will allow you to get the humidity level up to your preferred amount as quickly or as slowly as you need it to.

How to clean your PureGuardian humidifier?

No matter which model you decide to purchase from PureGuardian’s impressive lineup, you will need to make sure that you clean it at least once a month. That way, you can make sure that no bacteria, mold, or mildew forms inside. You can do this in two different ways:

The most basic way to help keep your humidifier clean is by regularly changing the water. This will help to prevent bacteria from forming.

The second method for cleaning your humidifier should be done at least once a month. For this method, simply follow these steps:

1. Unplug your humidifier.

2. Remove and rinse out the filter. Do not use any chemicals, as this may damage the filter. Replace the filter, if necessary.

3. Pour out the old water from your tank and fill it with 3 cups of vinegar.

4. Swish the vinegar around the tank and let it sit for a few hours.

5. Pour out the vinegar and rinse it thoroughly with clean water.

6. Refill and begin normal use.


What does Silver Clean Technology do?

Silver Clean Technology is designed to help prevent mold and mildew from forming inside of the humidifier. The condensation that naturally occurs on a humidifier can lead to mold and mildew growth.

Silver clean technology is a form of micro-silver crystal technology that has been embedded in the water tanks of PureGuardian humidifiers. This technology is an anti-fungi agent that prevents any mold or mildew from forming on the surface of the tank.

Which essential oil to use for calming effect?

Many humidifiers can also be used as an essential oil diffuser, which is great for anyone that suffers from anxiety. If you are looking to both humidify your room and relieve some stress, then you will want to get some lavender or valerian.

Are there any filters to be changed?

These humidifiers do need filters, which will need to be changed eventually. Thanks in part to the Silver Clean Technology, however, these filters will last a good long time.

For instance, the filter used in the PureGuardian H4810AR has a life span of 1,000 hours, which, if you run the humidifier for 12 hours a day, will last for around 80 days before it will need to be replaced.

Our Verdict

If you are in the market for the best overall PureGuardian humidifier, then the PureGuardian H4810AR is a good option. This wonderful device has a large coverage area, high-capacity tank, long runtime, and can even be used with essential oils. It can also produce cool or warm mist, making it a tough model to pass up.

The PureGuardian H5225WCA is a great choice for anyone that wants to use essential oils with their humidifier. This model has an integrated slot that makes adding oils quick and easy, which will allow you to not only save money on a diffuser but also get your oils into the air that much faster.

If you are looking for a model to use with a younger child, then the best option is probably going to be the PureGuardian H940. This compact model only uses cool mist, which makes it perfectly safe to use with children.

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