8 Best Smart Ceiling Fans – Advanced Technologies for Your Comfort! (Spring 2022)

During the summer months, you always want to cool off, but turning the AC on is not always the best or eco-friendly option. A smart ceiling fan can help you stay comfortable with its flexible and customizable settings.

These innovative and modern fans are not only stylish but also enable you to save energy and consume natural resources responsibly. Smart ceiling fans give you options to connect them to other devices and sensors that regulate temperature more efficiently.

To make your decision easier, we compiled a list of the best smart ceiling fans, accompanied by a detailed buying guide. We considered essential features during our research, such as the height, size, and available finishes of the fan so that you can get a model that fits your space and complements the décor. We also took into account parameters like the CFM, modes, and the LED light color to ensure that the functionality of the particular model matches your expectations.

Quick Summary

Editor’s Choice: Big Ass Fans Haiku

“This is an outstanding fan with silent operation, modern design, and high personalization. 52” fan size. Covers 225 sq. ft. Energy-saving.”

Best Value: MinkaAire F868L-WHF

“This budget-friendly model is available in multiple colors and is easy to set-up. 60” fan size. Factory balanced and tested for stability. Can be controlled with remote and app.”

Best with Adjustable Height: Hunter Symphony

“For better flexibility during installation, check this option with adjustable height. It also has a dimmable bulb. 54” fan size. Allows Smart Home integration. Exquisite design.”

Best Color Options: Modern Forms Wynd

“Do you need a model that will match the décor of your room? This one comes in various colors. 52” fan size. Quiet and efficient motor. Ready for outdoor use.”

Best with Smartphone Control: Hunter Romulus

“If you wish to adjust the fan settings using your smartphone, check this product. 54” fan size. Whisper-quiet motor. Syncs with Smart Home system.”

High Functioning Motor: Modern Forms Woody

“For those looking for better reliability and settings, we recommend this product with a high functioning motor. 60” fan size. Can be paired with wall control. Dimmable light.”

Indoor and Outdoor Use: Modern Forms Morpheus III

“This fantastic unit is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use providing excellent versatility. 60” fan size. Efficient motor. Available in multiple finishes.”

Best with Voice Control: Trifecté Smart Ceiling Fan

“This product features hands-free voice control along with multiple settings and powerful motor. 56” fan size. Dimmable light. Suitable for outdoor use.”

Top 8 Smart Ceiling Fans Review 2022

1. Big Ass Fans Haiku


Fan size: 52”

Height: 11.5”

CFM: 5,604

Settings: 7 speeds, sleep mode, whoosh mode, eco mode, timer

LED light color: 2700K

Finishes: black, caramel/black, caramel/white, cocoa/black, white

More features: covers 225 sq. ft., comes with remote control, 16 brightness settings, whisper-quiet operation, energy-saving

You can’t talk about smart ceilings fans without referring to Big Ass Fans Haiku. This model is one of the most popular out there, with its superior functioning and sleek propeller style. It comes in several finishes, including black, caramel/black, caramel/white, cocoa/black, and white to suit many interiors.

This 52″ smart ceiling fan is a highly powerful unit equipped with excellent features such as 7 speed settings, a sleep mode for power saving, along with a whoosh mode, eco mode, and timer. It has a 5604 CFM that makes it perfect for flat or sloped ceilings of approximately 225 sq. ft. of indoor spaces. Next, the height of this fan is 11.5″. What makes this fan a reliable option is the testing process it goes through, with factory-balancing and sound testing that ensures a reliable fan.

The integrated 2700K LED light kit is an extra feature that includes 16 brightness settings. The LEDs emit a warm white-colored light that illuminates the room beautifully. Additionally, it comes with a slimline IR remote control that enables easy and convenient settings to change from anywhere in the room. The remote can be easily mounted on the wall with a bracket.

What do we love it for? The best features of the Big Ass Fans Haiku include its excellent energy efficiency as compared to ACs and regular fans. It also delivers 25% more air than other fans, with a whisper-quiet operation. Also, the smart features of this fan include a Wi-Fi module that lets you access the fan through smartphone apps. You can connect the fan to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for even easier control and personalization.

What were we disappointed with? Using the app to control can be a little complicated at the beginning.

2. MinkaAire F868L-WHF


Fan size: 60”

Height: 13”

CFM: 5655

Settings: 6

LED light color: ool

Finishes: black, bronze, coal/driftwood, coal, flat white

More features: quiet DC motor, factory-balanced and tested, easy to set-up, comes with remote control

This highly coveted home appliance combines fine designing and excellent, modern usage to make for an extremely user-friendly smart ceiling fan. The 60” fan provides a CFM of 5655, with its quiet but energy-efficient and high-power DC motors. Also, they are factory balances to avoid rattling and wobbling of the fan, ensuring a stable and safe cooling experience. It is 13” high and comes with 6 amazing settings to suit all your needs.

You can pair this fan with a wide range of smart devices and home tech assistants for easier control, such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Nest, and Ecobee. The MinkaAire F868L-WHF comes in several finishes, including black, bronze, coal/driftwood, coal, and flat white, which provides users with a wide range of choices according to their aesthetic preferences. Additionally, this model comes with a 16W LED light kit, which features a cool color.

What makes it stand out? We liked this smart ceiling fan and light combination for its easy use and set-up. It comes with an RC600 remote control and a 6” downrod. The fan can also be controlled through a separately purchased WC600 wall control unit. Moreover, the free app download enables users to connect their smart fan with Minka-Aire Bond Home iOS& Android App for convenient controlling.

You can switch the LED lights on and off, adjust the fan speeds for all connected units in your house, and utilize the smart features the app offers. This fan enables users to reduce energy costs, too.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? It doesn’t include extra settings like snooze or timer.

3. Hunter Symphony


Fan size: 54”

Height: 14.6” (adjustable)

CFM: 6993

Settings: 4 speeds, summer/winter modes

LED light color: 3000K

Finishes: white

More features: dimmable bulb, comes with a remote, easy to install, allows Smart Home integration

The Hunter Symphony smart ceiling fan is a high-tech, contemporary cooling device that beats all regular models. The fan size of 54” offers excellent cooling. On top of that, it comes with 4 speed options for a controlled airflow, as well as summer and winter modes for weather customizable cooling.

This smart fan is equipped with an energy-efficient LED light kit that comes in a 3000k light color. The LED bulbs are dimmable and can be controlled to adjust brightness, making this fan a highly customizable pick.

Along with the impressive smart features, the beautiful look of this ceiling fan with a cased white glass for LED lights and a clean white finish make it an interior designer’s daydream. The CFM of this fan is 6993, providing complete air circulation in spacious interiors and rooms. The high-end construction with a multi-speed reversible fan motor allows this smart fan to operate quietly and provide an ultra-powerful airflow.

Why is it special? This Wi-Fi compatible fan is extremely easy to use, allowing home automation and connection to Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant. Controlling the settings is easy from anywhere in the room with the aid of the audible beep premium remote. Also, the 14.6” height comes with 2” downrods for adjustment to achieve optimal air movement.

What are the flaws? The white finish is likable. However, users may want a choice of colors, which is not available in this model.

4. Modern Forms Wynd


Fan size: 52”

Height: 10”

CFM: 6568

Settings: 6 speeds, reverse, winter/summer modes

LED light color: 3000K

Finishes: bronze, graphite, matte black, matte white, stainless steel

More features: dimmable light, quiet and efficient motor, ready for outdoor use, comes with a remote control

The Modern Forms Wynd smart ceiling fan is a highly sought after model because of its many finish options and excellent features. It can be paired with a variety of Smart Home units, such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Nest, and Ecobee, to make control and customization easier. As if it’s not enough, you can connect the fan with the Modern Forms app to control the fan speed and utilize the many offered features, like adaptive learning and energy cost reduction.

You get a battery-operated remote to manipulate the settings without moving from anywhere in the room. This 52” fan comes with an extremely efficient DC motor that has superior but silent performance, leaving all traditional fans behind. Next, the fan is factory balanced and tested for stability to avoid wobbling and rattling noises and ensure safe installation. It is a user-friendly device with 6 airflow speed settings, reverse setting and winter/summer modes.

The 10” height works perfectly for rooms with low ceilings, and the 6568 CFM of this smart fan makes up for its small height. In addition, it comes with a 3000K LED light powered by WAC Lighting, which offers smooth and continuous brightness control. You can also get the optional cover for concealing luminaire. You can buy this fan in bronze, graphite, matte black, matte white, and stainless steel finish.

What are its best features? This smart fan is excellent for modern interiors, offering multiple control options through the app, Smart Home devices, a remote, and a wall switch for local control. Also, this model is great for both indoor and outdoor use. The adjustment options include LED settings as well, with dimmable lights that let you manipulate the aura of the room. The quiet and efficient motor makes it popular among users.

What could be improved? The height of this fan cannot be adjusted.

5. Hunter Romulus


Fan size: 54”

Height: 15.8” (adjustable)

CFM: 7240

Settings: adjustable speed, winter/summer modes

LED light color: 3000K

Finishes: matte silver

More features: whisper-quiet motor, comes with remote control, simple to install

The Hunter Romulus Wi-Fi ceiling fan is a modern cooling device that comes with several adjustment features and settings, making it an easy to use and customizable fan. It is available in a beautiful silver matte finish, with a white glass casing for the LED light that allows this fan to complement a wide range of modern interiors. Next, this 54” fan has a 15.8” height, with 2” and 4” downrods for height adjustment.

It is equipped with a multi-speed reversible fan motor that offers superior airflow. The Hunter Wi-Fi ceiling fan has customizable fan speeds and winter and summer modes that provide direction adjustment from downdraft to updraft modes, depending on the temperature. On top of that, it has a CFM of 7240. The LED light kit in the fan head includes 3000K, energy-efficient, and brightness-adjustable LED light bulbs.

What makes it special? The whisper-quiet performance of this smart fan makes it highly preferred by users who find the sound of traditional ceiling fans to be irritating. The Wi-Fi connectivity allows control through home automation devices like Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant, as well as smartphones using the downloadable mobile app. Thus, it is highly adjustable, with a reversible fan motor and blades. The easy installation makes it user-friendly.

What cons did we find? Some users may find the beeping sound of the remote irritating.

6. Modern Forms Woody


Fan size: 60”

Height: 10”

CFM: 8840

Settings: 6 speeds, winter/summer modes

LED light color: 3000K

Finishes: bronze, graphite, matte black

More features: can be paired with wall control, Smart Home integration, dimmable light, efficient motor

If you are looking for a large but sleek smart fan, the Modern Forms Woody model should be your go-to product. With a size of 60”, this fan houses a powerful DC motor that works 70% more efficiently than traditional fan motors. The height is only 10”, but the 6 settings allow optimal cooling.

The fan is also equipped with summer and winter modes that let you adjust the airflow according to the weather. This fan supports your lifestyle with options that allow pairing with Smart Home, such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Nest, and Ecobee. Controlling this fan is extremely easy and simple, which you can do through home tech devices, but also through the Modern Forms exclusive app.

This allows you to set the fan speed and benefit from features like Adaptive Learning that reduces energy consumption. The battery-operated remote can also be used to change the fan settings without having to get up from a comfy position. Next, it has a CFM of 8840 and comes in 3 finishes, including bronze, graphite, and matte black. This model has a 3000 LED light, powered by WAC Lighting. The LED light offers continuous brightness control.

Why did it make our list? This user-friendly and efficient ceiling fan comes with excellent features, including a dimmable LED light for brightness control, as well as an optional cover to conceal the illumination for dim lighting. Additionally, the high-power DC motor has a whisper-silent performance. It can be paired with a wall control panel along with several other controls like Smart Home devices and smartphones.

What is not ideal about it? The height is not adjustable.

7. Modern Forms Morpheus III


Fan size: 60”

Height: 10”

CFM: 7490

Settings: 6 speeds, winter/summer modes

LED light color: 3000K

Finishes: automotive silver, carbon fiber, gloss white

More features: factory-balanced and tested, ready for outdoor use, Smart Home integration

The Modern Forms Morpheus III is one of our favorite smart ceiling fans for its extra features and stylish appearance. The propeller-style fan blades give this model an attractive look that complements both simplistic and luxurious interiors. Also, the fan size is 60”, and the height is 10”. The fan is equipped with a silent but energy-efficient and powerful motor. It is factory balanced and tested to avoid annoying wobbling, rattling, and clicking.

Smart Home integration allows you to pair this fan with your Smart Home devices, including Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Nest, and Ecobee, for easy controlling. It comes with 6 fan speed settings and summer and winter modes for efficient cooling control.

This Smart Home ceiling fan has 3000K colored LED lights that allow brightness adjustments. Next, it has a 7490 CFM. You can get this smart fan in three excellent finishes, including trendy automotive silver, a carbon fiber, and a pearly gloss white finish.

What do we love it for? We really liked this smart ceiling fan because it is Smart Home integrated and is designed to complement your lifestyle. It can also be controlled for fan speed and LED brightness through a remote and smartphone as well. In addition, the fan is factory-balanced and tested, which makes it safe. This model is ready for outdoor use, and therefore, it is a versatile and user-friendly option.

What were we disappointed with? This fan doesn’t have reversible fan blades.

8. Trifecté Smart Ceiling Fan


Fan size: 56”

Height: 8.5”

CFM: 3032

Settings: 10 speeds, reverse, timer

LED light color: 2700K-4000K

Finishes: white

More features: ready for outdoor use, hands-free voice control, remote control, powerful motor, dimmable light

This is a 2-in-1 smart fan that doesn’t only offer excellent cooling and control features but also comes with an LED light for illumination. The construction allows this smart fan to work even outdoor and withstand open air without any issues. Also, the fan size is 56”, and height is 8.5”. The CFM in this model is 3032. You can get 10 speed settings, along with a timer and reverse.

You can control this fan and manipulate the settings without lifting a finger with the easy hands-free voice control because the fan is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. It comes with a remote control used to set the fan speeds, switch the light on and off, and change settings from anywhere in the room. In addition, this fan comes in a white finish, and the LED light colors can be selected from within a 2700K to 4000K range.

What are its best features? This smart ceiling fan from Trifecté has powerful, reversible motors and 3 blades. The ultra-powerful DC motor is energy-saving and 75% more efficient than regular motors. Thus, the fan delivers a strong airflow and has a whisper-quiet performance, making it well-liked among users. The LEDs include warm and white light colors. This fan is ready for outdoor use.

What could be improved? It comes in only a white finish, providing buyers with no other color options to choose from.

Things to Consider

Traditional ceiling fans might still be a thing, but smart ceiling fans are quickly taking over. These cooling devices allow you to adapt to the modern lifestyle of this day and age with features that support your Smart Home automation and better living standards. Thus, these highly adjustable and innovative fans are perfect for times when using the AC might be overkill.

Advantages of smart ceiling fans

Smart ceiling fans have several advantages that make them desirable. Perhaps the most important advantage of smart ceiling fans is their energy efficiency. These fans use innovative technology that connects the fan to a thermostat for automatic temperature regulation. This feature reduces the amount of energy required for temperature optimization, making these fans eco-friendly.

They are also extremely convenient because they can be controlled simply by a voice command instead of getting up to turn on the fan. One of the most annoying things is to get out of bed and regulate the fan speed once tucked in comfortably. The hands-free voice control allows you to stay in bed and control your fan speed. Additionally, you adjust settings from miles away using your phone. This has an added benefit because you can schedule your smart fans to turn on and off as you like if you are away.

How to find the best smart ceiling fan?

In order to find the best smart ceiling fan, you need to consider some important features that make them better than traditional models. One of the most important things to take into account is the types of motor because it determines how well the fan functions. The settings and smart controls should also be taken into account because they make these products efficient and stand out from the rest. Consult the buying guide below to make an informed buying decision.

Fan size

The fan size is crucial to check because the fan you buy should fit the space you intend it for. The size includes the center and blades of the fan.

In order to buy a model that is perfect for your space, you need to take the size of the room into account. That also depends on how many fans you need in a room.

A large fan will be sufficient for a big room. However, you will require more than one small fan for a bigger room.

For instance, the Big Ass Fans Haiku covers up to 225 sq. ft. with its 52” size. If you want a model with bigger fan blades, check the MinkaAire F868L-WHF.


The height of a ceiling fan determines how low the fan will be. This is a safety concern because low fans can be dangerous.

The average distance of a ceiling fan should be 2100 mm from the floor. The closeness of a fan from the ground also determines how much airflow it will enable, affecting the CFM. Some models with short heights offer adjustable downrods for better airflow, such as seen with the Hunter Symphony. The downrod for adjustable height ceiling fans is extremely useful because you can change the size of the downrod depending on the height of the ceiling.


CFM is short for cubic feet per minute, and it affects the airflow of a fan. It tells us how much air the fan blades can move per minute. The efficiency of the motor affects that – the faster the motor is, the higher CFM a smart ceiling fan will have. Other determining features of CFM include the type, length, and shape of the fan blades. Fans with higher CFM, such as the Modern Forms Woody, move more air as compared to those with lower CFM.

Remote control

This user-friendly feature is common in smart ceiling fans. Traditional fans require you to get up and go to the control wall panel for changing fan speed and other settings. On the other hand, these modern smart ceiling fans come with a handy remote to control the speed and LED lights of your smart fan from anywhere in the room. The remote allows you to operate the fan from several distances and areas that fall within the transit range. This feature is especially useful for large rooms, halls and living rooms because you can operate the fan from the farthest end in the room.

Smart Home integration

This feature is what gives these fans the name of smart devices. They can be controlled using modern technology, such as Smart Home units like Google Assistant, Alexa and Nest, and Ecobee. For instance, this connectivity can be found in the MinkaAire F868L-WHF. You can also connect your fan to the Wi-Fi and control it through your phone.

Features like Smart Home integration allow hands-free voice commands that work like an automated machine or robot. Also, you can sync the fan with your smartphone and install an app to control the fan from miles away. Thus, these fans use cutting-edge technology to make your life easier and simpler.


The many settings that smart ceiling fans offer are to make your experience even better. These include the fan speed, which differs from model to model. For instance, some smart fans have 4 speed options, while others have up to 10 fan speeds, such as the Trifecté Smart Ceiling Fan. You can also find a timer to turn the fan on and off, a reverse mode, a whoosh mode that is extremely fast, and weather-specific modes to regulate temperature. Additionally, smart fans come with LED lights that can be dimmed or brightened.

LED light color

Smart fans are a 2-in-1 deal because they are equipped with LEDs for illumination, cutting down on the energy-draining lamps around your house. Some smart fans come with LED lights that are not only brightness adjustable, with dimming options to suit your mood, but they also offer a range of light colors.

Some smart fan models have LEDs ranging from 2700K to 4000K, offering both warm and white light colors. This feature is especially useful if you are looking to replace the lighting of your room with the LEDs in your smart fan. Most people prefer to have the choice of adjusting the brightness. Therefore, models that come with dimmable LEDs are quite popular.

Finish and design

The finish and design of a smart fan are important features if you value the aesthetics of your home. You don’t have to get a fan that does not match the rest of your interior design just because the fan is Smart Home compatible. Thus, you can choose a model that goes well with your style and interior because these fans are available in several finishes.

You can choose a fan that offers various functions, comes with LED lights and easy controls, along with an intricately shaped design. Smart ceiling fans are available in all kinds of finishes, from white, black, gray, and brown to stainless steel, depending on the manufacturer.

Ready for outdoor use

This extremely useful feature makes smart ceiling fans versatile.

Traditional fans are prone to damage and rust when exposed to the outdoor environment. On the other hand, the smart fan models that are wet location listed are suitable for outdoor use.

These models are easy to install and do not get damaged when installed in the patio area. This feature is especially useful during summertime when you need to beat the heat outdoors.


The prices of smart ceiling fans can vary depending on the model, construction, size, and extra features. It is important to survey the market to get a vague sense of the prices before you decide on a budget. The good news is that smart ceiling fans are available in all price ranges, from $300 to $900.

Some budget-friendly models of smart fans like Hunter Symphony and Wynd range between $300 and $400. Other models that include high-power and stronger motors are more expensive. Modern Forms Woody is a moderately priced option that costs $700.


Is it hard to install a smart ceiling fan?

Many people call professionals to install smart ceiling fans because this seems to be a tricky task for those not familiar with electronics. You can also get the company you purchase it from to cover installation.

Do smart ceiling fans come with a warranty?

Most smart ceiling fans do not come with a manufacturer’s warranty, but this is because they have a long lifespan and do not get damaged easily. Some brands may offer a year-long warranty.

How long do LED bulbs last?

The LED bulbs used in smart fans are energy-efficient and have a long-lasting life, as compared to traditional bulbs. These bulbs can glow for up to 50,000 hours.

How much does it cost to run a Wi-Fi ceiling fan?

Most regular ceiling fans run at 50 to 80 watts and cost approximately $0.006 to $0.01 per hour at $0.12 per kW. However, smart fans help you save energy and reduce electric costs, cutting down on both your electricity consumption and bill. They will cost you around 30W per hour of energy at a fast speed.

Our Verdict

The Big Ass Fans Haiku fan is our favorite for its overall high performance, with features like silent operation, high flexibility, and easy usage.

Next, we highly recommend the MinkaAire F868L-WHF because it is simple to set up and features factory balancing and whisper-quiet performance. All of that you get at a great price.

Lastly, we have the Hunter Symphony because of its qualities like height adjustment, dimmable LED lights, modern design, and easy installation.

Other smart ceiling fans reviewed here are also excellent, innovative devices to personalize and modernize your home. All of the products here let you be environmentally-conscious, with efficient energy specifications that save costs and electricity consumption. We hope this guide helped you find the best smart ceiling fan that matches your requirements.

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