4 Best Soleus Dehumidifiers – Stop the Growth of Mold and Dust Mites (Spring 2022)

Did you know Soleus dehumidifiers remove moisture from your home? This in turn restricts the growth of mold and dust mites. With this in mind, do you know which dehumidifiers are the best? Do you know what features to look for when browsing through dehumidifier options? Today we’ll be sharing four reviews and giving you some insight into finding the best Soleus dehumidifier.

We will be taking into consideration features like coverage area which is important because the wrong size unit won’t cover a large room in your house. We’ll also be looking at capacity of the unit and size of the water tank. The noise level of a dehumidifier is also important because the unit will be running for at least 12 hours and a loud noise in your space for that amount of time can be very annoying. We’ll also share what we liked best and what we thought could do with some improvement. We’ll attach a handy buyer’s guide which will give you a breakdown of the features you should consider when choosing the right dehumidifier for your home. To start off, the Soleus dehumidifier reviews that we’ll be doing are listed in the comparison table below.

Quick Summary

Editor’s Choice: Soleus Air DS2-95IP-201B

“Our winning Soleus model features. “My home mode” function. Auto defrost function. 95 pint size.”

Best Value: Soleus DS1-70EIP-101B

“The best compromise between price and quality. Large water bucket Compact, easy to use. Energy efficient.”

Budget Pick: Soleus DS1-30-01B

“There is always something for those on a budget. 30-pint size. Washable air filters. Low-temperature operation.”

Best 45 Pint Model: Soleus DSX-45EM-01

“The best middle-range model offers. Continuous drainage. Auto Restart Function. Quiet operation.”

Top 4 Soleus Dehumidifiers Review 2022

1. Soleus Air DS2-95IP-201B


Wattage: 750

CFM: 323

Bucket capacity: 13 pints

Pint size: 95 pints

Filters: 1

Speeds: 3

Noise level: 60 dB

Dimensions: 24.6 x 18.4 x 14.5 inches

Weight: 68.5 lbs

The Soleus Air DS2-951P-201 is a nifty, portable unit that has an internal condensate pump which easily removes up to 95 pints of moisture over a 24 hour period. An internal pump allows continuous upward drainage and has the pump hose included for this function.

The “my home mode” offers preprogrammed humidity levels for sleeping spaces, living spaces and for any basement areas. A 3 speed fan will circulate air at speeds of low, medium or high, easily adjustable for your dehumidification and noise level needs.

Caster wheels on the unit make it easy to roll from room to room, saving you the hassle of needing to carry it around. A washable and reusable filter keeps maintenance easy and convenient. Adjustable humidistat allows for precise humidity control.

A digital display makes it easy to view your current level and change the levels if necessary. Draining is made easy by the addition of a large bucket that holds 17.6 pints of water before it needs to be removed. A “bucket full” indicator sounds an alarm and switches off the unit when the bucket is full.

What makes it stand out? We like the “my home mode” which eliminates the user having to guess which mode will be best suited to each space in your home. There’s also an auto defrost function that kicks into action if the coils get frost build-up which melts any accumulated ice. This creates stress free operation.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? Doing further research on the brand revealed several negative reviews about the company’s customer service department. There were also a number of queries about warranties not being upheld.

It’s important for a product that will be running for so many hours a day to be backed up by a solid service and warranty plan, otherwise a potential customer may walk away from an otherwise above average product.

The company will do well to encourage satisfied users to post reviews so as to create a more objective perspective of this brand.

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2. Soleus DS1-70EIP-101B


Wattage: 730

CFM: 165/190/205

Bucket capacity: 16.9 pints

Pint size: 70 pints

Filters: 1

Speeds: 3

Noise level: 53 dB

Dimensions: 24.87 x 15.25 x 11.25 inches

Weight: 47.4 lbs

The Soleus Air 70 as it’s commonly known is full of exciting features which not only keeps the unit and your home safe but it’s also very efficient. Moisture and dampness is removed from spaces with a size of up to 800 ft², making it more than adequate for most rooms in average homes.

A nifty “full bucket auto shut-off” function allows the bucket to be monitored and lets you know when the bucket needs to be emptied. Water spills are eliminated with this function because the unit automatically switches off.

If you have a basement in your home, the low-temperature condition feature will impress you. This function allows your dehumidifier to keep running to as low as 41°F, making it ideal for use in the basement during the colder months. Caster wheels make it easy for you to move from room to room, so that you don’t have to struggle with carrying it around and all the rooms in your home can benefit from it.

The Soleus air 70 pint dehumidifier with all its modern features will make dehumidifying your home a real breeze.

What are our favorite features? The Soleus Air 70 has several digital controls that make general operation so much easier. Functions that can be controlled this way are pump, timer and humidistat.

The child lock control function, also a great feature, is also controlled on the digital panel. Another plus point for us is the fact that this unit uses 15% less energy than your average dehumidifier.

What could be better? We noted that the internal humidistat is potentially not accurate because the compressor doesn’t shut off as expected. If the unit runs in continuous mode for the whole day, will this affect the lifespan of the compressor?

3. Soleus DS1-30-01B


Wattage: 330

CFM: 112/130/147

Bucket capacity: 8.5 pints

Pint size: 30 pints

Filters: 1

Speeds: 3

Noise level: 53 dB

Dimensions: 13.37 x 10 x 19.5 inches

Weight: 32 lbs

The programmable timer feature on this unit is quite impressive. It allows the uset to automatically turn the unit on and off between the preset time if 0.5 and 24 hours. This means you can set the unit to work only for the required hours in each room and you’ll also save on energy costs by doing this.

A “full bucket auto shut off” feature lets the unit automatically shut off until the user is able to empty the bucket. This feature saves your area from water damage or leaking buckets.

A washable air filter traps bacteria, mold and other harmful particles while the unit dehumidifies. An advantage here is the filter is conveniently washable, making it easy to keep the unit clean. The continuous mode with garden hose connectors offers continuous low-level drainage.

The Soleus air dehumidifier 30 pint unit is ideal for small apartments or homes without basements.

What are our favorite features? A handy feature on this unit is the loss of power protection. If the power goes out while the unit is on, the dehumidifier will automatically restart its operation at exactly the setting it was on when the power went off.

We also like that this unit uses eco-friendly refrigerant which allows you to do your bit to protect the ozone layer.

What could be better? This unit only works effectively in rooms of 200ft². For homes with larger rooms, a bigger model will have to be considered.

4. Soleus DSX-45EM-01


Wattage: 445

CFM: 11/129/147

Bucket capacity: 8.5 pints

Pint size: 45 pints

Filters: 1

Speeds: 3

Noise level: 53 dB

Dimensions: 13.75 x 10 x 19.5 inches

Weight: 33.7 lbs

A series of nifty features on the Soleus DSX-45EM-01 makes this unit popular with many users. Soleus uses this model to showcase the new integrated mirage display. Users can now view the current humidity level from across the room. On previous models you’d have to get up and check the levels on a control panel on top of the unit. Now, you can see the levels, displayed brightly in the front of the unit.

If you prefer to manually drain your dehumidifier, the bucket can hold 8.5 pints of moisture before it needs to be emptied. An added advantage is the adjustable fan speed.

Choosing between low, medium and high fan speed gives you the option of quiet operation. On its maximum speed, the Soleus DSX-45EM-01 only generates 53 decibels of sound, which is no louder than a refrigerator running in the background, meaning your daily activities won’t be interrupted by loud machine noises.

Unit temperature can be set as low as 41°F which is handy if you have spaces like basements, attics or crawl spaces that can get very hot and stuffy in the summer months. The Soleus air 45 pint dehumidifier is definitely worth the investment.

What makes it stand out? The newly upgraded, advance program timer is a nifty feature because it allows you to program the timer from 30 minutes to 24 hours in advance. The user can then set the timer to switch on or off in advance.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? The bucket capacity is only 8.5 pints. This won’t hold a lot of water.

Things to Consider

Unless you’re buying dehumidifier units every day, you might be a little unsure of the necessary features to look out for. When researching options to shortlist, certain features, functions and benefits are more important than others.

Being aware of what to look out for will ensure that you buy the right unit for your home. Understanding a bit about the brand will also give you some clarity about the product you are buying.

Why Choose Soleus?

Soleus is most commonly known for their production of compressors for commercial use. Since their start in 1997, they’ve grown to include packaged terminal air conditioners, window-based systems and dehumidifiers. Despite their dehumidifiers not being very high tech, they’ve introduced a few interesting models to the dehumidifier market.

Soleus dehumidifiers are measured by the quantity of moisture they can remove from a single use. This means that if a unit is 45 PPD, it refers to 45 pints. Soleus starts at the 20 – 45 pint range with only a few units still left in this category.

The larger, more standard units fall into the 50 to 70 pint category with roughly half a dozen models in this size group. Units in this range have mostly the same features with only their fan speeds and buckets sizes varying. Some models include Wi-Fi and an internal pump.

These units can also handle rooms between 800 and 1200 ft², considerably larger than the units in the 20 – 45 range. On the upper end of the dehumidifier scale, Soleus offers a number of units over 70 PPD.

Soleus has a number of unique technological features that set them apart from other brands. These include:

My Home Mode: This feature allows you to use preprogrammed settings for different humidity levels in your home. These different modes cover areas such as basements and crawl spaces which will have different humidity requirements than a living space like your lounge area or your bedroom.

Tri-Pat Certified: Any appliance that runs continuously for long periods of time creates extra possibilities of component failure. Dehumidifiers that are tri-pat certified have a temperature sensor that shuts the motor down if the system begins to overheat. The compressor takes a three minute break after several hours of consistent operation.

Full Bucket Auto Shut Off: When the water container is full, the unit will automatically shut off until the user is able to empty it. This protects your space from water damage or leaking buckets. Added to that, a “full bucket light” will light up and an audible alarm will sound, notifying the user that the bucket is ready to be emptied.

Soleus has numerous reasonably priced machines, affordable for just about any budget. With their unique features that are aimed at ensuring user and machine safety, it’ll be very easy to set one up in your home.

Features to consider when choosing a Soleus dehumidifier

It’s important to remember that while all dehumidifiers may look similar, different features and sizes set them apart from each other. Below we’re going to look at a few features that are important to know and consider.


The power of a dehumidifier refers to the wattage the unit needs to work at full capacity. Some models can use as little as 350W while others require as much as 785W. The more wattage a dehumidifier needs to function, the more energy you’ll use. When choosing the correct unit for your home and looking at your budget, you need to factor in the addition to your energy bill.

This is where the “Programmable Timer” function is handy because you can regulate the time the unit works in each room. The Soleus DS2-95IP-201B has wattage of 750. While this is higher than most it also means you won’t have to leave the unit on as long as you would for a unit with 445W like the smaller Soleus DSX-45EM-01.


Cubic Feet per Minute or CFM, refers to the measurement of how much air a fan can move. CFM is important in dehumidifiers because moisture can only be extracted from the air in the room as it’s moved through the unit. In general you’re looking for a unit with a higher CFM rating.

Coverage area

It’s important to remember that coverage area doesn’t include walls that separate rooms. The ft² measurement only refers to unobstructed open areas where air can flow freely. If you have big rooms, you will obviously need a bigger unit to get maximum results.

You also need to take into consideration how damp the room is. For instance, if a room is very damp, a 50-pint dehumidifier will cover an average of 800ft². We reviewed the Soleus DS1-30-01B, which has a capacity of 30-pints and this will cover a space of 200ft². So this unit is then more appropriate for smaller rooms.

A person intending to use the unit in one particular space will use this smaller unit. You also need to take into account your basement or crawl space. A smaller unit would have no effect in areas as large or damp as those.

Dehumidifying capacity

Dehumidifying capacity refers to the unit’s total moisture removal ability. Simply put, how much moisture can the unit extract from the air? Remember, these units’ sole purpose is to extract moisture from the air.

Capacity is measured in pints of moisture removed in a 24 hour period. For example, a unit advertised as having a “45-pint dehumidifier”, can remove 45 pints of moisture from the air in a 24-hour period.

What you’re looking for here is a bigger pint amount. The Soleus DS2-95IP-201B on our review list is a 95 pint unit, meaning that 95 pints of moisture is extracted from the air in your home. This makes it one of the higher pint quantities, ideal for larger homes and high humidity regions. The only other unit close enough to that pint capacity is the Soleus DS1-70EIP-101B. This unit has a capacity size of 70 pints.

The smaller units like the Soleus DS1-70EIP-101B have a capacity of 45 pints. If you’re going to use your dehumidifier in all the rooms of your house, and perhaps also in a basement or crawl space, you might need to look at a unit with a capacity of 95 pints.

Water tank

Dehumidifiers remove moisture form the air in a particular room. This moisture collects in a water tank which is situated at the bottom of the unit’s plastic casing. The bigger the water tank, the better. On some models the water tank is referred to as the “bucket capacity.” The bigger the bucket, the less times you’ll have to go and empty it for the unit to continue working.

Again, here you need to consider the rooms you’ll use it in. If you’re going to use the unit in the basement where the air is very damp a smaller bucket will mean many trips to empty it. In this instance you’d need a unit with a bigger bucket. For example, the Soleus DS1-70EIP-101B on our review list has a bucket capacity of 16,9 pints compared to the Soleus DSX-45EM-01 with 8.5 pints.

Noise level

Noise levels on dehumidifiers are measured in decibels or Db. When it comes to dehumidifiers, the quieter, the better. In decibel readings, you want the lowest reading possible. For example, a dehumidifier producing 53Db of sound is quieter than a unit with 60Db of sound. What you don’t want is a dehumidifier producing noise to the extent that it’s disrupting or annoying.

It’s virtually impossible to find a unit that doesn’t make any noise, since dehumidifiers work as a result of air passing through compressors and fans, and this produces the noise. What you want to look for is a unit that advertises “quiet operation” because manufacturers have insulated the fan to make less noise.

On our review list, only the Soleus DS2-95IP-201B has a reading of 60 decibels. All the others have decibel readings of 53Db or lower. This reading is equal to the sound of a refrigerator running in the background.


Considering that you will move your dehumidifier between rooms you would ideally want a unit that isn’t bulky and heavy. A typical dehumidifier used for household purpose shouldn’t weigh more than 68lbs. The Soleus DS1-70EIP-101B unit on our review list, which has a weight of 47lbs which is impressive for such a big unit.


When you consider the dimensions of a dehumidifier, check where the unit will be standing in each room. Measure the spaces of all the rooms and ensure that the unit you are looking at will fit into each room. Remember that the dehumidifier shouldn’t stand against a wall, and there should be adequate air flow around the whole unit.

Ensure that the unit will fit properly into the smallest room without being shoved in a corner or against a wall. The biggest unit on our review list, the Soleus DS1-70EIP-101B has dimensions of 24.87 x 15.25 x 11.25 inches making it an ideal size for even the most compact living spaces.

Size of the Room

To ensure you consider the correct unit for the size of rooms it’s going to be used in, use the following formula. Measure the length and width of the biggest room. Multiply the length and width. This will give you the square foot (ft²) of the room. For example, a room that is 50 feet long and 30 wide will give you a total measurement of 1500ft².

Once you know the dimensions, you can work out if the dehumidifier you’re looking at will be the right size.

As a simple guideline for choosing the right dehumidifier for the size of your room, consider this:

30-Pint dehumidifier: Ideal for areas up to 1500ft².

40-50-Pint dehumidifier: Recommended for areas up to 200ft².

60-70-Pint dehumidifier: Suited for areas in excess of 2000ft² or where the air is very damp, perhaps even with standing water on the floor. (Like you might find in basements or crawl spaces.)

Be prepared by taking the relevant measurements before you start shopping for a dehumidifier. This will ensure that you get the right unit from the onset. Our review list has units in varying pint capacities for different sized rooms.


When considering the warranty period on your dehumidifier, remember that the unit will be running at least 12 hours every day. You need to invest in a unit with a decent warranty or else you will end up buying a new unit sooner than you might have anticipated. On average, a dehumidifier used correctly can last anywhere between five and 10 years. This will depend on how it is maintained and used. Also do the necessary research on the customer service process. Check reviews and establish if the company you’re considering will actually assist you if you ever need them.

Additional Features

Different humidifiers have different features that are designed for smoother operation and user comfort. Some of these include:

Programmable Timer: This function allows you to program the start and switch off times based on your needs. For example, doing this in advance means you won’t forget to switch the unit off before going to bed and end up wasting energy.

Caster and Handles: Casters are wheels at the bottom of the unit, making it easy to move from one room to another. Handles also make moving the unit easier.

Automatic Restart: When there is loss of power to the unit, possibly from a power outage, this function ensures the dehumidifier automatically restarts at the point it was when the power went out. There’s no need to go and reset the unit.

Automatic Humidistat: The purpose of a humidistat is to maintain the desired level of humidity. This happens when the humidistat activates the dehumidifier to run only when needed. This is an easy way to ensure that your dehumidifier doesn’t use too much energy.

Full Bucket Auto Shut-off: This nifty feature prevents water damage and spills where the dehumidifier is placed by switching off when the bucket is full. An alarm will sound, notifying you that you need to empty the bucket.


How do I maintain my Soleus dehumidifier?

Maintaining your dehumidifier is very important because it’s not only extracting moisture from the air but also collecting mildew, mold and bacteria. It’s necessary to clean the unit at least once every few weeks. Consult your owner’s manual for the exact procedure to follow when cleaning out your dehumidifier.

The basic steps common to most units are as follows:

Ensure that you place the dehumidifier on a level surface.

Replace the air filter and clean the water frequently. Dirty water becomes a breeding ground for mildew.

Clean the air intake and exhaust grills because dirty grills can cause the unit to perform poorly.

Can I run a dehumidifier the whole day long?

There are different factors to consider when deciding how long your dehumidifier should run every day. Size and dampness will vary across rooms. There are some guidelines to consider though. Since the average dehumidifiers have an auto-shut off function, you could leave the unit running until the reservoir is full. Bear in mind this could increase your energy costs. Running it 24/7 will also put an extra burden on the machine’s components. Some manufacturers recommend only using your unit for 12 hours a day.

Our Verdict

We hope that our Soleus air dehumidifier reviews have given you some clarity on the variety that’s available for consideration. If you’re still not sure, let’s recap what we’ve enjoyed the most about our top three.

Firstly we have or editor’s choice, the Soleus DS2-95IP-201B which we rated 9,5. We found the “My home mode” feature of this unit to be most impressive because it takes the guesswork out of trying to choose the correct humidity levels for each space. This function has preprogrammed humidity levels for sleeping spaces, living spaces and for any basement areas.

Our second favorite, the Soleus DS1-70EIP-101B earned itself our best value title with a rating of 9,4 because of its digital control function. Digital controls make using all the extra nifty features such as a child lock so much easier.

Our Budget Pick, the Soleus DS1-30-01B is rated 8,9. We enjoyed the “loss of power” function about this unit the most. This is impressive because should the unit have interrupted power for whatever reason, the settings will automatically resume at the point they were at when the power was interrupted. No resetting required.

By combining our buyers guide with our product review, we hope we’ve given you enough data to make an informed decision about choosing the best Soleus dehumidifier for your home.

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