Blueair 680i Review: Is It Your Ultimate Air Purifier? (Spring 2022)

Ideal for:

  • Person’s dealing with respiratory problems
  • People looking for a high-quality cleaning system
  • Those who want a noiseless and energy-saving purifier

Key features:

  • Noiseless design
  • Dual filter system
  • Smart app control

Editor’s Rating: 9.6 out of 10

Air Cleaning: 9.6

Noise: 9.7

Ease of Use: 9.5

Durability: 9.6

Users’ Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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The Blueair Classic 680i comes in a Scandinavian design and is used for larger spaces. This air purifier comes with advanced features and a very efficient filtration system. The Blueair Classic 680i is also noiseless, and most people will prefer it to any other option because of this. It can absorb odors from paint, cigarette, fumes, and any uncomfortable smell in your living space. This high-performance air purifier works four times better than any activated carbon air filter sold today.

In our Blueair 680i review, we will be looking in detail at what this powerful air purifier has to offer. We will cover its overall performance, features, and other important information you need to know about this Blueair air purifier. This way, you can decide if it is the right model for your needs.


Coverage area: 698 sq. ft

Filter type: HEPA activated coconut carbon

Fan speeds: 3

Filter life: 6 months

Noise level: 32–62 dB(A)

CADR: >400–450 cfm

Dimensions: 26 x 20 x 13 in

Weight: 35 lbs

Warranty: 1 year (extendable to 5 years)

Blueair 680i Review

The Blueair Classic 680 has many features that make it stand out from other air purifiers sold today. Its unique design and wide coverage area are just a little part of what this equipment can do. Here are the Blueair Classic 680i features

Overall Performance

The high-performance powerhouse falls around the medium to high range class of air purifiers. It comes with a powerful fan and an overall functional design. Its HEPA Silent Technology makes it easy to capture up to 99.99% of the pollutants in the air. It comes with Wi-Fi support which makes it easy to control the purifier from any location. You can easily pair it with your Alexa, and most importantly, it falls in the category of devices with an energy star rating.

Most people have the misconception that high-range purifiers only come with one air filter. The Blueair Classic 680i proves them wrong as it packs a Dual Protection air filter system. The air purifier effectively gets rid of toxic odors from pollutants like the Volatile Organic Compounds from vehicle exhausts, smoke, and many other contaminants. While the Blueair Classic 680i air purifier may be expensive, it is one of the most efficient and effective air purifiers you can get today. It has the best cleaning capabilities compared to other models and is one of the best of Blueair’s models.

Filtration Technology

This air purifier comes with the latest filtration technology, which is not common in other products. The Blueair Classic 680i comes with a pre-filter designed for larger particles, pet dander, hair, and other small dust particles. Like we mentioned earlier, it effectively absorbs toxic pollutants, and you can expect a lot from this 698 sq ft air purifier. Its filter system is advanced and can go the extra mile compared to other large capacity air purifiers.

Filter Types

The Blueair had two types of filter systems in this air purifier. The company upgraded its filter from its HEPA filters and activated carbon filters combining them with a high capacity filter system. The two innovative filter technologies used in this Blueair air purifier are the HEPA Silent Technology and the Dual Protection Filters.

HEPA Silent Technology

The Blueair air purifier is an upgrade from the standard HEPA filters, which are known to create noise due to their mechanical interaction. This new technology removes 99.99% of pollutants like bacteria and viruses. It is properly tested and proven using GB/T18801-2015 standards. The standard third party test for airborne viruses and bacteria. The HEPA Silent Technology comes with a special cleaning sensor that has a combined mechanical and electrostatic filter design. It works just like magnets as it draws particles to its filter material.

Dual Protection Filters

The Blueair Classic 680i also comes with the Dual Protection filters. This high capacity filter adds to the cleaning capacity of this air purifier. It removes dirt particles as tiny as 0.05 micrometers in size. It is highly effective and better than the standard HEPA filter, which normally removes larger particles measuring up to 0.3 microns. The Dual Protection filter is also effective in getting rid of viruses and bacteria as well as other harmful pollutants.

The combined use of both the HEPA Silent Technology and Dual Protection Filters in the Blueair Classic 680i makes it one of the best in the market. It is only high-quality purifiers that are designed with these two filters.

Coverage Area

The Blueair Classic 680i has an impressively large coverage. With its 698 sq. ft. capacity, it can be used in a very large room in your home. This air purifier is also suitable for medium-sized apartments. The Blueair 680i air purifier comes with a dimension of 26 x 20 x 13, which qualifies as an almost industrial-grade air purifier. However, it works for medium to large spaces. You can conveniently use it in your home, office, and even in commercial spaces.

CADR Rating

The CADR rating determines how effective your air purifier is, and this Blueair Classic 680i has a 400-450 rating. Its incredibly high CADR rating proves that it performs beyond capacity. The average CADR rating for most air purifiers is at 200, and this shows that the Blueair 680i air purifier is a powerhouse. Its CADR rating is verified by AHAM after passing the standard testing procedures for measuring air purifiers ratings.  It can effectively work large spaces and comes with 5ACH (air changes per hour). The number of the air changes shows you how often the air in your living space is cleaned. It is especially effective for people who struggle with allergies or have respiratory issues. You can change the number of ACH between 3, 4, and 5 ACH.  The Blueair air purifier can effectively clean the air every 12 minutes when it is set at 5 ACH.

Indicators and Controls

Another unique feature of the Blueair Classic 680i is its indicators and controls functions. It comes with an automatic mode and sensors. The sensors measure the Volatile Organic Compounds PM 2.5 particles, temperature, and humidity. This model comes with app support which you can access from your smartphones and tablets. You can use the app to control the settings of the air purifier. The Blueair Classic 680i comes with control settings like child lock, LED brightness, night mode settings, timer, and many other functions. You can also control its settings directly from the air purifier manually through the control panel. The sensor of this Blueair air purifier can be found in the control panel.

Automatic Functions

Another feature of the Blueair Classic 608i air purifier is its automatic mode settings. This is because of its high-quality sensors that can easily adjust its settings to suit the environment it is cleaning. The sensors detect pollutants effectively, and it will immediately trigger the air purifier to begin its work. The automatic mode is very convenient and also helps you save energy consumption. It automatically turns and shuts down the purifier when it is not needed. The WiFi feature also makes it easy for you to control the air purifier outside your room. The app shows you real-time data on the current air quality of your room. You can control the fan speed and even set the air purifier on auto mode from your smartphone.

The Blue air 680i also has an automatic timer feature which also includes a night mode setting. It allows the air purifier to run at night noiseless and without displaying its LED light. The Blueair Classic 608i comes with 3 fan speeds which you can adjust, and its filter change indicator shows when the filter should be replaced. The WiFi feature allows it to be compatible with Amazon’s Alexa, and you can adjust the settings conveniently.

Noise Level

The Blueair air purifier comes in a noiseless design. Even while it is running at its maximum fan speed, the sound is impressively quiet. The Blueair Classic 608i air purifier has a 32-62 decibel range. Despite its large size, it is surprisingly noiseless. The advanced HEPA Silent Technology makes the air purifier run smoothly without disrupting your sleep at night. When the fan runs at a maximum setting, the noise is barely noticeable, and compared to other models; it is the best noiseless purifier you can get.

Power Consumption

One of the things people look for when buying home equipment is its power-saving capabilities. If you are looking for an air purifier that won’t make you spend much on electricity bills, you should get the Blueair Classic 608i air purifier. It has a very high energy star rating and is considered one of the top energy-efficient air purifiers sold today. This Blueair air purifier only utilizes 100W of power. If you run the air purifier throughout the day, you will only be consuming 2.4kWh of energy per day. The auto-mode settings and its timer features make it easy to save more power in your home. You can turn off the air purifier without needing to go towards it, especially when you have it linked to your smartphone.


Considering it is a large capacity air purifier, the bulky design is compact enough to fit your home. It won’t take up large spaces, even in your garage. It weighs about 35 pounds and comes with caster wheels for easy movement. The caster wheels are solid, and they allow you to move the air purifier to any place within your home. It’s designed to give you comfort, and you won’t need to move it around very often. Its sizeable capacity coverage will be sufficient to cover your large living room.


The Blueair Classic 680i air purifier comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of one year. This warranty covers any defects from the company and not any wear or tear from the user. Some of its operational parts come with an extended warranty of up to 5 years. You will need to go through the user’s manual to know which parts the warranty applies to. However, the Blueair Classic 680i is one of the best you can find in the market. It is durable and will last for years.  It is pocket friendly, easy to maintain, and very effective during operation.

Price Tag

If you are looking for quality, you will need to invest a little to get the best. High quality does not come at a low price; however, the cost of this air purifier is still very reasonable. It is not a cheap air purifier, and you will be getting the best premium-quality equipment that will serve you in the long run. The Blueair Classic 680i is worth every penny, and we recommend getting it.

Key Features

  • Advanced Filtration System will HEPA Silent Technology and Dual Protection Filters.
  • Automatic Mode Settings
  • WiFi Enabled and Mobile App Control
  • Control Panel With Temperature and Humidity Settings
  • Noiseless Air Purifier
  • Large Room Coverage
  • Air Quality Sensors
  • Castor Wheels For Movement

Would This Air Purifier Be Right for You?

Blueair is a brand with impeccable taste and a trustworthy reputation. They are top air purifier manufacturers and have been in the trade for over 20 years. If you are looking for a brand that promises to deliver quality at an affordable price, you can rely on Blueair. You may be wondering if you should get this air purifier in your living space. This will depend on your preference and home needs.

The Blueair Classic 680i air purifier is a large capacity equipment that is suitable for big living spaces. You can use it in your living room to purify the air in your home. As we have mentioned in this article, it comes with an impressive design and the best functions.

If you are looking for a high-end air purifier, you should consider getting this for your home.

The Blueair 680i Air purifier is an upgrade from the company’s Blueair Classic 605. Its high CADR rating combined with its silent operation is one of the perks you will enjoy from using this purifier. It is energy efficient and, most importantly, will get rid of any unpleasant odor in your home. You can trust the functions of this air purifier as it does exactly what it says. This air purifier has received lots of positive reviews online, with users saying it performed beyond their expectations.

The juicy part about this device is that you can control it from any location; so far, you have an enabled Wi-Fi and internet connection. One of the company’s significant improvements over the years is to provide its users with an air purifier that measures up to smart living. This air purifier can be linked to your Alexa, making it easy to adjust its settings anytime and anywhere.

The Blueair Classic 680i construction, which includes the HEPA Silent technology and Dual Protection Filters, can only be found in the best air purifiers. It will help you get rid of mold, dust, pet odors, cooking smell, pollens, pet dander, and formaldehyde. The unique design with its caster wheels makes it very efficient.

We recommend this air purifier to everyone so they can breathe clean air and live healthy every day. If you are struggling with respiratory problems, this is the best air purifier for you. It has a fast cleaning function, and its sensors will get rid of even the tiniest dirt particle.


Highly efficient and a near industrial-level air purifier.

Large cleaning coverage of 698 sq ft and a high CADR rating.

Effective cleaning with its  HEPASilent and Dual Protection filters


Smart control features with 5 fan speed settings.

Noiseless design.

Expensive air purifier.


The Blueair Classic 680i is one of the best air purifiers sold today. It has the best cleaning capabilities and is a top-grade quality purifier. This air purifier is for people looking to get a premium quality air purifier without compromising on price. It is worth it, and you will enjoy using this product for a long time. The Blueair Classic 680i air purifier comes with lots of unique features and is currently one of the best-selling air purifiers in the market today. From our Blueair 680i review, you can tell that you will be investing in the right product, especially if you are sensitive or have respiratory issues.

The dual filter system makes this product stand out from other models. It outperforms most of the high-end air purifiers within its range. If you are considering getting any purifier, we recommend this Blueair air purifier because you will get your money’s worth. If you want to have an uninterrupted sleep while your purifier does its work, the Blueair 680i works silently. It is highly effective and will get rid of 99.99% of all pollutants in your living space.


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