Blueair Classic 480i Review: Is It the Best Option for Your Home? (Spring 2022)

What’s special:

  • The HEPASilent filtration technology for superb performance
  • You can extend the manufacturer’s warranty for up to 5 years
  • The lowest fan speeds are whisper quiet, increasing to 52 dB
  • Can capture up to 99.97% of pollutants down to 0.1 microns

Key features:

  • Works for rooms up to 434 square feet
  • Automatically monitors pollutant levels and adjusts the fan speed
  • Solid build quality
  • Has WiFi connectivity and a compatible app

Editor’s Rating: 5 out of 10

Air cleaning: 9.6

Noise: 9.7

Ease of Use: 9.6

Durability: 9.3

Users’ Rating: 4.1 out of 5

Since we spend more time inside our homes, lower levels of air pollution can have detrimental effects on our health and wellbeing. The effects of poor indoor air can include headaches, sinus issues, fatigue and flu like symptoms. Unfortunately, if you have a pre-existing condition such as asthma or allergies, the presence of particulate matter in your indoor air can be even more detrimental.

Fortunately, you can counter this potential problem with an air purifier. There is a wide variety of air purifiers on the market and Blueair has become a popular brand. This company specializes in air purification and has five “families” of purifier models. This includes the Classic line, of which the 480i belongs.

In this Blueair 480i review, we’ll explore this model in more detail, highlighting the functionality and benefits along with any potential drawbacks, so you can determine if it could be a good option for your home.


Coverage area: 434 ft²

Fan speeds: 3

Filter type: HEPA, Activated coconut carbon

Air changes per hour (ACH): 4.8

Noise level: 32 – 52 dB(A)

Dimensions: 23 x 20 x 11 in Weight

Warranty: 31 lbs. Up to 5 years


With so many models in the Blueair product line, it can be tricky to choose the right one for you. Here we’ll explore the features and functionality of the Blueair Classic 480i to help you to make an informed purchase decision.

Overall performance

The main draw of the 480i is Blueair’s HEPASilent filtration technology. This has been designed to be less dense than a standard HEPA filter, meaning that you don’t need massive airflow for effective filtration. HEPASilent filters can capture up to 99.97% of various airborne pollutants including mold, pollen, pet dander and dust.

The 480i is rated for use in rooms up to 434 square feet, which makes it suitable for small to medium sized rooms. On the lowest power settings, the 480i is whisper quiet, allowing you to sleep or watch television without being disturbed by the noise.

This means that you can enjoy having the air cleaned with the minimal amount of fuss. However, it is possible to crank the air purifier up to the highest fan speed when you’re cooking to remove any fumes, smoke or odors.

You can manage the functions of the 480i via the Blueair app, which allows you to change power settings, adjust fan speeds or check the status of your indoor air quality from anywhere.

Filtration technology and filter types

Blueair Classic 480i Filtration technology and filter types

With the help of electrostatic and mechanical filtration, the air purifier can achieve the best clean air delivery rates

One of the most important features of the Blueair 480i is its filtration technology. The 480i has two filter options. The first is a particle/SmokeStop filter. This can capture 99.97% of airborne pollutants including mold spores, bacteria, viruses, dust and other allergens down to a size of 0.1 microns. The other option is an upgrade to a Dual Protection Filter.

According to the EPA, HEPA filters are the most effective method of air filtration.

The 480i benefits from the Blueair HEPASilent filtration technology. This is built with mechanical gradient structure materials that can resist clogging and will not re-release any trapped particles back into the air.

The HEPASilent filtration also uses electrostatic cling, so the particles are electrically charged before they pass through the mechanical filter and further increase efficiency.

Like with other models in the Classic range, it is possible to purchase the Dual Protection filter, which adds a layer of activated carbon. This filter can absorb common gas pollutants such as VOCs, smog, smoke and odors.

Blueair Classic filters are also naturally antibacterial and these filters are completely recyclable. You can expect the filters to last 9 to 12 months, but if you have pets or smokers in your home, you may need to change the filters more frequently.

You can monitor the status of the filters on the unit display panel or via the app to determine when they need to be changed.

The replacement filters are a little on the costly side, but you can access a discounted rate if you sign up for the filter subscription service.

Coverage area

The 480i has an effective coverage range of 434 square feet. This is a great coverage area if you have small to medium sized rooms in your home.

The unit has a Clean Air Delivery Rate or CADR of 300 for dust, 300 for pollen and 280 for smoke. These ratings are determined by the percentage of the particles removed, the size of the particles and the volume of air that passes through the unit.

The higher the rating, the greater the effectiveness. Since the highest possible CADR is 450, the 480i has a reasonable rating, which further supports its effectiveness for up to medium sized rooms.

Fan speeds

The Blueair 480i has three fan speeds. This allows sufficient flexibility to put the unit on the lowest speed for use overnight as you sleep or boost the air purification in poor indoor air quality areas such as a kitchen when cooking.

Air changes per hour (ACH)

The ACH is considered one of the most important factors for air purification. The ACH rate tells you how many times the air purifier filters all the air in the room during one hour. The higher the number and the more changes per hour, the more effective the unit is at cleaning your indoor air and ensuring it remains clean.

The ACH of the Blueair 480i is five. This means that this unit has a frequency to clean the room approximately every twelve minutes.

Dimensions and weight

The 480i model is medium-sized, yet quite heavy with the weight of 31 lbs

The overall design of the 480i is reminiscent of all the Blueair Classic models. The design is quite simple, but it is also quite compact. This unit is 23 inches high and 20 inches wide, which is medium sized in the Blueair Classic product line.

However, the unit is made with a durable steel material, which does mean that it has quite substantial weight at 31 pounds. Since the handle is a little poorly placed, it does make moving it tricky. But, there is the optional extra to install casters. This makes the 480i more mobile and easier to relocate into different rooms in your home.

Noise level

The Blueair 480i has three speeds and the lowest setting produces a noise level of 32 decibels. This is whisper quiet, making it easy to use at night without disturbing your sleep.

At the highest fan speed setting, the unit generates 52 decibels. This is significantly more than the lowest levels, but it is still more quiet than the level of normal conversation.

These noise levels are quite typical for Blueair Classic air purifiers, which means that you can use the device in various areas of your home without impacting your quality of life.


Like other models  in the Classic line, the 480i does have WiFi connectivity and a compatible app. You can set up your new 480i via the app, which allows you to control and monitor the purifier.

The app shows in room levels of VOCs, particulate matter, humidity, temperature and other metrics. You can view the current levels, or historical views by day, week or month. You can also use the app to obtain condition reports on the filter and the current outdoor air quality.

The 480i is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, so you can use voice control to adjust your settings.


The Blueair 480i has a digital control panel at the top of the unit. This has built in buttons for the Auto Smart Sensor and indicators to monitor the indoor air quality in the room. This makes it possible to control the unit directly rather than using the app.

However, most users find using the app more convenient, since you can have the app installed on your smartphone and effectively use it like a remote control.

LCD screen

The 480i has two LCD indicators that allow you to monitor the indoor air quality in your room. This includes an indicator for PM 2.5 and VOCs. These indicators start off blue and gradually turn orange if the levels rise above an acceptable tolerance.

There are also indicators for the filter lifespan and WiFi. As with the other indicators, blue is optimal and orange requires attention.


You can monitor the inside air quality and engage Auto Mode with the help of handy built-in sensors

In addition to the Software connectivity features, the Blueair 480i has built in sensors that measure the indoor air quality in the room. These sensors measure PM2.5 and VOC levels in the air.

PM2.5 is the term used for particulate pollutants that are smaller than 2.5 micrometers and suspended in the air. This size of particle can be detrimental for many people as they can pass through the respiratory system and deposit into the lungs.

However, they can be particularly problematic for allergy sufferers or those with respiratory conditions such as asthma.VOCs  or Volatile Organic Compounds are gas pollutants that are created as fumes from organic compounds or from burning fuels.

The 480i’s sensors can be used to monitor the air quality inside your home, but they can also be used for the Auto mode. When you select “Auto”, the 480i will automatically adjust the fan speed and air purification rate according to the current levels.


A warranty is an indication of the manufacturer’s confidence in its products. It can provide a good idea of how long you can expect trouble free use.

Blueair supports the 480i with a standard one year warranty. However, you can extend your warranty to up to five years, simply by registering your purchase on the Blueair website or via the app.


The Classic family of air purifiers sits in the midrange of Blueair products. This means that the models are not as inexpensive as the basic Blue air purifiers, but are less costly than the top of the line Pro models.

The 480i is one of the larger Classic air purifier models, so it carries a price tag that reflects this. This means that the 480i starts at $689, which means that it is certainly not one of the cheaper models on the market.

However, it does have some innovative features that justify this price point. This includes the HEPASilent filtration, Auto mode and connectivity that enhance the user experience and functionality.


Up to five year warranty

Accurate Smart Sensors

Excellent performance ratings


Solid build quality

The machine is quite heavy

Some may consider the starting price a little steep


Is the 480i Different from the Classic 405?

If you’re browsing the Classic line, you may think that the 405 is similar to the 480i, but there are some key differences. While both models have a recommended room size of 434 square feet, the 405 lacks the built in sensors and Auto mode of the 480i. Additionally, the 405 does not have the option for the advanced DualProtection filter to eliminate odors, chemicals or household gases.

How do you register for the extended warranty?

The Blueair 480i is supplied with a standard one-year warranty, but you can extend your warranty for up to five years. This is easy to do, as you just need to register your purchase within 60 days. All you need to do is use the Blueair mobile app or visit the Blueair website.

Look for the “My Units” tab and complete your details. Blueair will confirm the registration and your new warranty length once you finish.

How do you reset the filter replacement indicator?

The filter replacement indicator changes color from blue to orange to show when you need to replace your filters. Once you have installed new filters, you will need to reset the indicator, so you can properly monitor the lifespan of the new filter.

You can accomplish this by pressing and holding the filter status LED for approximately 10 seconds. This will reset the indicator and return the light status to blue.

How do you troubleshoot connectivity issues?

Since you need connectivity for optimum functionality, if the WiFi indicator is showing you are not connected, you will need to troubleshoot for issues.

As with most WiFi enabled devices and appliances, you will need to go through the basics: checking your network is connected to the internet, confirming the network name and password and unplugging the device for a few minutes before plugging it back in.

If all these measures fail, you should contact the Blueair support team for further advice and guidance.

Can you disable the WiFi function?

If you’re not using the app or Amazon Alexa voice commands, you may prefer to disable the WiFi connectivity on your 480i. This is possible by pressing and holding both the Filter and WiFi indicator buttons together for a minimum of three seconds. The WiFi indicator will then reflect the change and be illuminated orange rather than blue.

If you wish to reconnect the WiFi on the 480i, you just need to press and hold the WiFi button for three seconds or more.


While it may not be the cheapest air purifier on the market, the 480i has plenty of features, including the HEPASilent filtration technology, which can capture up to 99.97% of airborne pollutants. The 480i can be linked to the Blueair app for maximum functionality. So, you can control the various settings and monitor your indoor air quality from anywhere.

Another highlight of this Blueair 480i review should be the sensor technology. This allows the unit to monitor pollutant levels and automatically adjust the fan speed accordingly. The 480i also has a solid build quality, excellent performance ratings and is supported with a warranty of up to five years.

So, if you’re looking for an air purifier for rooms up to 434 square feet, the Blueair Classic 480i is certainly worthy of consideration.


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