7 Best Home Air Quality Test Kits and Electronic Monitors — Keep Track of What You Breathe! (Spring 2022)

Home Air Quality Test Kits and Electronic Monitors

Behind your heavy-duty doors, far away from the center of the city, your home is probably your safe haven. While that’s true most times, your safety isn’t always guaranteed inside your home, especially if the air in it is polluted. Poor air quality is one of the major causes of breathing problems, but unfortunately, most … Read more

6 Best Air Purifiers for Kitchen — Get Rid of Cooking Smells in No Time! (Spring 2022)

Air Purifiers for Kitchen

Unfortunately, not all the air purifier models available are as high-quality and efficient as their manufacturers would have you believe . Moreover, far not every one will be suitable for eliminating those strong cooking odors. To ensure youre getting the best air purifier for a kitchen, weve done the necessary research, hunting down the top … Read more

5 Best 95-Pint Dehumidifiers – Reviews and Buying Guide (Spring 2022)

Pint Dehumidifiers

Many homes can experience damp issues, particularly in basements or other vulnerable areas. While there are many small dehumidifier options, a 95-pint dehumidifier provides the capacity to deal with damp issues in larger areas including throughout the whole home. Our team has reviewed twelve 95-pint dehumidifiers to assess how they perform and the efficiency offered. … Read more

Honeywell HPA300 Review (Spring 2022)

Honeywell HPA300

House Weather is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links. Before you buy any new product, it’s a good idea to know what you’re getting before you decide to spend any money. For this reason, we’ve created a Honeywell HPA300 review, to show you all the features this air purifier has … Read more