Dyson DP04 Review: Can It Be the Best Air Purifier on the Market? (Spring 2022)

What’s special about it:

  • Air Multiplier™
  • Sensors
  • Voice & remote control
  • LCD screen

Key features:

  • Auto mode
  • Diffused mode
  • Night mode
  • HEPA filter

Editor’s Rating: 9.8 out of 10

Air cleaning: 9.6

Noise: 9.9

Ease of use: 9.8

Durability: 9.9

Users’ Rating: 4.5 out of 5

If you suffer from allergies at home, that’s a big indication that you have bad air around you. And there’s no better way to purify the air than acquiring a high-quality air purifier to help out.

We understand the fear of buying the wrong purifier and that pushed us into identifying a trustworthy product; the Dyson DP04 fan and air purifier.

Do you want to know why we chose this purifier? Our Dyson DP04 review is going to tell you everything. During our testing process, we were quite impressed by the purifier’s lightweight design.

Plus, the device has the intelligence to detect indoor air quality and purify it accordingly. Of course, it does more. Read on to learn everything about this innovative air purifier. 

Best Dyson Air Purifier


Cleaning stages: 3

Coverage area: ≥290 sq ft

Fan speeds: 10

Filter type: HEPA, activated carbon

Speed: 77 gal/sec

Noise level: 56 dB

Dimensions: 27.2 x 8.8 x 13.9 in

Weight: 10.18 lbs

Warranty: 2-year limited


There’s no shortage of cooling fans and air purifiers out there but not many stand out like the Dyson DP04. This air purifier boasts various exciting features that make it the top device it is. These features range from a powerful air filtration technology to intelligent sensors that help the air purifier do its job automatically. You can’t wait to learn more features? Then, ride along with us!

Overall Performance

Dyson DP04 has a very eye-catching yet minimalistic design that looks great in any room

Dyson is well known for making high-quality electronic devices such as vacuum cleaners, bladeless fans, heaters, and air purifiers. Without any doubt, the Dyson DP04 air purifier is one of such high-quality products. Essentially, it is a pretty impressive option for anyone tired of suffering from allergies in their home.

Boasting a lightweight and compact design, the Dyson DP04 air purifier is designed to sit on a small desk and clean the whole room.

Moreover, we can tell you with all confidence that you can’t clean an entire room properly or completely without sensing pollution events automatically. And you can agree with us that you can’t, but guess what; the Dyson DP04 air purifier is equipped to do so thanks to the Air Multiplier™ technology.

The technology helps the device to sense and capture ultra-fine pollutants, leaving you with much cleaner air around your room.

Besides, the Dyson DP04 is compatible with the Dyson Link app that is downloadable on your smartphone—whether Android or iOS. Once the purifier’s sensors identify pollutants, the device alerts you via the app. Apart from the intelligent reporting, the app provides you the luxury of controlling and customizing the purifier settings.

Overall, the Dyson DP04 fan and air purifier’s performance is very effective and you can count on it to reduce even indoor airborne viruses. However, the filters are not enough to protect you against the virus that causes COVID-1 according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Filtration technology

As we mentioned earlier, the Dyson DP04 incorporates an innovative filtration technology that makes purifying the air quite easy. This technology is the unique Air Multiplier™ and it delivers powerful airflow to get rid of bad pollutants throughout your room.

Moreover, the Air Multiplier™ powers multiple sensors that automatically sense pollutants. This leaves the technology with the job of capturing the pollutants. With the help of this Air Multiplier™, you can kiss incessant sneezings goodbye.

Besides, the Dyson DP04 features multiple cleaning stages that are all about keeping the air around your room clean. One of these modes is the auto mode which automatically monitors the room’s air quality for pollutants.

The auto mode doesn’t stop there; it also initiates a purification process that lasts until there’s a significant improvement in the air quality.

And there’s also the diffused mode that uses the Dyson air valve to project air through the rear of the air purifier while maintaining the right level of purification. In this mode, the fan doesn’t cool you. Lastly, the Dyson DP04 offers a night mode that runs at the quietest level and still cleans your air while you sleep.

Filter types

Dyson DP04 has easy access to all the filters through the front panel

Without a filter, a purifier can’t work effectively. The Dyson DP04 comes with two different filter types; a two-stage filtration system. One of the filter types is a sealed glass High-efficiency Particulate Absorbing (HEPA) filter that is designed to capture 99.97% of allergens down to 0.3 microns. This filter’s impressive ability makes this purifier an ideal solution for pets, pollen, dust, and allergens.

Moreover, the filtration system also includes an activated carbon filter. It is made from high-quality carbon granular that does the job just fine. Specifically, the carbon filter is designed to remove household odors as well as gases such as benzene, nitrogen dioxide, and formaldehyde.

Furthermore, the two filters are very effective and that is testament to the certification of the Dyson DP04 by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) for being asthma and allergy-friendly. Also, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) certified this air purifier for being safe to use.

Let us also mention that the filters require low maintenance and are easy to change. Plus, they provide notifications when there’s the need to replace them. That’s quite impressive because it helps you to continue getting the right level of purification every day.

Voice and remote control

The Dyson DP04 is perfectly designed with absolute user convenience in mind or how do you explain the voice and remote control? The voice control is just what its name suggests; it allows you to control the air purifier with your voice using Amazon Alexa. All you need to do is say out instructions and the purifier will do the rest.

However, you can’t access the voice control without connecting the Echo Dot (4th Gen) | Smart speaker to the purifier. Although this device is primarily a speaker, it does feature Alexa and can help you to use voice control with the Dyson DP04. The Echo Dot’s Alexa is designed to listen to your voice and obey your command for ease of use.

Lest we forget, the Echo Dot doesn’t come for free; you’ll have to pay some extra dollars for it if you want voice control.

Besides the voice control, the Dyson DP04 boasts a physical remote control that is curved to sit neatly on top of the device. With the remote control, you can perform functions such as power on/off, adjust fan speed, check filter status, reverse airflow, auto mode, night mode, and oscillate.

Mind you, the remote control doesn’t stop there. As we hinted earlier, your smartphone can also be transformed into a remote control for your Dyson DP04. All you need to do is download the Dyson Link app and follow the in-app instructions to connect it to the air purifier.

Once the app and purifier are linked together, you can use your phone to perform the same functions as the physical remote control. Besides that, the app also shows you extra details about your home’s indoor and outdoor air quality.

Such details can include humidity, temperature, current AQI (air quality index), VOCs, particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and air quality history—over time.

You can control Dyson DP04 through the phone app that always shows the quality of the air and all the other parameters


Remember that the Dyson DP04 air purifier features the Air Multiplier™. This technology boasts enough power to deliver up to 77 gallons of air per second. That’s some impressive speed, especially for a reasonably priced device. Thanks to the purifier’s amazing speed, airflow can travel very fast for efficient cleaning of the air.

Besides, the Dyson DP04 boasts 10 different fan speeds that you can choose from depending on your preference. These speeds vary from low to high—with the highest being 77 gallons of air per second

Dimensions and weight

Frankly, the Dyson DP04’s dimensions form parts of the many reasons we liked the air purifier. Before buying such a device, you want to know if it won’t take a lot of space in your room. Thankfully, this air purifier scores high in this aspect with its compact design. Specifically, the product’s dimensions are 8.77 x 13.85 x 27.2 inches.

Standing tall at 27.2 inches, the Dyson DP04 has just the perfect height for a device that sits on a desk beside your bed. And the 13.85-inch base diameter does not take much space to everyone’s delight.

Besides the dimensions, weight is another factor to consider. No one wants a bulky air purifier that is inconvenient to carry from one room to the other.

With the Dyson DP04, you’ve got nothing to worry about the weight. The air purifier’s lightweight design weighs 10.18 pounds. And the weight is just right to be placed on the floor in case tabletop space is not enough.

Noise level

The main purpose of the Dyson DP04 air purifier is to save you from air pollution and it won’t make any sense to invite noise pollution in the process of getting rid of the former. Of course, it’s no secret that some air purifiers are noisy and can become inconvenient to use. Luckily for you, the Dyson DP04 is not one of those.

With a maximum noise level of 56 decibels (dB), it’s hard to fault this device.

Besides, the maximum noise level is only reached with the speed. However, if you want lower sound, you’ll have to opt for lower speed settings. Or better still, activate the night mode.

This mode is programmed to automatically run quietly to help you sleep through the night without noise or disturbance. Overall, the Dyson DP04 air purifier’s noise level is not a problem.

Coverage area

Before we talk about the coverage area of the Dyson DP04 air purifier, let’s talk about an essential determinant of coverage; the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR). Although Dyson does not disclose the product’s CADR, we were able to determine it to be 42 cubic feet per minute (cfm) during our testing process.

In our opinion, the CADR is a bit slow compared to regular devices but this is not a poor delivery rate if you consider other purifiers in the Dyson DP04’s price range. The machine’s CADR allows it to clean a room up to 290 square feet effectively.

Hence, you can trust the Dyson DP04 to deliver top performance in bedrooms, children’s rooms, and kitchens. In those places, the device can treat you to a cool breeze while filtering the air, gradually. We must note that this air purifier is not ideal for large-sized rooms because air filtration in such places is significantly slower and limited.

Also, you must only use the Dyson DP04 air purifier in a room where the device can fully cover for effective results. Doing so will help to ensure that the purifier works in the way it is intended to as advised by the United Kingdom’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

LCD screen

Dyson DP04 features a convenient small screen that offers the current settings on your air purifier

As we’ve mentioned a few times in this article, we were impressed by a lot of the Dyson DP04 air purifier’s features. However, some stand out among the rest. One of the standouts is the LCD screen. This screen is not for aesthetics. Rather, it’s added to improve user experience by displaying live air quality reports. Surely, that sounds like an amazing thing.

With the LCD screen, you can know the air quality of your room and see the progress of the air filtration. The screen shows the air quality as a line chart with red indicating poor air quality, yellow denoting medium air quality, and green indicating good air quality.

Besides, when you activate the night mode, the air purifier’s screen dims to allow you to sleep peacefully without the ray of light affecting you. No matter how you look at it, the LCD screen inclusion is incredible.


Throughout this article, we’ve been on and on about how the Dyson DP04 air purifier detects pollutants but we haven’t discussed the triggers—sensors—responsible for this action.

This purifier features three sensors that are responsible for sensing/detecting all kinds of pollutants in real-time, not limited to VOCs, allergens (PM10), ultrafine particles (PM 2.5), and NO2.

Besides, the function of the Dyson DPO4’s sensors extends to detecting room temperature and humidity which are also displayed on the LCD screen.


Today, the top electronic devices boast energy-saving functions and the Dyson DP04 is not an exception. This air purifier boasts an eco-mode that allows the device to automatically stop working when the sensors detect no pollution event after a specified period. Of course, the goal is to save energy from being used/wasted when there’s no need for it.

Moreover, the night mode is also perfect for conserving energy because it runs quietly and dims the LCD screen’s backlight. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that the air purifier is Energy Star certified, signaling that the device has met strict standards set by the EPA or US Department of Energy.


Every buyer wants a sense of security when they buy a product and Dyson seems to understand this considering its reasonable warranty policy for the DPO4. This air purifier comes with a 2-year warranty.

According to the manufacturer, the warranty covers parts and labor. However, we advise that you register your warranty on the Dyson website if you didn’t buy from there.

Moreover, the Dyson DP04 comes with a money-back guarantee that offers you the chance to return the device for free within 30 days of purchase. Even more impressive, Dyson will foot the bill for return freight and you’ll get a refund for the air purifier.

Price tag

The price of a product is the first consideration of most customers—if not all. This is understandable because the price can determine whether they buy or not, especially if they’re on a budget. In terms of price, the Dyson DP04 air purifier is not the most impressive. The price is within the mid-price to expensive range.

While we acknowledge the presence of several smart features, we feel the price can be lower than it is compared to other brands. However, we must still concede that the price is justified in some way because the Dyson DP04 offers a lot more efficiency and functionality compared to other brands. Overall, this air purifier doesn’t seem like a device that can turn into a failed investment.

Besides the main unit, the Echo Dot costs a few tens of dollars and that’s something some buyers won’t want to consider.


Sleek and lightweight design

Two-in-one: fan and air purifier

Air Multiplier™ filtration technology

350° sealed HPA and activated carbon filters

Three air quality sensors


Voice and remote control

10 fan speeds

LCD screen


Pre-filter is absent


When it comes to cleaning up the air around you, it’s become clear that the Dyson DP04 is a trusted device to help out. This air purifier boasts a wide range of features including the Air Multiplier™ filtration technology, two filter types, voice & remote control, LCD screen, sensors, and more.

As our Dyson DP04 review has established, all of these features combine to provide you the best air quality you need around you. 


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