Honeywell HPA300 Review (Spring 2022)

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For this reason, we’ve created a Honeywell HPA300 review, to show you all the features this air purifier has to offer. This includes how well it performs, the type of filters used to clean the air, the coverage area, and the Clean Air Delivery Rate, or CADR.

There are also a few other features worth taking a look at, like the portability and different modes. Once you have all the information possible about this product, you’ll know whether or not it is the right one for your home or office.

Honeywell HPA300


Cleaning stages: 2

Filters type: activated carbon pre-filter; 3 true HEPA

Coverage area: up to 465 sq. ft.

CADR Dust: 320

CADR Pollen: 300

CADR Smoke: 300

Energy Star certification: yes

Dimensions: 20.08 x 10.83 x 22.32 inches

Weight: 17.26 lbs.

Warranty: 5-year limited

Honeywell HPA300 Review

Every product has specific features that show you how well it will perform in any situation. Our Honeywell HPA300 air purifier review breaks down each of these features, describing them in detail to show you exactly what to expect if you are using this model.

Overall performance

The first thing we’re going to look at in our Honeywell HPA300 review is its overall performance. This air purifier has the capability to remove up to 99.97% of the airborne particles that are floating around in the air.

The minimum size of the particles it traps is 0.3 microns, which includes the usual things you’d find in any household, such as dust, pollen, or mold. Those living with pets can also be assured that the Honeywell HPA300 can remove pet dander as well, getting rid of the allergens some family members or guests may be sensitive to.

Smoke from cigarettes or cooking also gets trapped in those filters. Some germs and odors of this size will also be removed from the air, so it is cleaner, fresher, and healthier for you and everyone in your home to breathe.

How it cleans the air?

This Honeywell air purifier works hard to get rid of those nasty, unwanted particles you’d otherwise be breathing. It pulls the air in the intake vent, through the filters inside. The filters then trap the dust, pollen, and allergens before sending the cleaner air back out again.

It can even circulate the air in a room size of 465 square feet or smaller up to five times every hour. This keeps the air in that room from getting saturated with those excess particles again, so it will be clean and fresh all day long.


Honeywell HPA300 filter

The Honeywell HPA300 air purifier has a two-stage cleaning system. This means there are two different filters inside that work together to clean those nasty particles out of the air. The first stage is a pre-filter, which removes any odors from cooking, pets, or perfume, giving the air a fresher scent.

The second stage is a true HEPA filter, which is actually three HEPA filters positioned to cover the intake to clean every bit of air coming into the purifier. The HEPA filter is the one that does the majority of the work.

It captures those particles of 0.3 microns or larger, like dust, mold, or pet dander. This filter traps those particles, holding onto them as the cleaner air passes back out of the air purifier and back into the room.

After a while, these filters will have cleaned the air in the entire room, keeping those particles from building up again. This also helps reduce the dust on your furniture, so you won’t have to clean as often.

Both of these filters will need to be replaced occasionally, which is why Honeywell added indicator lights for both. They come on when the filters are dirty and in need of replacement.


Another important feature we need to discuss in this Honeywell HPA300 review is the CADR. This stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate. It measures the volume of filtered air that a portable air purifier can produce in a room of a specific size.

CADR has three different ratings used to determine the effectiveness of the filters. These include smoke, dust, and pollen, each of which has different limits. Smoke ranges from 10 to 450 CADR, dust is 10 to 400 CADR, and pollen is 25 to 450 CADR.

These values are represented in cubic feet per minute, so if the dust rating is 100, this means that the air purifier can filter the dust out of the air at a rate of 100 cubic feet per minute. The higher the CADR rating, the faster the air will be cleaned.

The CADR ratings for the Honeywell HPA300 air purifier are 300 for smoke, 320 for dust, and 300 for pollen, with a recommended room size of 465 square feet or smaller.


Most of the portable air purifiers on the market today have at least several modes to choose from, even if it is only a few fan speeds. The model in our Honeywell HPA300 air purifier review doesn’t list them as speeds, though. Each mode is listed by its performance capabilities.

The general clean is the normal setting, for daily use. There is the allergen mode, which ups the allergen reduction, best used during those pesky allergy seasons.

The germ mode gets rid of those pesky germs that can cause illnesses, so is great for cold and flu season to keep them from spreading throughout the house and infecting everyone. There is a turbo setting for fast cleaning or to quickly get any unwanted odors out of the air.

If you plan to use the Honeywell air purifier in your bedroom, you’ll probably like the dimmer option as well. It allows you to lower the LED brightness on the control panel. You can choose high or low lights, or turn them off completely without altering any of the modes.


Though continuous use of the Honeywell HPA300 air purifier will ensure you always have clean air in your home, there are times when you may not want it running continuously. For these times, there is a handy timer on the control panel located at the top of the machine.

This timer has three numbers on it, a 2, 4, and 8. These represent the number of hours the air purifier will run, so if you select 4, it will purify the air for 4 hours straight. When the time is up, the purifier shuts itself down. You can then leave it off, set a new time, or turn on one of the other modes, depending on the air quality in your home.

Power consumption

Because air purifiers are meant to run continuously if possible, you aren’t going to want them to use a lot of energy. Not only would this be bad for the environment by increasing your carbon footprint, but it would also cost you a lot of money every month to keep the air in your home clean and fresh.

Honeywell has taken this into account. The HPA300 air purifier has an Energy Star rating, which means it meets the strict guidelines that have been set by the U.S. EPA for energy efficiency.

This means it won’t raise your energy bill by too much, though the higher the setting, the more energy it will use. The amount of time you use it will also affect this, so keep these factors in mind when using your air purifier.


The portability of any air purifier depends on a few factors, including its dimensions and weight, and the Honeywell HPA300 model is no exception.

The dimensions of this air purifier are 20.08 x 10.83 x 22.32 inches. Because it is a rather large unit, it may take up a bit too much space for a really small room, but it works well in larger rooms that aren’t cramped with furniture.

This model also weighs about 21 pounds, so you won’t want to be constantly carrying it from room to room, making it a bit less portable than some lighter models. This doesn’t mean you can’t move it around, though. It is still portable, just a bit heavy to switch its position every day.

Where to use it

The size and features of this air purifier allow you to use it almost anywhere in your home. It is a bit big for smaller rooms, like a bathroom, but it will work well in larger rooms like a living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

It has a huge coverage area as well, at 465 square feet, so as long as the room in question is within this range, it will perform at its optimal levels. It runs quietly and has a dimmer option, so you can use it in your bedroom while you sleep, as well.

If you have your own office at work, the Honeywell HPA300 can keep the air in that room clean, as long as you keep the doors and windows closed as much as possible.


For a product like an air purifier, you get what you pay for. A cheaper model may work well for a bit but won’t last as long as a more expensive, higher quality one.

The Honeywell HPA300 air purifier costs around $300-$350, depending on where you buy it. Check it out here for the best offer currently available.

This not only covers the regular air purifier features; it also gives you some extra perks, such as a handy timer, high CADR, and not one but three true HEPA filters.

Key features

We’ve already covered the filters, different modes, dimensions, coverage area, and CADR in our Honeywell HPA300 review in detail, but if you are in a rush, here’s the breakdown of what this model has to offer. Its great features include:

  • Easy tap controls
  • Auto shut-off with 2, 4, and 8-hour timer
  • 465 sq. ft. coverage area for use in large rooms
  • 3 true HEPA filters to remove 99.97% of the air particles that are 0.3 microns or larger
  • Pre-filter for removing VOC, odors, and germs
  • General clean, allergen, germ, and turbo modes
  • Quiet operation, even on turbo mode
  • Replacement filter indicator light
  • Adjustable LED lighting, including high, low, and off
  • Energy Star rated
  • 5-year limited warranty


  • Three-stage cleaning system
  • Removes odors from the air
  • Kills germs, bacteria, and airborne mold
  • Washable carbon filter for reduced replacement costs
  • UV-C light option
  • Slim design
  • Portable
  • Heavy at 21 lbs
  • All filters need replacement, adding to the cost


The features we have discussed in our Honeywell HPA300 review give you an accurate description of what to expect if using this model in your home or office.

It has a large coverage area, so works well in any room, plus has fantastic features like extra modes, a dimmer, filter replacement indicator lights, a timer, and much more.

Together, all these perks make this Honeywell air purifier an excellent product for reducing those nasty particles from the air you’re breathing.

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