How to Clean Holmes Air Purifier?

The Holmes brand has its head office in Milford, Massachusetts, USA. The brand makes some of the best air purifiers on the market right now. Reports from users reveal that these come with plenty of cool features. Unsurprisingly, then, the purifiers are more popular with many households all over the country.

While these offer excellent performance, maintenance is required to keep them working in top condition. In this post, we will consider how to clean Holmes air purifier.

Some of the things that we will consider in this post include the types of Holmes air purifiers, the filters found in them, how often a filter should be clean, and tips on how to effectively clean the purifier. We will consider the systematic process of cleaning the purifiers.

About the Holmes Brand

The brand is an American brand that specializes in several home appliances and air quality products including humidifiers. One of their specializations is air purifiers. All around the globe, air purifiers have become increasingly popular and this brand is making a name as one of the best on the market.

Due to the design and especially the filters, the Holmes air purifiers are capable of trapping up to 99.97 % of contaminants as small as 0.3 microns in size.

The wide range of options from this brand ensures that you have a wide selection of options to choose from. Each of the purifiers comes with a special type of filter. Therefore, you should consider the type of filter that is found in each model and compare its functioning with your needs.

As a customer, you are offered plenty of choices and can choose the most appealing one from all that has been offered. Some of the filters that are found in these purifiers are permanent and washable. Others, on the other hand, are temporary and need to be replaced.

Overall, though, the Holmes filters come with impressive technology that will effectively capture the particles that are in the air. They are models that can be used in combination with humidifiers to give excellent air quality

Holmes Air Purifier Filter Types

Holmes Air Purifier Filter

Holmes air purifiers are excellent appliances that provide exceptional performance. While there are several models with different features, they all have a common feature – excellent filters. There are usually three main types of filters.


This filter is the first line of defense, so to speak. It is made of a mesh that will help to trap larger contaminants that are in the air. It will trap things like hair, dander, mites, and other large pollutants in the air.

HEPA Filter

The HEPA filter is arguably the most important filter, especially if you have respiratory issues. It is a filter that focuses on trapping the smallest of pollutants. A good HEPA filter can trap 99.97% of pollutants as little as 0.3 microns in the air.

Activated Carbon Filter

If you are looking to get rid of smells, then the carbon granules found in an activated carbon filter will help to trap the things that cause the smell. This filter is also important if you want to get rid of chemicals, VOCs, and similar pollutants.

What to Consider Before Cleaning?

holmes air purifier filter cleaning

Before you begin cleaning these air purifiers, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. If you have a Holmes air purifier, you have to maintain it. This will involve checking it over and regularly cleaning it. This will ensure that the purifier works correctly.

When you are using the purifier, here are some of the things that you should keep in mind. Before you move, clean, or open the grill, the following are essential things that you must consider:

Inspect the cord or plug to see if there is any fraying or damage to it

When cleaning, never use substances like detergents or household solvents to clean the appliance.

How Often Should the Filter Be Cleaned?

Should the Filter Be Cleaned

One important consideration when you have a Holmes air purifier is when to clean the filter. If the model has a pre-filter, this should be cleaned at least once per month. You can even do it more often depending on your convenience and the level of pollution in the space.

Tips about Cleaning Holmes Air Purifier

In this section, we will discuss in detail the steps that are required to successfully clean the air purifier. Following these steps will assist you to correctly clean the product.

If the filters are permanent filters and can be vacuumed, then you should vacuum them every month.

Clean the Surface

While you will remove the filters and clean them, you first need to ensure that the entire surface of the purifier is clean. Clean it using a soft damp cloth. The importance of this is that it will remove the dust and dirt from the surface of the appliance.

Holmes air purifiers are designed with a top air vent. You can also clean this part by using a small, soft brush.

Remove the Front Grill

The next thing that you have to do is to remove the front grill of the appliance. Holmes has made this rather easy to do. Holmes air purifiers have an indentation on the door’s right and this is what you’ll pull forward.

After you have managed to pull it open, then pull it up and forward to release it from the other part of the purifier.

After removing it, it is also good to clean the grill. Cleaning the grill is a rather straightforward process. You can clean with warm soapy water. Note that the grill must be totally dry before you put it back in the air purifier.

Clean the Filter

Although all the parts of an air purifier are important, the filters are the most important part of the purifier. It is so important because it is what will help to purify the air. There are several models of Holmes air purifiers, but most of them have the same three filters. These are the HEPA, carbon, and pre-filter.

You can find these filters as permanent or replaceable options. If you have a model with permanent filters, you can clean the filter by vacuuming it. As for the replaceable models, they will have a specified lifespan. Once this lifespan is met, you have to change the filters.

Let’s now move to the next step of cleaning the air purifier.


The pre-filter is the part of the filter that captures most of the large contaminants in the air. After a long time, this might become clogged. Before that happens, you should ensure that you clean the pre-filter.

After you remove it, you can clean it with a soft damp cloth made of microfibers. You could also handwash the pre-filter in soapy water. You should not wash in a washing machine. For the best performance, the pre-filter should be washed once per month.

If you observe that this is worn or torn, you should change it with a new one.

Once washing is complete, rinse it to remove the soap and ensure that it is completely dry.

HEPA Filter & Activated Carbon Filter

HEPA Filter & Activated Carbon Filter

Next are the HEPA and Activated Carbon filters. These are very important and are fragile. Therefore, you should carefully and gently clean them with a clean cloth.

To do this, first, remove the filters from the device. If they are clogged with debris or other contaminants, remove the debris with a soft brush. Then you should vacuum the filter and clean the layers.

As these are very delicate parts, you should avoid using things like detergents or other household cleaners. If used, these can damage the filters.

Re-Install the Filters

After washing and thoroughly drying the filters, you will have to re-install them into the appliance. Carefully and gently do this to avoid any damage to the appliance. If you do not have the knowledge about what to do, Holmes has thankfully offered a manual that contains instructions on how to install. If it proves too difficult, you can hire the services of a professional.


Once you are done with installing the filters and all the parts you have removed, then you will need to test the machine and see if it is still working. This is essential because sometimes you might wrongly install the filters.

  • Tips on Maintaining Holmes Purifier
  • Turn off the appliance before you unplug it
  • Ensure that the top of the unit is free of any clutter
  • Do not put any objects through the vents of the purifier
  • Do not wash the HEPA or Activated Carbon filter

Final Thoughts

In this post, we have shown you how to clean Holmes air purifier. Reviews show that the Holmes KXDKC model is one of the best from the manufacturer. It is durable, compact, and highly effective. It is a simple and straightforward process that can be carried out even if you have zero to little experience. These useful tips can be applied to help you clean your purifier at home. Ensure that you pay plenty of attention to the filters of the appliance because of the importance.


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